Who is Sushant Singh Rajput, asks Salman Khan

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Recently there were some reports that Salman Khan Productions would be collaborating with Dharma Productions for a film starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez.

However, recently when Salman was asked about this project specifically, his answer stunned those present. He was asked if he is producing a film starring Sushant, to which he curiously asked, “Who Sushant?”. When he was told that the person being referred to was actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he continued to wear the confused expression.

“Sushant Singh Rajput! Why will I make a film with him?” Salman was then informed about all the reports that were floating around about this project. He looked at his team members and asked if they are making any film with Sushant and Jacqueline. They too wore the same confused look.

Just few days back, Salman was caught in a controversy with Arijit Singh as his song from Sultan was removed. When the actor was asked by the media he said, “Who is Arijit Singh.”


  1. Very bad headlime bollyarena. Didn’t expect this from you. This was not what he meant

  2. Prashant abhishek Reply

    WTH, why salman Khan is doing like this? He doesn’t know sushant Singh rajput who was the supporting actor of ATHG doubt, salman khan is a megastar but he doesn’t have right to insult everyone.what he want to prove by asking such a nonsensical question? I will not surprised if in future he ask who is arbaaz khan ?

  3. Dashing RJ Reply

    Being a megastar you can’t underestimate anyone….
    Before becoming a superstar you were also a small actor….but later you became this….
    This is not right thing that you will insult one after another for no reason..
    Simply you must have said that I ma not making a movie with him what other superstar does but you are full of attitude and arrogancy……

  4. The day is not very far away when Salman Khan will fart and media will made it breaking news.Then his haters will say how can Salman Khan do this?! This is an insult to nearby people.Boycott his movie & then in Q&A session one of his hater will ask if this fart controversy will affect the collections.:P

  5. This 52 yr old shameless Budda khan now ask
    who killed black bucks?
    Who beats women?
    Which drunken bas** killed people on foot path ?

  6. Balika Bad-hu Reply


    I Read your Article from Top 2 Bottom But I Can’t Understand Who Is This Salman Khan!!!!??????

    • I also read but i can’t understand who is Sushant & Angle Priya..oh sry Angel Balika.

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        Sushant is the actor whose movie collection is having more than salman movie collection….

        • @Rj,
          So a/c to ur crap logic,Even Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s movie BB has more collections than ANY Shahrukh Khan’s movie….Wait wait even Randeep Hooda’s Kick has more collections than ANY Shahrukh Khan’s movie….
          So go get a life.

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            If you will ask srk about nawaz and randeep hoods then he will say that I knew them but why salman didn’t know sushant who is having the cast of big movie of India….
            Loll will remain loll

        • @RJ,
          LOL,i’ll say that he will say the same wat Salman Khan said…Infact why should i ask him?Does it really matters that who he knows or not?!
          It only matters for u people who has no other work to do rather than commenting on this crap.

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Oh yes it fault of ours that we comment of such crap movie….gaytan….

        • @RJ,
          there u go….___tan and blah blah…finally u have shown ur true language…Anyway,i can’t cmnt more b’coz i don’t use such language.

  7. @Bollyarena Team,
    Instead of posting this crap give update of Sultan and latest one is that the runtime of Sultan is SURPRISINGLY 2 hours & 48 minutes.

  8. Salman Fan Reply

    Don’t understand why media always try to frame Salman, it’s clearly understood that 1st he did not recognize him may be from his first name (Sushant), but later when he took his full name, he reply “Why would I cast him”…..even his team don’t know about it…..

    Salman is a big actor he may don’t have time to keep himself update what’s going on in Indian film industry (About the New Comer)….plenty of new comers come every year, thus it important to know about everyone…

    Another big thing is, Why it is important whether Salman Know Sushant or Arijit or not…..I mean does it make any difference in their life if Salman know them…..There is nothing in it to make a news, Sushant is not a Prime Minister or President to whom everyone should know….

    But Haters will Shout and react like this is a big controversy…..

    • Subir Mazumder Reply

      @Salman Fan : Just read ur comments a few minutes ago…Hit the nail on the head bro ? Salman Khan was,is n always will be a legend…Barring a few people of our country,the majority of this nation loves n adore Salman Khan to the hilt…Dnt listen to this negative craps or haters whatever u call them…These guys r actually good for nothing…By responding to questions from haters,We ( Salman Khan fans ) r actually making our respective haters as heroes bro ?

