Tiger Zinda Hai trailer smashes viewership records

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Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai trailer was launched yesterday and as expected, it has gone viral on YouTube and social media. The trailer has smashed many records in the first 24 hours.

Tiger Zinda Hai trailer is the most liked and commented trailer on YouTube in 24 hours. It is the most watched Hindi trailer in a single day as it has generated 29 million plus views on YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube views were stuck due to the high traffic so we could not track it. Though YRF has claimed that it got 15 million views which will be slightly lower than Padmavati. Ranveer Singh starrerΒ generated 15.20 million views in 24 hrs and is the most watched Hindi trailer on YouTube in the first day.


  1. yeah dont talk about womens Salman didnt do only byself just as Ranveer didnt either brush your equality and write people names

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        @Ajay Salman…

        Bro i think you are right, GA actually was viewed more than Padmavati in 24 hours…via youtube ,hold on to your point,i will still research…have to be sure

        • Ajay-Salman fan Reply

          Ya bro…GA was more than Padmavati on first day people love Ajay sir so much that they dont want 2 highlight his movies…

          • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

            Ajay last solo hit 1998 PTHT(no rohit n no multicast)
            Ajay solo hit kab dega
            20th year running…….

            His fans r dying to c that

            100 cr club started in 2008

            No solo 100 cr Grosser on his own leaving Papa Rohit Shetty whereas every youngster has given atleast a single 100 cr Grosser

            10th year running …
            We fans r ashamed of You sir

            • TEMPERATURE Reply

              πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ajay sir has made this Toilet fan so insane that even his comments have become entertaining like Nickelodeon jnr kids channelsπŸ˜‚

              Yes ChamyaπŸ’ƒ go on…..only 20 years not 25 years?? Check properly beta…check check take you time ..
              I will give you 🍭🍭 …and bournvitaβ˜• if you make 25 years.πŸ˜‚

            • TEMPERATURE Reply

              We fans are proud of you Sir especially the


              • TEMPERATURE Reply

                πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” bajao bajao sir!! We love you….πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

              • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

                Some so called Superstars just surviving on franchises n top director
                (Name withheld)
                Clue : Highest Grosser – 88 cr
                Highest opening day – 12 cr

                • TEMPERATURE Reply

                  The day Akki crosses Sushant Singh Rajput highesr opening day and manages to cross Kangana highest grosser thats when….you will be taken serious if not now you are just an Entertainer hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”” funny comments but seems its coming out with Huge anger!!!😑😡😰

            • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

              Rohit Shetty is the biggest commercial director of the country: Parineeti Chopra
              Apr 5, 2017, 9:52 am IST
              Entertainment, Bollywood

              The actress says that it was an honour for her to work with the maker of ‘the biggest franchise Golmaal.’

              Yeah parineeti we know that thanks for the acknowledgement….

              • TEMPERATURE Reply

                Ajay made Rohit Shetty πŸ™ without Ajay Rohit 1 clean Hit…without Rohit Ajay 16 clean Hits…..but but Rohit deserves praises no doubt due to hardwork and dedication.

                Ajay planted πŸŽ„ a tree so why stopping him from eating the 🍊🍏 fruits???

                Go sleep boy….you cant change destiny…i know its hard to digest but dont worry your time will come soon okay….all d best akkiπŸ‘.

                Nyt guys…

            • Ajay-Salman fan Reply

              Akshay deshbakti kab chodega…kab 140cr cross karega..kab 1day opening beat karega…in record opening..n lifetime..he will always b behind ajay sir

        • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

          Rohit sir now we Arshad, Parineeti, Shreyas, Tushar, kunal n Tabu will forever Indebted to you for giving us
          200 cr Grosser coz we can’t ever think of 100 cr Grosser in our life without you
          Thanking you sir..

          • TEMPERATURE Reply

            1991 vs Anil ……Clash Diwali…..1st Blockbuster…..Debut!!

