Tiger Zinda Hai trailer tomorrow

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The countdown has begun for the most awaited release of the year, Tiger Zinda Hai. Finally the first trailer of the film will be out tomorrow.

The film is a sequel to 2012’s release Ek Tha Tiger which also featured Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The craze and hype for the original film were on another level. It smashed allΒ kind of opening records on its 1st day and grossed a massive 32 crores. Tiger Zinda Hai has also generated huge buzz before the trailer release.

Check out the new still.


  1. Will be sure shot blockbuster,it might be all time blockbuster if the content click. Now onwards all the actors will do the content oriented movie otherwise the result will be like tubelight chef jhms etc

      • Tiger Zinda Hai ATBB Reply

        Yeah true TZH will be 1st 400 cr Blockbuster from Bollywood n break the bones of Aamir dangal

      • mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

        He bhagwan….

        Kya class h salman k fan ka….

        Bandar , bakra zinda h…..jesi movie k liye pagal ho rhe h….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Sach h bhai….

        Ek tha bandar , chingam , jabang , Ready , shody-gaurd , bhadshaho ,chuhabali , south masala…….jesi movie bnane se hi stardom milta h….

        Sal me esi 1-2 kachra movie bnane se hi stardom milta h…

        Amir ki tarah saal me 1 movie vo bhi….dhobi-ghat , talash , Dangal , pk jesi movie se konsa stardom milta h ??

        Fir b….aamir india or WW dono me Top h…..use Riksha wala or Auto vala stardom nhi chahiye….

    • golmaal @200cr Reply

      Is saal HGOTY only Golmaal rhegi ..Padmavati 150cr tiger 180cr ..criminal Christmas release ke Baad v beat nahi ke paega

    • Eagerly waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Amir bhaiyya- Itna SanNata kyo h bhai???
      Salman Bhai- wait!!!! Ye Shanti tufaan Aane se phle ki hai Aamchi
      #TZH Trailer super excited
      Rip box office

  2. Big flop ..chritsmas is movie ko bacha lega ..padmavati clash krta to tiger mar jaata

    • Salman ka aukaat bas India tak hi hai ..India ke bahar kuch aukaat nahi ..hritik bhin2014 tak aage tha Salman se ..Lekin for hritik mohenjo Dia ghatiya movie or kaabil clash ho gaha

      • Haha hrithik kaa bhi koi fan hai iss page pe i’m surprised aagey main kya bolne wala hun tu samajh hi gaya hoga krrish @Krrish

  3. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    ab tu laashi bichi gi…Ticket ke liye….likh le l lo….2000cr domestics…koi nahi rok sakta….

    • Thug of hindostan back Reply

      dr opd me jake jo savo… koi opration kasm nahi ayega.. haha tera srk bhi gaya tere naam bhi gaya.. aur suggetion rew hai compunder ki to call karke aa jana.. waise bhi tu anpadh hai muje wsise hi coumpawader chaiye… 1 month advance salary kyu ki terese kuch nahi hoga

  4. Ajay-Salman fan Reply

    Megastar for a reason… humongous fan following… One and only Salman sir

  5. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    Amir fans sab garib fans ho first week itself…go Tiger go…

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      Aalman agar agle 10 saal film release karte hai to bhi dangal ki aas paas nahi ayenge.salman and srk are more popular than aamir bt..i have said it many times…and why do you need to hate others for being a fan of one actor??why just cant you enjoy all of their works??i have some friends who gave bb a miss because he was a die hard fan of srk..such foolishness is pointless

      • @Ceiling khan keep your bullshit jokes with yourself they are not even funny. Srk and Salman are more popular than the baap of Bollywood? What a joke. Aamir is light years more popular and loved than Salman and srk. Get a life. Aamir has biggest fan following and Salman and srk are not even close to him. What aamir has avhieved is a distant dream for tiny local stars like Salman and srk.