  9. Nothing Surprising!!!!

    His some fans used to cmnt Srk fans as EXCUSEWALE because of Underperformance of his recent movies, But now His fans are Excusewale because always Lallu cmnt stupid and Ugly cmnts and his fans find even bigger nd crazy Stupid excuse to protect him…!!!Shame on him and his fans( not all fans)!!!!!!

    He knows criminal like Sooraj Panjoli but he doesn’t know who is Susant????….!!

    Even Srk had controversies but not stupid like this..
    Pls try to learn how to behave in Society from Srk,Akki,Hrithik,Amir and also from some Young Superstar…

  10. Very very bad bollywood areana. Ur intentionally publishing this article on.irrevalent topic to giv maximum damage to his movie & reputation.
    Fake fake fake article

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Faek article…..all sites such as indicine, koimoi has published this thing bro….

  11. Salman Fan Reply

    Bollywood Arena Team, rumors are good and everyone interested in it but it should related to movies (like Dhoom 4 rumor), but this type of article is a kind of stupid thing to do for a site like you….I mean really it matters whether Salman know him or not…..What if he really don’t know him, are you hang him for that….

    You are a growing site and these type of gossip article will ruin your site, because if you keep posting article like this people will think you are nothing more than a Gossip site….Stick to movies and don’t make it women gossip site…

    • Yep! btw i’m losing interest in this site too.And there are many more like me.

  12. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Can’t believe Salman said that!!!! Its Unbelievable!!! Is he(Salman) working in Bollywood??

  13. The Dark Knight Reply

    Nothing new, he is most arrogant(stupid) actor of bollybood who always insults other talented people, also he is the most dumb superstar who even doesn’t know how to interact with media . That’s why he is called Tapori Bhai :P

  14. Bolly arena fan Reply

    By the way Sushanth is going to be a sure superstar in future with his future movies

    His upcoming movies Include

    A Boxer movie( not sure)
    An Astronaut movie by Sanjay Puran Singh( just confirmed)

  15. Dashing RJ Reply

    Those who are loosing interest in this site kindly go out from this site…..
    When a site is saying good about your actor till then it is good but when it shows the negative part of the favourite actor of someone then they starts excuses such as
    1. This site is biased…
    2.I am loosing interest in it…
    3. I hate this site because it is only for my haters actor….
    And blah blah blah blah….
    Only excuses

  16. Salman Fan Reply

    Few stupid’s calling Salman arrogant because he don’t know Sushant, height of stupidity….I don’t know so many people who live in my building, so this means I am arrogant…..1000 people work in Bollywood does it necessary to know each and everyone…

    Haters really are stupid, now there is no doubt that they don’t have brain…

  17. Salman Fan Reply

    @Dashing RJ, are you sleeping or what, can you please give me link of Indicine and Koimoi where this stupid article is publish…ooh wait I think it publish in Indicine and Koimoi site but in Pluto…

  18. he will soon ask , who is salim,

    salim chacha bachpan me kuch acha sika sakta tha

  19. Salman is a worst actor,pehle arijit ab sushant,salman sirf uske jaise criminal star ko paichante hai like sooraj ko koi mental hospital vejo yaar.

  20. Name:RAG B Reply

    Such a stupid this guy named dashing rj…..kabhi akshay ka fan Banta h kabhi uski burai bhe krta h….ar same things doing with Salman..u better stay here for yr whole life rrrrjjjj

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Baap ko aisa name se mat bol yaar….
      And yes have you seen my longest comment ever there I have written that I am a fan of srk but I didn’t hate salman, aamir, akshay, ajay and others….

      Even I praise salman for bb and akshay for baby and airlift( because of their performance)….

      If they will make movies like kick and housefull3 then surely I will hate them because they are senior actor of Bollywood and doing such crap movie…..
      I didn’t like srk hny, CE but I loved mnk,don2 and fan… I will always praise him for this loll….

  21. He said who sushant?? Nt who sushant singh rajput… Dnt. Make sensational titles… Otherwise i will nt visit here again.


    O bhai tm sb. aisa khuch nai kaha salman ne. Sirf nam samj na anay ki wjja se pocha tha bhaio k who is .ap sb bi aisay hi binna kisi wjja k itna khuch keh jatey ho.

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