Tubelight teaser will be out by the end of April

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Salman Khan starrer Tubelight is one of the most awaited films of the year. The trailer or first look of the film has not been released yet. But now Kabir Khan has confirmed that the first trailer will be out next month.

Kabir Khan told in an interview to DNA, “We are first going to release the teaser which will be out by the end of April and that will be followed by the trailer in May. People ask me why we are releasing the trailer so late. I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in those extended periods of marketing but only closer to the release.”

“I don’t believe in going berserk with marketing. As long as you are able to get your message out and tell the people you are coming on a certain date and make people aware of that, it’s more than enough. We will have a teaser and then, the trailer. I won’t tell you the message now. Let people discover through the trailer what message we want to convey.”

He also revealed that the leading Chinese actress will fly down to India to promote the film. “Zhu Zhu will also come down to India for a certain period of time to promote the film.”

Tubelight and Kabir’s mini series titled The Forgotten Army are both period dramas. “Yes, The Forgotten Army is set during World War II, but it also has a contemporary track. Tubelight is based in 1962 and is set against the backdrop of the Indo-China war. It is tougher working on a period film because more attention has to be given to detail… you have to do thorough research. You have to pay attention to clothes, settings, etc. So yes, in that sense, it does definitely take more homework. But having said that, it’s ultimately your storytelling, so it’s exciting.”


    • Akki fan Santanu Reply

      Who is interested in seeing its trailer
      Even I am not interested in watching this movie….

      • Being alok nand Reply

        Vai tum comment kar rahe ho MATLAB tum interested ho srif Vai k success se jalrahe ho

  1. People already discovered the msg that “He is not able to give ATHG”
    Bhai eid pe ata hein aur laddoo khake jata hein.

  2. Aur ek eid gayeeeee…
    Kab Aamir ka eecord todega? Kab?
    Kitna bhagega Aamir ke record ke piche..what a shame!!!

    • tu phir aagaya.. besharam..:D
      This self proclaimed brainless aamir khans only fan is quite amusing…

  3. Reply

    Parshya terae jaisa bewkoof log ko baat samajhna me nahi aayegi.aamir ko bol saal me 2 movie release kar

  4. Reply

    Xmas ,content,5 open week ke bina aamir ka stardom saif Ali Khan SE bhi kam hai

  5. Reply

    2012 me aamir ka talash 100 crore bhi nahi kama hai aamir ka stardom

  6. Reply

    Aamir level content,Xmas,gap year,open week,hirani ke karan hai .uske bina aamir ka koi stardom nahi hai

  7. Reply

    Aamir ki movie clash me 50 crore bhi nahi kamayegi

    • Tujhe kya hua tu to Aamir ka fan tha, kehta tha Aamir is better than Dilip kumar and all others

  8. Reply

    Salman ka ek aur record banega clash me 2, 300+ crore dene ka record

  9. Reply

    Salman ko isse koi fark nahi padta clash ki .kyunki uska fan following itna bada hai ki 300 crore sure hoga

  10. I’m a big Srk fan and I don’t really like Salman acting but you gotta admit that Kabir-Salman combo is a great one. We know that it will do huge business but I’m really waiting for it to be a very good film !

  11. kabir khan ko pata tha salman khan 400cr kamane ka aukat nahi hai.
    isliye srk ke cameo ke liye mana liya phir vi 400cr bohot dur hain kyun ki clash me yeh 200cr se jada nahi kar paye gi

  12. honest man Reply

    box office comparison
    salman ( 2010-19 decade) vs srk( whole career)
    [ for opening only solo films are considered]
    1. blockbusters
    srk -10
    salman -8
    [ looking to beat srk’s overall career in this decade at the end of 19]
    2. record opening day
    [ salman in one decade has beaten srk’s overall career, now looking to extend the lead]
    3. record breaking weekend
    [ salman has alreday surprassed srk with still three years to go]
    4. highest grosser of the year
    [ looking to beat srk’s overall career when this decade will end]
    5. 2 crore plus footfall films
    [ will beat srk’s overall career at the end of this year]
    6. 3 crore plus footfall films
    [ will beat srk’s overall career till the end of this decade]

    so you can see in major boxoffice achievements salman’s this decade is enough to beat the overall career of srk. so even you don’t include his career of 90’s and 2000-09 still he is going to beat srk’s overall career. in record opening salman is already ahead of srk’s overall career in this decade with three years still to go and in the other things he is almost 80-90% and he will beat srk’s overall career in those things also in just 1 decade.

  13. Salman king Reply

    Excited per bhai jaan and his film I am waiting.
    Superb superb

  14. this film is giving so much of positive vibes.. phewwwww…
    if the gallery and trailers are positive.. then sky is the limit..
    my only worry is.. my arvind kejriwal of bollyarena.. Mr. parshya will dissappear mooh chupaake :D

  15. After trailer released
    Sallu fan:wow what a trailer sure 400cr
    Srk fan:wow srk
    Aamir fan:sallu se na ho payega…

    Kuch bhi karlo kuch bhi…
    Aamir ka record todna sallu ke bas ki baat nahi..sallu bahot bahot hi chota star he Aamir ke samne.
    Sallu ko bb ka record todne ke liye aur ek sal tak Aamir 500cr bana lega..
    Kya halat hein pk ka record todne ke liye 3 sal aur abhi tak kosish jari hein
    What a shame!!!!!

  16. Reply

    Abey ghochu PK ko 4 open week Mila tha .aur bb NE uska record footfall ke mamle me tod diya tha .aamir ticket price hike kar ke 340 crore kamaya tha ,footfall 3.51 crore for PK,aur bb ka footfall 3.6 crore hai

    • overseas bhul gaya kya?
      Sallu sapne mein bhi nahi soch sakta 50M

    • pichle comment mein bol raha tha sallu koi excuses nahi deta to ye kya hein bro?
      only excuse excuse..dub maro..tumse na ho payega..
      jab sallu Aamir ka record todega tabhi hum man lenge ki wo Aamir se bada star hein tab tak chase karte raho ..bechara…what a shame!!!!!!

  17. pandu… we dont make films for overseas..
    talk about collections in india..
    Aamir got 4 open weeks for both PK and dangal.. well.. i loved both.. i love aamir too.. but just because of u.. i will have to rebel..
    salman got two open weeks for both.. sultan and BB.. i knw the films tht followed werent huge.. but they ate up a lot of screens.. BB would have easily crossed 350.. Bahubali also gave a huge fight.. inspite of all that.. it ws sheer salmans power, stardom, magnetic charisma which pulled crowd over…
    take a look at aamirs openers.. they dont even cross 25 cr.. if movie is good, peopl go.. or else.. god help the movie..
    whereas for salman.. they jus want him on screen.. baad main jaaye script..
    now u realise what i am trying to say?
    Tu arvind kejriwal hi rahega if u say no.. :D

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