    • Thug of hindostan back Reply

      ha dekhna gslaxy pe line lagegi refund ke liye. tiger so hi gaya hai

  6. Suresh Gowda Reply

    Waiting Waiting waiting bt feel can’t wait
    Biggest movie trailer 2k17 😍😍😍

  7. Amila sri Lanka Reply

    TZH ATBB….01st Day 45cr callection ..01st BOLLYWOOD fim 500cr( in indiya)

  8. superSALman Reply

    ye kuchhi ghanto ka wait sal sal lagraha hai #tzhtrailertomorrow
    breathing heavily

    • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

      Everyone knows the truth but only one thing obstructs I.e. Jealousy towards other Superstars sucess which leads to fanwars stubborn fans never accept the truth
      About shortcomings of their respective actors instead they give false explanations

        • TEMPERATURE Reply

          Super Salman….For many its time pass but trust me some fans really hate a particular actor that too with serious passion. You can tell from their comments and timing of article being posted.

          Iteefaq collection update @Arena?? And GA for people like β˜πŸ˜‚

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…..look who is talking about jealousy???

  9. Prashant Abhishek Reply

    “Given the kind of all-India pull that he has, if Shah Rukh doesn’t have those 300-350 crore grossers, he only has himself to blame. The audience is there, but where are those wholesome entertainers that he used to do a decade ago ? ”
    Source – Indicine Q & A

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      According to popularity-
      5) hr
      Not including actors like nawaz ir irrfan or manoj

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Great list Ceiling but i may alter just few things there.

        *Popularity now i think Akshay is more popular than Hrithik.

        *Acting wise no way Hrithik can stand beside Ajay,Ajay is way up there.

        *Acting wise too Ranveer should definitely be in that list.

        *popularity wise again i think Ranveer and Varun now should be ahead of Ranbir .

        Just my opinion.

      • Consistency or vo bhi Salman hahaha jo 2010 born star hai ..2010 se pehle lgatar flop

        Tu aaj ka baat kar rha kya ? Overall consistency me Srk 1st pe hai

        • 2000 to 2009 me bhi usne super hits n blockbuster diye hai but flop zada h ye hame bhi pata hai n wat would u tell about 90’s ka decade 3 decade se wo hai to 90’s ka n abhi is decade me baap h to ek decade ki koi bat nahi h
          Everyone have high n uo in their career thats not a big deal though

      • Ceiling You r ignoring akshay kumar hear. He should be in top 3 in every section. And if you r talking about present time akki is on top in consistancy. Look at all actors last five releases. They all failed once or more but not akki. Even Most consistent actors like amir khan in last seven years only 4 Movies and one among them was not performed as expactations. and i m not hater of anybody but these are facts u accept or not..


    Not for his fans but for the Man himself in Salman Sir….all the best hope after GA we have another Blockbuster or above 2017 movie.

    • Finally koi toh samajhdaar nikla @TEMPERATURE ab dekhna PARSHYA SKY PRASHANT ABHISHEK shit bolenge aake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        I dont hate any actor nor get jealous of any actor my biggest desire is to see every fan group praise another actor who is due for those praises not showing open hatred ..not me.

        My replies are hard hitting just for the initial person who started an illogical comment to feel the taste too,if someone talks bad about any actor. Thats it.

        Nb…just that they are 2 local boys who keeps on causing a havoc on an article but when you give them some tight slap their fans get angry @u….if not the rest of the users here i hold them at a very high esteem and respect their positive contribution.

        Am not a Ghost yaar i am your DostπŸ˜‰

  11. Azeem Jawa Reply

    Bollyarena why you post such a third class people commenting like gawar gareeb jahil type words for any actor . Bcz if we didn’t respect our legends how the other will respect. So you have to take some step seriously

  12. Thug of hindostan back Reply

    Bari ayi bari ayi ab salman ki bari ayi..
    aamir to hit se uper nikla total 30 cr budget me.. salman kaha jayega 180 cr budget me phir ghar se paise dene hong distributor ko is liye koi moovi leta nahi..m super gurrentied flop… jo dekhega moovi galaxy jake return le sakte hai. sure

  13. Thug of hindostan back Reply

    auto fan kitna bhi udlo result 1 week ne mil jayega tine hai udo 45 days.. phir pinjare ke pachi re…
    tickict ka paise na de koi teturn
    ticket ka pisa ba de koi
    yaad rakho
    scrrenshpt lelo…
    ha n apke liye special pool ready kar raha hu. ake dub marna.. lalu vriminal auto fans…
    from Ak fans.
    y from me.. only.. 1 hi hu.. milenge… sapno me yaad karna