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Zero 1st Day Box Office Collection

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Shahrukh Khan’s Zero has underperformed at the box office. According to the official figures, the film has collected approx 20.14 crores on day 1.

Zero had a decent start in the morning shows. However it could not show much growth in the evening. This might be due to the average word of mouth and negative reviews. The amount is much lower than ideally it should have been. The opening day is even lower than SRK’s Raees which released in 2017 and even had a clash with Kaabil.

Now the film needs to show growth on Saturday which is very crucial in deciding the fate of the film. If the film fails to do so then this will be a huge setback.


  1. Zero is actually Zero itself at Box office and also with the WOM……

  2. Honest man Reply

    Actually it is not even 20 crore net, it’s 19.35 crore. So crossing the opening day collection of tubelight remains a dream for srk. No srk film on a working day has crossed the 20.55 crore net of tubelight.

    Salman’s highest opening day numbers on non holiday are
    1. Tzh-34 crore
    2. Race3 – 27.69 crore
    3. Bb- 26.67 crore
    4. Kick- 24.97 crore
    5. Tubelight – 20.55 crore

    Gangu teli srk is yet to cross salman’s 5 th highest forget about challenging his biggest.
    Now srk fans can’t even say that zero was not a solo festival release, it was like the 5 mentioned films of salman. But it’s lower than even the lowest of salman tubelight despite of having gst and atp advantage.
    There was a srk [email protected] nn who used to say that festival working days are like holidays because people get bonus.where is he now.
    Hey garage user and fan of a worthless garbage actor srk what will you say now.look at the opening day collection of zero released on X Mas holiday. It has failed to cross dabangg 2 released same time 6 years ago.
    The truth is that srk was, is and will always remain below salman in initial pull.srk fans will go in their grave with this truth.

    • Honest man, Comparing Zero with Race 3 and TZH is meaningless. Zero is not an action film. Romantic drama films used to open less than action films. And his previous film JHMS also affected on opening day of Zero.

      • honest man Reply

        it is nowhere close to the opening days of even films like bb and kick release 3 and 4 years ago. it’s neck to neck with dabangg 2 released 6 years ago. and what about tubelight, that was not an action film, it is even lower than that with gst advantage and atp. the first day ticket sales are far lesser than tubelight.

    • Honest man

      Bhai Race 3 , 3rd part thi

      Log third part dekhne gye the ,

      Varna 100 crore b nhi hote?????

      Zero or Toh first part h

      • TOH could not even lower rated movie…. Race 3. How much race 1 and 2 collected. Whatever race3 collected is only for Salman. Race1 and 2 were much better in content

  3. 2.0 800cr cross worldwide 2nd of India crossed 800cr cross before release in China but if 2.0 tickets price ware equal zero then 2.0 earn minimum 270cr but mental producer spent mountain of budget without any holiday

  4. I am tired of the poor reviews given to TOP movie productions that discourage people from attending, and in most cases, they are deprived of seeing most entertaining shows AND DISCOURAGE producers to invest in more expensive productions.. In most cases, they are expensively produced and/or with BIG and popular stars. It always seems that the critics and the assessors want to make a name for themselves at the expense of the film going public. My advice, go and see the films and judge for yourself. In most cases, it will be a most enjoyable experience, even if you sometimes have to shed a tear or two. ZERO is one of those films. On the Hollywood scene, moviegoers see and judge for themselves and do not let others dictate what they should or should not see.

  5. Or yeh akkians all time high publicity or 55o cr budget phir bhi 200 ni hua 3 open week me kya ghanta ka stardom hai

  6. No hope..
    The problem is if want to follow the 2.0 trending, ideally today the movie needs 23-26 and tomorrow 28-30 but looks impossible..
    Today 22 tomorrow 25 weekend 65-70
    Now monday will be interesting in the evenings because tuesday is a holiday, if somehow can do 15 on monday and 20+ on tuesday the movie can do arround 100 on the 5day weekend. Then will depend on simba

  7. All 3 khans is it the beginning of the end maybe need to do mature roles instead of lover boy roles(raid padman) case in point I think srk is set with salute and we will see how bharat is shaping up after Mahabharata aamir has no choice but to do mature roles.

    • I totally agree, but the men will be forced out of these roles, as the young ones become more experienced in acting. SRK, however, has a rather unique role in HERO that requires an experienced actor to pull it through, ONE THAT I DOUBT a young actor could have done.

  8. Ye site kya sirf khan actors ke liye h.??… jab inki movie aayegi tabhi ye site active hogi

  9. Modest fan Reply

    Crash landing coming, today 17 to 18cr . The little dip before the dive.

    Game over

  10. Jagga jasoos Reply

    Hahaha….i am seeing desperate paid advertisement of zero movie in this site n all over web….claiming…zero ne loot li mehfil….showing colorful ratings given by paid reviewrs….but its moviegoers who have the final say….n verdict is all over d wall…clear n loud…an epic disaster

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