Which film will release on Christmas 2017? Vote

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Q. Which film is going to release on Christmas 2017?

Ans. Last day we reported that Salman Khan wants to release his next with Santhoshi on Christmas 2017 which will result in a four way clash. Let’s take a look at all four films.

Sanjay Dutt Biopic directed by Rajkumar Hirani is in the news for a long time. The shooting is expected to start at the last of this year. It is likely to postpone as the film has not gone on floors yet. We all know that Hirani takes a lot of time for scripting and shooting. So it will not be ready for release next year. Ranbir Kapoor will also move to Ayan Mukherji’s superhero project first.

Aanand L Rai was the first one to announce his dwarf project featuring Shahrukh Khan. We have heard from sources that this film will be delayed as a lot of post-production work has to be done especially on SRK’s look as a dwarf. Red Chillies Entertainment wants to make this project a biggie. SRK also revealed that he will first start shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s next which is also expected to release next year. So it will not be wise to have 3 films in a single year. (Unconfirmed)

Salman’s next with Rajkumar Santoshi has not been announced yet. Even in the past, many dates were doing rounds but none came our true.

Bhansali’s next Padmavati is most likely to release on Christmas 17. We all know he will not run away from the clash. However, there is some delay in the project as the lead cast has not been announced yet. Also, Bhansali’s films are made on a grand scale and can delay as shooting takes a lot of time.

Still our bet will be on Bhansali’s Padmavat followed by SRK-Anand’s dwarf project. What do you think? Vote here (1 day left)

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  1. MoH Movies Reply

    sorry to say But Flop Show Today from Ur Side
    Accept the Bitter Truth!

  2. Airlift Akki Reply

    Salman should go for eid only …. Stay away from Christmas now
    SRK Anand L Rai’s Dwarf Movie should be released on Christmas 17

  3. beplobahmed Reply

    if salman release his movie on Christmas then for sure 400 crore..salman khan should release on 2017

  4. Dashing RJ Reply

    Srk with Anand l rai coming on Christmas 2017 and that final

  5. Dashing RJ Reply

    Sanjay dut boipic impossible and iss baar srk ranbeer ko chodega nahi aur sanjay bhi apna movie release nhi krega WO bhi jaanta hai ki agar kiya to padmavati flop kregi….

    Baat hai ab salman ki movie to iss baar srk nhi chodega iss date ko…waise bhi director koi andu pandu nhi hai Anand l rai hai…

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      No matter who is the director, bhagoda can’t dare to clash even with a tushar kapur movie, forgot Megastar Bhai movie..

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        Abe ooooo chote chuje….
        Yaad rakh 2017 Ka Christmas srk sallu ko nhi dega……dekh Lena sallu beg bhi krega but srk will not give this movie…..

        • TIGER- the real king Reply

          Oye ugly RJ,
          Eid bhi kaha diya tha? Bhai ne sinn ke liya tha Eid bhagode se. If Bhai wants Christmas release he will make all others to run away from the date..

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Abe oo chote chuje…
            Srk ne clash is liye chodi kyuki producers yash raj tha aur use kabhi srk compete nhi Kr sakta…..

            Waise salman beg Kr rha tha eid Ka srk ne eid mein eiddi de Di….lolll

          • TIGER- the real king Reply

            Ugly rj,

            Hahaha…the whole world knows the reality. Bhagoda’s solo holiday release fail to touch 100cr mark (eg- billu 2 aka fan). If he clashes with Megastar Bhai movie then even 50cr lifetime is a impossible task for him.

  6. TIGER- the real king Reply

    If Bhai declares to release his movie on Christmas everyone will run away from Christmas just like bhagoda did this Eid..

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Chal dekhte hai it will be srk or salman on Christmas 2017…..too much fun loll

          • TIGER- the real king Reply

            Eid ho Christmas bhagoda toh Bhagne hi wala hain!!!

          • TIGER- the real king Reply

            BTW, your aditya/YRF logic is more entertaining than whole billu 2 (fan) movie…LOL.

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Ya crap movies jyada entertaining hi hoti hai….waise bhi salman ko to aadat hai senseless movie banane Ka isliye aaj tak Filmfare bhi nahi mila….
            Now few of you will say awards are jokes today and they are bought but not in 90s and 2000s when srk got 7 times this award(not sure may be 6)…..
            Jo salman kabhi nhi krega loll….

  7. TIGER- the real king Reply

    Hahaha… Bhagoda is leading the poll! But we all know he will run away from Christmas in fear just like he did Eid this year!!!

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Srk -the king khan is not afraid of a person who is in the industry only because of his fathers name…..
      Salman who has killed 4 people and shoot animals while shooting a movie this must not be done by a person who is called himself being human…..
      Jo humans ko kill krta hai wahi human banne bol rha hai loll…..
      Kuch mind waali baat kro mindless people ki tarah mat jump kro…..