            2010 vs Toilet kumar…Clash…Diwali…2nd Blockbuster
            1st Non Khan …100 cr…

            2017…vs Aamir Sir…clash..Diwali..3rdBlockbuster …
            1st Non Khan 200 cr

      • mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

        Yash raj …to…filmy sites

        Yash raj :-

        Dekho muje Aamir ki TOH ki koi chinta nhi , but Lallu ki TZH bina promotion k nhi chalegi ,

        Aap sbhi jante h vo koi Aamir ki tarah h nhi , ki buddhe roll me , reality movie bnake , bina masala or hit song k 2000 crore kr skta h.

        Bina promotion k fusslite ho jayegi , so me aap sab ko 1-1 crore deta hu , full promote kro ,

        Aap log zero ko b hero bna skte h.

        FILMY SITES :-

        Or aap hme 1 nhi 2-2 crore do , juth bolne k liye , aamir ka to ham free me b promotion kr denge

        But es faaltu ki action movie ko best dikhane k liye ye kuch jyada nhi h.

        Yash raj :- koi baat nhi le lo , TOH se me kma lunga. Laashe bichane se to thik hi h .

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Rohit needs Superstars like srk n AjayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Ajay last movie Baadshaho – 66cr
        Srk last movie jhms – 65 cr
        Srk 200 cr ce – Rohit
        No rohit no 200 cr for srk

        Ajay 100 cr Grossers – Rohit
        No rohit no 100 cr

        Highest Grosser 88 cr sos
        Highest opener – 32 (Rohit)

        No rohit Highest opener 12 cr Himmatwala
        Yet to give a 100 cr Grosser on his own
        Some obsessed fans forced me to say hard facts n expose some stars

    • Tiger Zinda Hai ATBB Reply

      Only trailer has smashed all Records any other proof is needed for haters this has ensured it will beat all records by huge margin
      By 2nd weekend TZH will make BB2 n Dangal Records history
      Abi Picture baaki hai mere doston n haters as well
      Now salman time to break n make records
      All hail Salman

      • This idiot (mink) wrote again and again that Secret Superstar was flop movie. Now it has become hit. Now he is saying TZH is bakwas movie inspite of great likes from people. This idiot needs a tight slap.

  2. All records are in dangee.
    It will beat dangal in Indian bo any one wanna bet I am ready for it.

        • @Rizwan
          sach mein Muze trailer pasand aya par muze sallu fans ko Zamin par lana hai
          wo hamesha bolte hai ye hoga wo hoga par kuch hota nahi

          opening toh holiday par Aamir bhi de sakta hai aur opening weekend bhi Aamir ke pass hein agar stardom pahle 3 din ka ho toh.

          sallu ke pass sirf highest opening day hai aur wo bhi holiday ke karan.
          na uske pass highest non holiday hai,na highest single day hai ,na highest weekend hai,na highest life time hai.

          toh muze batao sallu fans kiske dum par HAWA mein batein karte hain.
          sallu se kuch nahi hoga BB jaisi movie bhi PK ww tod nahi saki toh TZH kya todegi.

          any time.. Aamir>>Salman
          muze sirf yahi bolna hai.

          • Bajrangi bhaijaan China mein release nahi hui thi Naitu pk ka record Thor deti thi bhai

          • Tiger zinda hai all record break India Dangal and Bahubali 2 break record

      • dean Ambrose Reply

        Parshya pehle to tum ye accept Karo ki SS KO Ajay sir ne zor se thappad mar diya OK kyuki tumhara prediction tha SS 110 cr,,,rahi baat ranbeer ki to wo salman sir ke juto ke barabar bhi nhi h samjhe….. Kuch bhi kyu bolte ho….me dekh raha ki kal se TZH ka trailer aane ke baad tumhari sabse zyada fatti h….koi baat nhi tum sirf P.K aur dangal ke collection ka dhol bajate raho….mujhe lagta h ki tum apne parents se bhi zyada amir sir se pyar karte ho…..isliye is duniye me sabse zyada bade chutia tum ho….collection se kya hota h bolo,,,,dhoom3 ne 280cr+ plus kar liya to kya wo achi film h ,,,aur SRK sir ki koyla,,chahat aur baadshah flops ho gyi to kya wo buri films h…meri nazar me collection ka ghanta value hota h…

