We are a democracy only for the sake of it: Ajay Devgn

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Bollywood celebrities tend to stay away from commenting on political and national issues. Though Hollywood actors readily voice their opinion. Ajay Devgn who is considered among the right wing has given a bold statement this time. He said,

“In Hollywood, whatever the actors may say, they do not ever have to face any direct consequences. However, in India, if we speak our heart out, we must bear the brunt. I often shy away from commenting on political issues, merely because if I say something which they do not like, I will be immediately affected. I know my film will be banned from release, or my sets will be burnt, or there’ll be people protesting outside my house. Even if there is a court order and the police intervenes, I will always live in fear during that phase. If you try to scare me, I’ll get scared. It’s obvious.”

Even as we start out on the query, ‘India being the largest democracy in the world, we do have the right…’, Ajay cuts in, “We are a democracy only for the sake of it.” Ajay further questions us, “How are we a democracy when some group of leaders who claim to be from a political establishment, but are actually not, threaten me that if I do this, my film will not be allowed to be screened? In Hollywood, such a thing will never happen. That’s the big difference!”

Ajay Devgn is all set for his Diwali release Shivaay along with Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


  1. RAJAT..better said.. If same would have said by karan johar your answer would have been .. beter go to holywood and leave our country india..

    • Lol.This is your thinking.Where did I criticize Karan Johar ever?

  2. Now Ajay wants support from Bollywood as well.. he got support from RSS since no Pakistani actor in his movie, which was his luck.. Now by saying we are not democratic, he want Bollywood support as well for his movie release… Till now he was silent when RSS banned ADHM and now when RSS gave green signal for ADHM he is saying india is not democratic .. Its same like he is saying india is intolerant, by saying india is not democratic.

  3. Ajay kay sath salman khan ha to us ko ksi aur ki suport ki zrorat ni ha

  4. Sunder Aswani Reply

    I live in USA & i can tell you one thing that India is the only country with real democracy but people who live in India don’t appreciate that. Love you India for your democracy, your culture & the tasty food. Go East Go West India is Best.

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