Wazir Total Box Office Collection and Verdict


Wazir Total Collection:

Wazir was released on 8 January 2016. After three weeks, film has almost completed its run at the box office. It has collected 1.33 crore in its third week.

Lets take a look at box office analysis of Wazir.

Farhan Akhtar Amitabh Bachchan
Bejoy Nambiar
35 Cr
India Collection
40.72 Cr
Overseas Collection
20.23 Cr
Worldwide Collection
78 Cr


Also take a look at Waizr day wise box office collection.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
3rd Week
40.72 Cr


Tell us what do you think about Wazir total box office collection and verdict in the comments section.

14 comments on “Wazir Total Box Office Collection and Verdict”

  1. @Bollyarena please don't give wrong reports and collection.
    You should give right and correct information.
    How Wazir is Average....

    Budget- 35 crore
    India collection - 42 crore lifetime expected
    Share - 18 crore maximum expected

    Overseas collection - 25 crore lifetime expected
    Share - 12 crore maximum expected

    Total share Domestic + Overseas = 18 + 12 = 30 crores
    Which is still less by 5 crore from budget.

    Clear Flop...

    Bollyarena we follow you for fair information not fake information...

  2. You have forgotten about recovery from other sources like satalite music home video etc. That is why it is average.

  3. At the mean time for Dilwale you have all together different rule.

    According to You

    Budget - 105 crore
    India share.- 75 crore expeccted
    Overseas share - 70'crore expected

    Total 75+70 = 145 crore

    Which is more than 30 crore of total budget.
    Semi Hit

    Sir with due respect to you I want to inform Dilwale is a HIT though underperforms in India and also on verge of crossing 150 crores in India...go and follow mdkhalid008 on twitter for real and unbiased reports...

  4. Naresh sir verdict is strictly depend on thearitical Distributor share from Domestic and Overseas not rom recovery from other sources.

  5. Vry good @Sameer_real, most of the people doesn't know the verdict of film is base on distributors shares not producers recovery.


    If the budget of film is 50r including p&p then d producer sale the film to the domestic distributors 30cr, so we can't calculate n rate the verdict of that film domestically with 50cr budget but with 30cr cost.

    The question which we suppose to ask Bollywood Arena is how Indian distributors the film cost them?

  6. @indian Thanks for the compliment dear
    Just answer one question

    If you are making something then you will take fees from yourself.

    Dilwale.is produce by SRK so.all the profit is of SRK...In what sense he will charge from.himself..


  7. Wazir is clearly a profitable venture for all, its a sleeper Hit, or in other words the first Hit movie of 2016. The budget of the movie is 35 crores, Domestic collections 42 crores +, and Overseas collections 22 crores +, that makes it 66 crores plus, which is almost double the movies budget.The sattelite and music rights are not taken into considerations, now when a movies fetches almost double than its budget its a HIT, movies that makes 100 crores are not always a Hit, because their budget exceeds 150 crores plus, Ra-One, Dilwale, Prem Ratan Dhan falls into these categories.

  8. @Kaushik goswami

    Lets take your wordings

    According to you

    Wazir Budget - 35
    Collection (domestic +overseas)= 66 crore approx

    Almost double of Budget



    BUDGET- 105 crore
    Collection (domestic + overseas) = 390 crore approx (400 crore expected)

    Almost 4 time of Budget

    Verdict- you decide

    If we take Budget of 150'crores after including SRK Fees.

    Then also more than Double of the Budget.

    Verdict - You decide

    Will wait for your answer

  9. Yes absolutely sameer_real, Wazir is a loss, not for the makers but for distribution ppl, as makers seldom loose Becz f sattlelite rights etc.
    If satellite rights etc are taken it account than no movie is a flop, but it's how much distribution ppl make is the criteria for hit or flop. Bollyarena.net itself contradicting here as few days back it had said WAZIR is a loss.
    Though it's a good site bit Bollyarena.net needs to be careful as contradictory statements will harm you ppl in the long run.

  10. @indian abe beep beep koi proof h tere pas ki srk ne fees nhi li h aur agr leta to kitna leta h fees.
    Saale bhakt bolo na sabki fat ti h srk se.
    Ek movie to sab hates mil kr flop krwa nhi sake..
    400Cr collection ko koi flop ya average kahr to usse bada chutiya kaun hoga

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