Yesterday we reported that Salman Khan is all set to star in the third installment of Race. Now the producer Ramesh Taurani has confirmed that they have signed Salman for Race 3.

Talking about starting the film Ramesh Taurani said, “Yes Salman Khan is a part of Race 3 and we are looking to commence shooting for the film in October–November this year. We have not yet announced the rest of the cast yet, but we will be making an announcement of the same sometime next week”.

Reportedly Jacquline Fernandez will feature alongside Salman in Race 3. The official announcement will be made in just about a few days now. There are reports it will be announced after the release of Jacquline’s film A Gentleman but Tips has refused to confirm the same.


  1. Buahahahahaha salman ka aukaat kya Bina Eid me ? . Tubelight non holiday me aata to screens bhi kam milta or 70cr pe ruk jaata

  2. November me shooting hoga ..eid 2018 me release ho jaega ?
    Agar nahi hua to Dutt biopic aaega Eid me

  3. Can’t they just call it KICK 2 or KICK RELOAD. Because senseless thriller axionia. Jacqueline Fernandez getting all these movies coz he is giving it to a married man like Sajid Nadiadwala. Hahahaaa

  4. @ Bollywood, don’t talk meaningless things.Dutt biopic is scheduled to release on 30 March 2018 and shooting will also also complete it will release on scheduled time unless it postponed due to some reasons.

  5. it’s a much better choice than dabangg 3 but still i think salman should have done the sequel of no entry because 2 back to back big scale action film don’t sound interesting.
    i think it would be difficult to make the film ready for eid and there is no point in compromising with the quality of the film just for eid release. i think they should go for the independence day release, that would be the best. yes akshay has a release there but who cares about that 12 crore opening star. and i am damn sure that akshay will run away if race 3 is declared for independence day . so according to me race 3 should be released on independence day .

    • Usi 12 cr opening wala actor se lallu 4 baar clash hara hai rakhi sawant se clash jitna ka auk@t nahi hai chala hai Akki se clash karne😂😂😂😂

      • kiski baat karata hain …..tu Mujhe lagata hain tere ko ek dum sharam nahi hain bhai …..tu kis clash ki baat karta hain …..
        Veer zaraa / ateerazj
        once upon time in mumbai dobara vs chennie express……… Clash ki baat akshay kumar ke fan ko sobha nahi deta pagle…..

        Salman se clash kara lo aukat haath me aa jayengi tubelight collection 21cr…..flop hone ke bawazood……
        40 cr……hit hone ke bawazood……

  6. Saif & salman together will be great after a long time.But makers are taking Saif or not don’t know.

  7. This is going to be HUGE. Race serious is itself a big brand & has all the elements that perfectly compliment Salman. This is going to be much much bigger than TZH.

  8. @honest idiot kai ko 1 or clash harana chahta hai idiot lallu ko akki se kitchen dega beta gold a rahi hai tab jo perfect hai independence day pe marwaega Kya flop star ko 5 bar her gya ab Kya chakka lagwaega kya

  9. Only TOH will challenge Dangals WW collection.

    No chance for TZH or Race 100.

    Salman fans.. salllu ki filmo se dar nahi lagta saab distributor ke loss se dar lagta Hai.

    TZH budget 200cr means atleast 250cr ka business hona chahiye hit ke liye.

    Bahot mushkil hai re sallu fans.
    Distributor ka to diwala nikalne wala hai iss Xmas ko.

  10. South film ka sahara hai bechare akshay ko.
    150cr to hota nahi 200cr toh dream hai.
    300cr to aukhat nahi.
    Kya din aya ab rajnikant ka sahara hai 200cr.
    Woh b mushkil hai.
    Challenge ye msg ka screen shot lelo robot hindi version 200cr nahi karegi.
    Agar hindi version 200cr ki to mai bollyarena k samne haar accept karunga.
    Screen shot lelo.
    Id…Prab bahu

    • Akki jitna donate karta hai utna tera prabhas kamata hai aukat aukat ki baat hai aur agar 2.0 200 kia uske baad dekhta hu tu kaise yaha comment karna hai besharam hoga to comment karega😂😂😂

  11. Superstar
    Dilip kumar
    Rajesh khanna
    Sharuk khan.
    World knows all these star.
    What they achieved no one achieved.
    Why producer not put money on Akshay film.
    Producer dying to put huge money on Salman films they trust Salman and amir.
    They get maximum screen one flop doesn’t matter.
    Tubelight flop still producer ready to spend huge money on Salman films that’s the Salman power.
    Jalte hai Salman se.
    Khans ka koe mukhabla nahi karsakta.

