Tumhari Sulu Trailer – Vidya Balan

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Here’s the much-awaited official trailer of Tumhari Sulu. From the producers of “Neerja” and “Hindi Medium”, the Movie is releasing worldwide on 17th November, 2017. It is a slice-of-life comedy-drama, directed by noted ad filmmaker Suresh Triveni and produced by T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment.

Synopsis: A happy, enterprising and enthusiastic Mumbai housewife (Sulochana a.k.a. Sulu – Vidya Balan) unexpectedly lands herself the job of a night RJ (radio jockey) on a leading radio station and much comedy and drama follow…


  1. Utsav Rajput Reply

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    • Epic reply to devgan
      @devgann beta ab sudhar jaa warna ek baar Roric chalu ho gaya toh Bach nahi paayega
      So stop trolling and keep quiet

    • lol! both of them are big flops in overseas markets. even newcomers like ranbir,varun and ranveer are better than these two in overseas.

  2. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Ajay last 2 decades success ratio
    2000 to 2009
    2010 to 2017
    Total 52%
    Akshay success ratio only this decade
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  3. Utsav Rajput Reply

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  4. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Akshay fans only one FB 24 mill
    Ajay fans Twitter+FB+Instagram 17 mill
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  5. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Tepk niche genre movie ww collection 200+ cr
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  6. Modest fan Reply

    looks better than saifs chef, but if the boss was a male star than the movie would have more masala

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