Watch Shahrukh Khan Dubmash Video

Shahrukh Khan Dubmash Video

Dubsmash is the new IT thing in Bollywood and Bollywood actors are sure having a blast with it! For those who don’t know what Dubmash is all about, the Dubmash app allows the users to choose an audio recording of a dialogue, a movie quote or a song and record a video of themselves in which they lip-sync to it.

The latest actor to join the list is Shahrukh Khan. The SRK starrer Devdas completed 13 years today. So the King Khan took to Twitter and thanked evry one assoicated with the film. SRK tweeted 'Thx Sanjay Binod Prakashji Bela Madhuri Aish Sarojji Vaibhavi Ismail Monty & whole team & Devbabu for the masterpiece'. He also thanked Jackie Shroof 'And a special thanx to my favourite Jaggu Dada…. “ Hum la ilaaj ho gaye Chunni Babu”.

Shahrukh Khan also posted a dubmash video lip-syncing to the famous dialouge of Devdas. Watch SRK Dubmash video by yourself.

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