You will have to pay to listen to Phurrr song from JHMS

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The much awaited Shahrukh Khan starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal will hit the screens this Friday. The film was supposed to have the best music of the year, yet the music album of the film is not released.

America DJ Diplo has composed a song titled as Phurr for the film. The makers have tried to build up the hype regarding that song however it has not been released yet with only four days left before the film will arrive.

Apparently, you have to pay to listen to the song first. The listeners have to pay to access the latest music, via subscriptions. The video song will release on YouTube along with the audio on August 3. However, the full song will come out much later.

Shridhar Subramaniam, President, Sony Music Entertainment, India and Middle East, said in a statement: “The concept of ‘everything free’ will change or rather needs to change to an ecosystem where some things will be free and other things will be paid.

“The reason ‘Phurrr’ was chosen is because it is the biggest project of the year with an international collaboration. So, we felt that if we are taking this step then we must do it with a very big song. We needed a big project with a must-listen song that had so much anticipation. We’re inserting a paid window in the music business which didn’t exist prior to this,” he added.

“At the end of the day, it is the health of the music industry and the health of the platforms that are at stake and this decision directly benefits the health of the creators. They will definitely be in for this. While also for us Red Chillies, Shah Rukh Khan and Pritam embraced this idea whole-heartedly.”

It looks like that Red Chillies Entertainment has once again messed up the promotional strategy. Phurrr was supposed to be a promotional track which will help in increasing the buzz. But there is no point in releasing the song 1-2 days before the film’s arrival.


  1. prince sharma Reply

    diplo ne bahot paisa liye hai compose karne ke liye aur srk ke saath photo karane ke liye.

  2. Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

    sequel of JHMS please….first part already earned in 2500cr…WW i can see….

    • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

      @fake dr.

      log to 5 din baad furrrr ho jayenge….

      vese 5 din ka festival weekend…15august , janmastmi……

      fir b furrrrr……

    • abe jaldi hi fan ka sequel bhi aane wala hai thoda wait kar yaar…..

      • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

        yes i want all SRK movies Sequel…desperately waiting FOR FAN AND G ONE

  3. We r ready to pay anything for our King Khan!!👑

  4. SRK has the worst team when it comes to movies.

    See Salman’s PR. They have turned a Bhojpuri Launde Lapad criminal into a Megastar.

    Aamir doesn’t have a PR team. He is a brand himself.

    RCE is careless. They don’t have a good advisor who can advise SRK on his movie choices. And look at this promotion. Checked BMS. Booking of Mumbai is very poor for JHMS. Some idiots were barking on twitter showing BMS error screen shots.

    Salman reinvented his PR team in 2010, Akki in 2016. So they progressed. Their PR goes through the scripts, takes suggestion from trade and trade sites. But RCE seriously sucks.
    Chalo mujhe kya? Mai thodi waha kaam karta hoo.

    This film had potential of 28cr opening. Legend RCE is now making 18cr difficult.

    • oh mr. sayar kahan pe h tu kya team team bol rha h pehle v team tha ab bhi h isme special kuch nahin sab directors,content aur cast par depend h har team too mehnat karte h hi before 2010 koi movies success nahin hua h ? ya red chillies 1992 se bhi h ? aur booking k bare me bol rha h kisi ek ka screen shot se fark nahin padta h ,aur har time server me error ho skta h iska wajh RCE nahin h,for kind information jhms having gud bookings than tubelight which was tagged by gud booked movie ,record breaking in pakistan too ,

  5. WTF is this? We need all songs to release asap. This is no time for this experimentation of improving the health of the music industry blah blah blah.RCE is trying its best to make the movie a flop and srk seems to be sleeping also. If they want to mess up go ahead. I would not feel a bit bad if this movie turns to be a flop now.

    • This film is done and dusted

      Let’s just hope SRK doesn’t do any film under his own production company now!! Hope dwarf film is produced by Eros

      • I am pissed off but I never give up that easily. Still hoping for best.

        Regarding dwarf film it will be on a much larger scale than this one.

        • No!! Only VFX used will be for SRK’s body. As far as I have heard about the film, it’s a fusion of Billu and Kavi Alvida Naa Kehna

          • Theek he dekhte hain. I do not know what are your sources. I have trust in direction of Anand Rai. I am waiting for it.

  6. I am sorry SRK but now I want this film to flop. At least you will get a lesson of choosing scripts and renewing your RCE team.

  7. hawayein ,radha,n butterfly song is enough for the initial ,phurr song can be gud for musical production to improve ,people want buy anything if song is gud so it is not a problem,n all r knows that tinka tinka song from tubelight also not released on youtube too

  8. Prashant abhishek Reply

    @ sayar, advance booking of Hyderabad is excellent.Delhi is also good.still 3 days to go.Advance will increase in Mumbai also.

  9. 🚬Gangs of Ajay Devgn🔫🔪 Reply

    Which kind of Fans this Man has?
    Never seen any fan of other actors castigating their own idol few days before his movir releases…STRANGE And WEIRD for real.

    • @gang of ajay he is not srkian ,i think he is akki fan or anyone else ,n he love box office n records more than actors that is his pblm i think so

      • Ye @sayar akkian he ya amir fan. Shuru se hi jhms ko flop keh raha he. Is ne prediction kia he jhms 100 crore bhi nahin karegi.

          • Copy kar raha hoon ek comment.

            June 30, 2017 at 3:55 pm

            Sensing an utter flop
            Pls tell them to release a trailer
            Opening 12cr
            Lifetime 70cr

            • Mai darr gaya tha uss waqt

              Aur khud arena ne bhi kaha tha, mini trails were flop

              • Mujhe sab pata he ke tu kitna darta he 😂 jitni negativity tu ne felayi he srk fan bun kar utni to akki aur sallu fan ne bhi nahin felayi

                Sab chor ye to bata tu asal fan kis ka he

  10. Even Kolkatta advance is poor. Mumbai is washout. Raees had done double in 2 days. #BMS

    • Abe kya kuch bhi bol rha ..raees se achaa chal rha booking ..abhi 3 din baaki hai wednesday tak dekh lena booking

    • abey sayar what kind of fan u r ,lets see on 4th august occupency then u will understand ,i hearing some reporting it is going good pre booking that better tubelight n raaes dont make here insult for srk as i sure u r not srkian ,u r akkian because u bashed to all except akki

      • Real salman fan Reply

        Right I also observed that he bashed all expect akki,aamir.i think he loves a actor just because of his records.despitea a salman fan I support srk,but I think opening will be 19cr, wish the movie cross 150cr.