        • @dean
          toh tum ye kehna chahte ho TZH ka content acchja hai collection se kya matlab

          tu muze gyan sikha raha hai aur khud ki language dekh usme sallu sallu hi dikh raha hai..

          tu d3 ki barabari kar raha hai iska matlab ETT aur Tzh dono d3 se badi acchi hai..

          so ja beta tuze sallu ke remake and mardhad hi acchi lagegi…

          one man pura atangwad khatam karta hai ..

          • Tiger Zinda Hai ATBB Reply

            Tu yahaan kya raha hai parshya ja kar secret flopstar ka chillar utha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
            Arey woh bhi khatam ho gaya
            Ab toh sirf China pe bharosa hai nahin toh kisiko mooh dikhane ke laayak nahin rahenge Aamirians

      • zuber shah Reply

        Dear parshya …tzh dangal ka first phase record aram se break kar degi…kyu ki ye china ka maal nai hai mere bhai… trailer itna zabardast hit hua hai ki agar film tune kal bhi release kiya na to bhi 40cr net pakka hai…ab tu coma me mut jana…

        • @zuber shah
          4 bar challenge accept kiya hai (BB,PRDP,SULTAN,TUBELIGHT) fir bhi PK cross nahi hua Dangal toh bahot door ki baat hai

          Chalo iss bar bhi accept karta hoon.

      • @parshya tu bol kya bet krna hai agar record rodta h to what u will do n nahi todta hai to what i will do u decide

  3. Suresh Gowda Reply

    Expected tiger roaring …. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜
    Wait fr 22 Dec

  4. Bhai fans thinks Akki does desh bhakti roles to give super hits n the same fans thinks that Sultan Tubelight TZH are no where related to desh bhakti. No offence to Salman bhaijan but ur fans really need brains…

    • Anand_The Original Reply

      Mere bhai, its alright for all other Indian actors to show their patriotism for their country. Is there not anything wrong when a Canadian shows excess of patriotism for India?

      • Nothing wrong in that.. U bhaitards shud understand that 😁😁😁😁

  5. Hahaha
    arey re re could not beat Ranveers Padmavati trailer views!!

    sallu fans kya isko stardom bolte hai

    Padmavati ko beat nahi kar sake aur chale Dangal ka box office record break karne
    pahle BB ko cross karo..hahaha

    hamesha se sallu fans ka drama rahta hai ye hoga wo hoga ghanta kuch hota nahi

    bechare sallu fans..
    sallu se jyada toh ranveer ka stardom hai aaj kal.

    • Yeah, I know that our beloved 80 year old Parshya Aunty will definitely spit garbage…..

      Aunty ji have you seen Padmavati Facebook Views, if not then let me tell you its 12M till today (means in 1 month), while TZH Facebook Views is already crossed 12M in 24Hrs…..

      So if your brain is working (though I know at the of 80 its difficult) then you can imagine that more people have watch TZH trailer in Facebook (almost equal number as in Youtube)……

      Also TZH will cross Padmavati Likes Record (which is 520K till date) in just 2 days…..So Aunty Ji before comment atleast check the facts, otherwise it Backfire you (like always)……

      • @S.G
        Facebook views kaun dekhta hai Youtube ki baat kar..
        tum log hamesha harte ho aur harne par excuses chalu karte ho.

        koi bhi Facebook ka vies count nahi karta.
        just compare youtube views.

      • @S.G
        Sallu ka intna stardom hein toh Fusslight trailer ke views itne kam kaise?

        wait for TOH every record will be history.

