Worried about expectations from Raees: Rahul Dholakia

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Rahul Dholakia who is set for his forthcoming film Raees says that he is not worried about the clash of the two films but about the high expectations that audiences have of his film.

“As a director, the release date is not in my hand. So, I am not worried about ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’ date clash, but people’s expectation,” Dholakia said here.

“From the day we launched the trailer, people started expecting something extra special from the film, and rightfully so. It is a larger than life film starring actors like Shah Rukh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Atul Kulkarni and some other fine actors of our time. I just hope we match that (expectation) and people love the film,” he added.

The makers of Raees had held the first screening of the film yesterday.


  1. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    Hahaha Rahul ko dar lagne laga
    As he has made all flop films including raees
    Ab raees to gaya pakka
    Max 95 crore

    • sunn bro, tere username se lag raha hai tu srk ko nicha dikhane keliye kitna bhi gir sakta hai.

  2. Dangal Raees Reply

    He’s worried about #Kaabil’s flop chances ??
    #Raees will be Super Hit
    Mark My Words
    #Raees 175 cr.
    #Kaabil 75 cr.

  3. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    Eid Release material…but y srk shifted nobody knows….
    300/350cr material…but y shifted..
    solo release material …y clash…
    record breaker material…y shifted
    .and many more yyyy in my mind….at last why…srk sir y u did this to you…

  4. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Rahul Sir don’t worry Agr apki movie achi hui tou log zarur dekhenge Rakesh Roshan Sir ne tou yeh tak kaha hai Ke SRK Raees movie mein dynamite hai

  5. Iam being human salman both film should do great bussing jis ki story good ho w business kare gi

  6. raees sure short – will be a good movie.

    Reasons :
    1) Powerful plot
    2) commercial movie
    3) strong diloges
    4) strong background music which claimed to be after long time ….like it use to in sholay. which people r liking.
    5) excellent promos

    imp. point is by now srk has released 4-5 promos and from that we can easily makeout movie is sureshort a good commercial movie..any commercial good movie can’t release 4-5 good trailers..max u can cheat in 1-2 trailers..

    like dabang released 5-6 trailers and from trailer itself it was sure movie was going to be loved…so similarly one think Is sure Raees film will be good , how good that will be known only after movie release…

    so it’s HIT.. Rates…(even kaabils all trailers r good -I it also will be tricy smart film though – 1-2 trailers were disappointed ..but it looks to be 2.5 star movie and Raees 3 to 3.5 star movie)

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