Who is the most stylish Bollywood actress? Vote

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Looking stylish, bold, and beautiful is mandatory for Bollywood celebrities. They tend to maintain their high profiles by giving us great movies and by looking out of the world.

Bollywood and fashion have a love-hate relationship. What works for Bollywood, doesn’t always hit fashion jackpot. But, there are a few fashionable Bollywood actresses who’ve immortalised fashion with their impeccable, whether they’re on screen or off it.

After successfully conducting poll about actors, now we are gonna have a competition about most stylish Bollywood actress on-screen and off-screen too.

Sonam Kapoor

Prominent Works: Aisha, Indian ambassador for the brand L’Oreal



Priyanka Chopra

Prominent Works: Fashion, Miss World 2000



Kareena Kapoor

Prominent Works: Herione



Deepika Padukone

Prominent Works: Cocktail



Katrina Kaif

Prominent Works: Canes Film Festival 2015


So our today’s question is who is the most stylish actress in Bollywood? You can vote till 20 September. After then we will announce the results.

Voting Closed:

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