    • Ye to eak web ki ghalat fehmi h dekho bahubali 2 ka record tor die trailer n bollyare keh raha h w check n kar sake trafic high thi but disri web site like bollywood spy bollywood life and other dekho padmavati ko beat kar dia h agar box office record n karti to koi masla n but story human being sirf human being koi hi acchi lagi gi agar worldwide m human hue to sab record tot jayen gy agar human na hue to record n tote ga sirf khud ko bachane kafi n hota h dosron ko bachana humanity hoti h but tum to human n ho tum ko kaise sanajh aye gi

    • Teri dangal ne kaunsa opening kaa record tod diya thaa parshya aunty @Parshya

  6. congratulation Ranveer …

    Ranveer ne beat kiya sallu ko…
    sallu fans ka time over.

    maza agaya

    plz pamavati 15 dec ko release ki na toh TZH ka band bajega xmas pe.

    sanjay bhansali,I request u to plz release Padmavati on 15 dec so that it will take d advatage of xmas holiday and definitely beat TZH

    • I really like ur comments.. The way u troll bhais fan’s is really unmatchable. 😁😁

      • one more parshya ID… i like the way he creates new id to support his own comments :D..

      • @Ray
        thank u bro…

        ye toh trailer hai abhi picture baki hai mere dost.
        sallu fans ne Aamir se panga liya toh Fusslight hua.

    • Ranveer agar Amir k samne aata to tum ranveer ki burai krne lagtey.. sahi he tumhara..

    • Please SLB Sir listen to this Poor 80 year OLD Aunty Request and please release Padmavati on 15th Dec and defeat TZH (If You Can)……But why 15th Dec, I request you to release on 22nd Dec with TZH and completely destroy TZH (IF YOU CAN)…..

      Because this might be the Last Wish Of This Poor 80 year OLD Parshya Aunty……

      Happy Parshya Aunty…..Parshya Aunty ko Buhut Tasalli milti hai is tarah ke Stupid Comments karke….Right Aunty

    • Mohd Rashid Reply

      Salman apni usi date release Kar Raha h… Jo date Bhut pahele se sabko pata h. Padmavati ki release date hi baar baar change hoti rahti h. Phele 15 Dec ko release ho rahi thi phir preponed karke 17Nov Kar Diya ab postponed karke 1Dec Kar Diya…
      Ab bata parshya Dara Koun..
      Salman ya Sanjay Leela banshali

  7. Watched it 100 times already……No Bollywood movie is so action pumped from its trailer……First loved Thor Ragnarok trailer for its Background music and then this film……What a Background music……Totally in love with it……

    Salman is looking awesome and his stunts….Oh my God….πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    • Mk sapne dekhna chor sure flop hogi, muh dikhane k layak nhi bchega….150cr b nhi kr payegi lallu fans

  8. Kaha gaye sallu fans?
    sharam se doob maro!!

    Padmavati ke trailer ka record tod nahi sake bechare
    aur sapne toh bade bade dekhte hai..

    maza agaya.


    • Y to tum keh rahi ho q keh tum jhot bolne aur pasand karne wale ho bollyarena wale bhi jhoot ko h pasand karte h bollywood life ki web bollywood spy ki web on youtube per dekho

  9. Salman fans ye thik kama legi bcoz of festival but not cross 300 cr mark. After release tum log 2 kam krna
    1. Apna name tiger400cr ya tiger500cr se change kr lena taki tum salman fans ho ye koi jan na paye
    2. 2 hollywood movi release ho gai next week is bat ka excuse de dena
    Tum jo 400 cr ya 500 cr ki fek rhe ho kasam se fir itni bejjati nhi hogi.


    Youtube view…

    Padmavati 15.6

    Most liked in 24hrs …TZH by miles!!

      It means Ranveer has bigger stardom than sallu

      maza agaya.

