Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Songs of The Week

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Top 10 Songs of The Week

Tere Sang Yara from Rustom is topping the music chart meanwhile Kala Chashma has become an instant chartbuster. Sultan is still going strong.




Tere Sang Yara
Jag Ghomeya
Sau Tarah Ke
Tu Hai
Mohenjo Daro
Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai
Kala Chashma
Baar Baar Daikho
Ikk Kudi Reprise
Udta Punjab
Sab Tera
Sultan Title Track
Chitta Ve
Udta Punjab



  1. Bolly Arena Fan Reply

    My Most Fvrt Songs of The Year

    Kar Gayi Chull( K&S)
    Sanam Re(Sanam Re)
    Jabra fan( Fan)
    Dil Cheez Thuje Dedi( Airlift)(Most under rated song of the year)

  2. Salman Fan Reply

    Bollyarena so now you start deleting my comments, Why??? because I raise question on your article…but this is not right, I am not asking anything wrong here, you are a public site, you are here for us, I never ask any anything unethical to you, I only comment in particular articles….You mention something in your article and if somebody ask explanation to you then you should reply to them and explain it, rather then deleting his/her comment…..This is unethical Bollyarena you should reply instead of deleting comment just to save yourself….Tell me did I ask anything wrong….I just want explanation and I won’t argue on it, but you have to explain me clearly, don’t we even deserve a reply from you….

    • Your comments on related posts are not deleted. This is not a right to spam comments on each post.

      • Salman Fan Reply

        Sorry for this inconvenience Bollyarena Team, I just want your attention so that you atleast explain, why you are not giving credit to Salman success which he actually deserve…..According to your site ETT was an ATBB, but in recent article you did not mention the same, WHY???….At least you should explain, why you do this….that’s all I want to know….I am asking this as a FAN, and I am hoping that you will understand my feelings…Nothing against you and I am asking this politely…Thanks

  3. Top 10 Songs of the Week-
    1. Tere Sang Yaara
    2. Tuh Hai
    3. Kala Chashma
    4. Sau Tarah Ke
    5. Baby Ko Bass
    6. Mohenjo Mohenjo
    7. Jag Ghoomeya
    8. Sarsariya
    9. Dhal Jaun Main
    10. Ikk Kuddi Reprise

  4. Yo yo akki srk Reply

    My top 10 songs
    1)Tere sang yaara
    2)Kala chashma
    3)Sau tarah ke
    4)Tu hai
    6) Sab Tera
    7)Tay hai
    8) Toh Dishoom
    9) Chitta be
    10) Jaaneman ah

  5. Dashing Rj Reply

    Sau tarah ke song is my fav of this month then tere sang yaara from rustom….

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