  12. Race 3 Salman Khan Salman wants a blockbuster on EID and he will get it only Akki is next to him Amir can’t do film without holidays at least Salman gave Ready on non Holiday but Amir and srk are yet to prove their worth on non Holiday Akki always comes on Non Holiday Waiting for Race 3 hope it’s a big action film Bollywood needs especially after 2.0 will come and squash records

    • Abe dehaati megastar aamir Khan already gave 2 non holiday blockbusters I.e. rang de basanti and fanaa during non holiday back in 2006 when your stars were giving even flops on festivals. Get a life you jerk. By the way why did tube light, kyonki, main aur mrs khanna, tees maar Khan, blue, Dosti friends forever, action replay flopped on big festivals? At least aamir never gave any underperformer on big festivals unlike your loser stars. Today if aamir will release his movie on non holiday then also he will thrash each and every records and kick your and your star’s ass. Aukaat me reh 12 cr opening actor ke fan.

        • 12 cr opening star is 3rd biggest superstar of the Bollywood. Buhaaaaaa. Joke of the millennium. ગાંડો થઈ ગયો છે કે શું?????

            • Leave them bro Ye amir fans clash mein tw pta hai kya haal hai inka Dhobi ghat ka hero inka Amir never gave 5 100 cr grosser together unlike Salman and Akki even srk is better than him

      • Aukaat tw tere amir ki talaash pe pta chal gayi thi Aur RDB Republic Day pe ayi thi murakh chand waise Mangal Pandey 15 August pe flop thi tckt rate bada kar 3-4 open week lekar Best release period lekar Critics ko paisa khila kar phr record bnata hai Warna isi akki ne tere amir ko uski height aur aukat dono bta di thi Christmas pe yaad hai welcome vs TZP

        • You 5th failed dropout first learn to talk with senses and learn to spell correctly. What a joke? Akshay, salman and srk better than aamir? Ha ha ha. Can’t stop laughing at such jokes. Aamir is Baap of whole Bollywood and no one has aukaat to match his stardom and aura. Teri aukaat kya hai Chaman? Keep giving your shit excuses but truth is always hard to digest. Aamir is biggest superstar of Bollywood. Aukaat to aamir me dikhayi hai tere 2 take ke gobar Akki ki. Last year dangal alone earned more than Airlick+ custom+ house empty 3. LOL. Akki never was and never will be even half as big as aamir. Welcome was multi starter and at that time comedy films were popular that’s why it worked and earned little more than TZP not because of your chakki. TZP was niche movie with off beat and was made on much lower budget still it was blockbuster just because of megastar aamir khan. And you jerk if Rang de basanti was republic holiday release then what about airlift, baby, Rustom, toilet ek prem katha? They are also republic and Independence Day you nut head. And don’t talk about height. Aamr is far more talented, educated, popular and respected megastar than your chakki can ever be. Aamir ne chakki ki aukaat har jagah pe dikhayi hai. Don’t even dare to compare your 2 rs actor with megastar Aamr khan. Aamir movies cross 2000 cr worldwide while your gobar Akki can’t even dream such big numbers. It’s aamir’s megastardom which is the reason why his movies make so much money. Aukaat me reh joker fan.

        • Sabko pata hai Kaun kisko paise khilata hai bloody Canadian fake patriot ke fan. Your Canadian chakki is paying critiques, and does the chaplusi of PM and other politicians whenever his so called wannabe patriotic movies release. At least aamir is real and not a double faced cheap selfish money hungry actor like your gobar chakki. Chakki paiso ke liye so called patriotic movies banata hai aur bhakts ki sympathy maangta hai bhikhari ki tarah. Tab hi uski movies chalti hai. Barna joker, tees maar khan jaisi disasters deta hai. Wohi hai uski aukaat. Don’t compare your chongu mongu actor with global megastar aamir khan.

  13. Today Top star of bollywood ?
    Ans. 1. Akshay kumar
    2. Akshay Kumar
    3. Akshay Kumar
    4. Amir Khan
    5. Amir khan

  14. Race 3 vs Saaho coz dats the two big action films coming next year other than 2.0 on note rest all are Trash except Gold
    already die hard fans wants Salman vs Prabhas feels like Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns please make it happen
    Bollywood vs WWE
    Salman :Brock Lesnar
    Akshay Kumar :Shawn Micheal
    Prabhas :Roman Reigns
    Amir Khan :Triple H
    Srk :Booker T nothing new to offer


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