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Lol…no Doubt amongst apart from the Big 6….Ranveer is on d verge of becoming a Superstar and i rate him way ahead of Varun n Ranbir(my opinion).. He is a blend of both Mass and Class and also one of if not the most loved jovial guy for medias ,nothing stopping him from getting that tag soonest!!….but bro come on Salman is always Salman!!

        *Salman.. Arguably the most loved Mass/People superstar and no.1 talking about SS audiences.

        *Aamir no.1 for the Multiplex…Class audience

        *SRK…no.1 for shared proportion for…
        50%Mass + 50%Class.

  11. Shenoy Sir: Tiger Tiger Tiger….
    29M+ Views
    50K+ Comments
    250K+ Most Shared Trailer
    480K+ Likes
    650K+ Most Tweeted
    All This In Only 24 Hrs……Yeh Tiger Kar Kya Raha Hai…..

    Most Anticipated Trailer Of The Year TZH…..

    • @S.G
      arey re par kya fayda Ranveer ke padmavati trailer ko beat nahi kar paye sallu fans
      doob maro…

      aur firse kabhi badi badi batein mat karna.

      • zuber shah Reply

        Parshya yaar tu sirf trailer dekh ke hi itna sadme me chala gaya hai ki tu unlogical troll kar raha hai…are bhai tu amir se zyada to salman salman karta hai..tu hai salman ka sabse bafa fan…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Marna toh tujhe chahiye waise mar mat jaana abhi thugs of hindostan bhi dekhni uske baad kaunsi aamir ki movie aayegi waise nd kab aayegi parshya aunty? @Parshya

      • @parshya to iss hisaab se to ranveer Ne dangal K trailer Ka bhi record tod diya aur Salman NE bhi dangal k trailer Ka record tod diya it means both ranveer and Salman are ahead of your tingu Aamir khan.. Aamir to haar gaya ranveer se an Tera kya hoga parshya

        • @kk
          Jis yr mein movie release hue hai usi ke sath compare kar

          Like sultan vs Dangal

          Now we will see tzh vs toh vs race

  12. Let me clarify few points first the most liked and viewed trailer of this year is Bahubali 2. Next TZH will fail to cross BB collection bet lagalo agar dam hain. Next it will be a average movie on content.

  13. Anand_The Original Reply

    Its an awesome trailer. 4.5 stars from me. Apart from Kat’s dialogue delivery, every thing was awesome.

    Content average huyi toh 300Crs, good huwe toh 400Crs, very good huwe sky is the limit.

  14. TZH got more likes than padmavati. I think padmavati will flop
    It will also cross padmavati views in the coming days
    Power of salman stardom. Mega star
    If the movie starts with 70% occupancy on the first day morning show it will cross 40 cr. On day 1

  15. Padmwati is not the most watched Hindi film trailer on youtube, atleast not as yet.

    Think Raees and Dangal are 57-58 million

  16. TZH trailor = Airlift + Baby + Take off ( malayalam movie) + Salman + Masala + Breaking Benjamin : Diary of Jane (1st half theme song) + Mission Impossible theme song ( 2nd half continues loop theme song) + XXX : Return of Xander Cage (Salman khan’s entry) + Most famous Rambo scene (last part of trailor).. Bhai fans don’t abuse me. This is the reality n yes ur salman bhaijan is not less than Rambo+ Rock combo which can haunt Baghdadhi alone 😁😁. Even Trump became fan of bhai 😁😁😁

    • Na Na Bhai tero ko koi Abuse nahi kar raha hai….We just saw the level of your Intelligence….So nothing left to say…Go Ahead……LOL

  17. Please No One say Bad words to our Beloved 80 year Old @Parshya Aunty for her Stupid Comments….Its just the Old Age Symptoms……Just Politely Kick Her A*S……Its a request…..

    • Bhai main bhi yahi bol raha hoon just aamir k baare mein kuch mat bolo but parshya aunty ko mat chhodo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @S.G

  18. Hahaha most action scene r copied from hollywood. And trademark gun scene of arnold is totally carbon copy. Pehle south aur ab hollywood.