      Srk is in this industry and become a successful actor only by his skills and hardwork not by the legacy given by father(as sallu have….)

      • TIGER- the real king Reply

        It’s Salim sir who is known as Salman’s father, not Salman is known as salim’s son, you dumb.

        Whatever Bhai did I.e fully unintentionall. Unintentionall killing is better than having relationship with Hafiz saeed.
        Killing animal is better than being a Deshdrohi..

        If having father in Bollywood is everything then WTH Abhishek, Tushar, fardeen, jayed, Akshay khanna etc are not bigger star than your bhagoda unlike Bhai???

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          Pehle salman aaya tha ya salim sir(I respect him)…..
          Baap baap hota haihai aur beta beta…..90s ke kisi bhi actor se puchoge to ye sab bolenge salim sir Ka beta salman hai ,salim sir salman ke father hai aisa koi nhi bolega you moron…..

          Having relationship with Hafiz saeed ye bhi salman ne bataya na chal bol na…….reality ye hai ki salman Ka relation Hafiz ke saath hoga srk Ka nhi loll…..

          • TIGER- the real king Reply

            What do you mean??? Bhagoda kya bina Baap ke paida hua hain???

            The whole world knows who is the buddy of Hafiz saeed. If Salman has relationship with Hafiz saeed then WTH Hafiz saeed invites only BHAGODA to Pakistan???

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          If you ask who is legend actors then

          Who is salman -salim sir son
          Who is abhishek-amitabh sir son
          Who is tiger-jacky sir son and so on

          But if you ask who is shahrukh then they will reply –
          He is a boy who came to Mumbai in 90s having only few rupees in his pocket and today he is called as the king khan,badshah of Bollywood and yes the richest actor of Indian film industry loll….
          Morons can never understand true facts….

          • TIGER- the real king Reply

            Bhagoda bina baap ke paida hua hain kya??

            But bhagoda is backed by yrf-dhama since the beginning of his career.

            Arbaz & Sohail are also son of Salim ji. Can you answer WTH they have not tested 1% success of Megastar Bhai???

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Mindless people can never understand the facts loll…..
            Yrf and dharma srk ke relatives nhi the to usko support krte WO apne talent se yaha hai aur loll khan apne baap ke name se…

  8. The Dark Knight Reply

    SRK Anand movie should release on next xmas, its a totally different concept, it deserves .

  9. The Dark Knight Reply

    sorry we don’t want to see crap actor salman on xmas

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      Being a crapp actor is better than being a Overactor cum bhagoda… LOL.

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        Being fit and smart looking is beeter than being fat and ugly face…..loll

        • TIGER- the real king Reply

          Look at bhagoda’s face, 20-25 wrinkles, a few gadda & many others. Looks like a choosa hua aam…. Hahaha.

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Look at motus pet looks like he will deliver 3 babies at a time despite a men….hahaha

            Looks like mrf tire…

  10. Srk sabka baap Reply

    Srk give so many blockbuster and highest grosser of year also like devdas kal ho na ho mnik which are non festive release if he has potential so why he rely only on festive date now a days

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Right bro….
      Mindless people can never understand this bro….

  11. The Dark Knight Reply

    After ruining many Eids this eid made mahacrap actor is planning to ruin next xmas by his upcoming mahacrap ??

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      Bhagoda runs away in fear of the crap. Just imagine if the movie would have been a good one then tera bhagoda toh abtak kudhkhushi kar leta…. Hahaha.

  12. dadudh dadudh Reply

    All world no who is running with clash this eid 2016 some stupid people says hi awaid clash because of yrf this is not true hi actuley more importent for businuse & sk friendship,recent big drop movies like dilwale,fan i apriceate srk big super star but not more then salman khan in domestic

  13. Dashing RJ Reply

    Ya crap movies jyada entertaining hi hoti hai….waise bhi salman ko to aadat hai senseless movie banane Ka isliye aaj tak Filmfare bhi nahi mila….
    Now few of you will say awards are jokes today and they are bought but not in 90s and 2000s when srk got 7 times this award(not sure may be 6)…..
    Jo salman kabhi nhi krega loll….

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      Megastars don’t need any awards. Only small stars like shahid, Ranveer, bhagoda etc need awards to get some free publity…

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        Chuja ko kuch nhi mila isliye chup ho gya aur comment kiya mega star don’t need award…..hahaha…..
        Srk is the only star in the world whose name is printed in a good coin and kept in France museum…

        Chuja believe nhi hai to net pe search Kr aur @bollyarena se bhi puch le……

  14. Prashant abhishek Reply

    @ tiger, it is too much.aur ye kya khudkushi kar leta, khudkushi kar leta bolte rahte ho.toh tum chahte ho ki shahrukh khan mar jaye ?

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