    • Bhai aisa kr tu hi action copy krke dikha de nd horse scene aapke pita shri ne kiya thaa hollywood mein?ab main bhi bol sakta hun mannu naam k ladke pehle bhi paida ho chuke hai but still aapke parents ne aapko birth diya naa chahe glti ho gyi unse @Mannu

  19. this comes as no surprise because salman is the biggest star.. not at the moment.. but the country has ever seen..
    and if the trailer and movie is good.. then wait for juggernaut at the BO..!!!!! good old dumb friend @parshya.. who lost his brains needs help after watching tiger storm everwhr… :D

  20. ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ got (combined Facebook + Youtube) 29 million views which is itself is a record. Even I would like to mention that YRF posted the full trailer on Twitter as well but unfortunately, Twitter views can’t be traced. It could have reached 35-36 million views.
    Even I noticed yesterday that Youtube got stucked around 4M views due to large traffic. Hence, Tiger Zinda Hai has broken Padmavati on Youtube as well and after adding Facebook views it stands with 29 million views which are way ahead of Padmavati. Padmavati got 20 million views combined Facebook and Twitter. So, Tiger Zinda Hai is a clear winner here.
    Even Parshya knows it but he wont accept coz of his jealousy and insecurity with Salman. I am an Aamirian too but I speak truth rather than manipulating it.

    • @Aamir Khan
      teri profile pic dekh…tu zoot bolta hai ki tu Aamir fan hai.

      sab bol rahe hai Youtube got stucked ..hahaha
      padmavati ke time youtube smooth chal raha tha …hahaha

      arey bhai log kitne excuses doge uski bhi hadd hoti hai.

    • Finally thankyou for accepting the truth Aamir khan nd waise bhi aamir k baare mein koi buraa nahi bol raha bcoz dangal acchi movie thi thats why highest collection hai uski but some shit people like parshya,thug,parshant etc etc inko kaun samjhaye nd main toh inke hi against hun
      @Aamir khan

  21. honest man Reply

    it should have beaten padmavati . it shows the response is not extraordinary. if padmavati can get 15 million views in 1 day then tiger zinda hain should have got close to 20 million. but if you look at padmavati trailer then it is excellent and better than tzh. let’s wait for 2 more days , then we can judge how the response is actually for tzh.
    right now my prediction for tzh opening day is 30-35 crore. and for padmavati my prediction is 20-25 crore. padmavati is looking superhot, it can surprise and can have a huge opening day, don’t be surprised if padmavati gets close to 30 crore in day 1. this year very strange things are happening in bollywood.

  22. bollyarena …can you please tell me where from you got info.. yrf said 16 million views and many others too.. reply toh doge nahi

  23. Prashant Abhishek Reply

    Trailer is nowhere close to Raees. Raees trailer was mixture of action, dialogues, romance .SRK’s entry , his walking style, his dialogue delivery,his energy were the main highlights of trailer.These are missing in TZH trailer.

    • Wah serious topic mein comedy kyun kr raha hai bhai tu @prashant
      Raess ohh ek hi toh hit movie aayi hai srk ki..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Prashant

  24. Thug of hindostan back Reply


  25. Don of Dictators Reply

    Agar tiger zinda hai ke trailer ne bahubali 2 ke trailer ke hindi version ke likes ko beat kar diya
    Fir main bahubali 2 ka trailer baar baar like karke uske likes badhata rahoonga
    How much likes did tiger zinda hai go maximum
    I can like bahubali 2 trailer approx 2000 times in a day and will take many hours
    So i can increase 200000 likes of bahubali 2 in 100 days by liking it again and again

  26. TZH crossed the Most liked Record of Padmavati in just 32 hrs another record:
    TZH: 525K+
    Padmavati: 520K+

    Also it is trending on No.1 Spot in Youtube from last 32 hrs……

    TZH is Unstoppable Now…..

  27. trailer is superb …movie will challange dangal domestic collection if find acceptance in all over india…but ww chances are less but possible

  28. Mohd Rashid Reply

    Salman apni usi date release Kar Raha h… Jo date Bhut pahele se sabko pata h. Padmavati ki release date hi baar baar change hoti rahti h. Phele 15 Dec ko release ho rahi thi phir preponed karke 17Nov Kar Diya ab postponed karke 1Dec Kar Diya…
    Ab bata parshya Dara Koun..
    Salman ya Sanjay Leela banshali

  29. Some Aamir fans are saying that TZH is copy of Malayalam Movie (Which is Height Of Stupidity)…..But if we go by their logic then, PK is also copy of OMG……Dangal is copy of Sultan…….Dhoom 3 is copy of many Hollywood movies where Bikes is used and which had police chase sequence……Talash is a copy of Dabaang, Singham and Horror movie……RDB is copy of Arjun (1985) Sunny Deol starrer…..Ghajini is a copy of South movie….And Now TOH is a copy of “Pirates Of The Caribbean”
    So before pointing on other Actors first look at your own star who’s every movie is a copy of either from South or Bollywood or Hollywood movies……..Yeh Aamir Original movie kab banayega…..

  30. Parshya watch trailer again properly few times then you must watch the movie on 22 December then judge. Even if you say 260 or 300 CR. Is a dream for most actors including SRK.
    I predict 350 to 400 cr but mark my words the opening will be like never before

  31. TZH crossed the Most liked Record of Padmavati in just 32 hrs another record:
    TZH: 525K+
    Padmavati: 520K+

    Also it is trending on No.1 Spot in Youtube from last 32 hrs……

    TZH is Unstoppable….

  32. hahaha.. cant stop laughing…salman’s marketing team has done a great job…they know that content wise, this movie will be shit…y not promote it endlessly like red chillies….but these fools forget that jab harry met sejal was also a huge flop despite these ” youtube trailer viewership “

  33. sharib ali Reply

    tiger zinda hain ka trailer se pata chalti hain movie ki poori story . Pakistan mein abbu salim kidnap kar leta hain 25 Indians ko . yha mission pura karta hain tiger . movie ki baat kare to songs na ka barabar hain . na comedy hogi public ko aaj kal yhi pasand hain like comedy and good song na graphic aacha hain as like padmavati Jo high budget movie hain as compare to tiger zinda ki story bhi same hain
    to yha movie 200 crore kar legi
    average movie

    • Mohd Rashid Reply

      Bhai TZH main 5 song hai……. Jisme one jubin ne aur one song rahat Fatah Ali Khan gaya aur one song shreya and no-hit chauchan ne gaya hai…. Aur ek item no bhi h Jise vishal Dadlani ne gaya hai…

  34. 2.0@under150 Reply

    Bollywood shit star Akshay.
    He can do any shit movie.
    In chadni chuck to china villain pee on his face he excepted that role he doesn’t have self respect even.

  35. 2.0@under150 Reply

    Sanjay lila bansali to Ek waqt Salman ka chela bada gulam tha uska career he Salman banaya hai.
    Usme utna dam nahi k log Salman se takrae .
    Kya sharuk akshay k sath woh takraega Salman se bhidega to jaljaega.

  36. amirSalman Reply

    Within 24hrs TZH breaks padmavati likes record.
    TZH 538k likes.
    Padmavati 528k likes.
    Power of Salman

  37. 2.0@under150 Reply

    Abi song release b nahi hue sharuk k chamche songs baat karre

  38. Recently “Muslim 500” released its list of TOP 500 Muslims on Social Media, and Salman Khan Top the Rank, and the ranking is based on not only in India but in whole world…..Its really proud moment for all Salman Fans that he got the No.1 position in entire world…..
    There are 4 Indians in Top 10 Position:
    1: Salman Khan
    4: Srk
    8: A.R.Rahman
    10: Aamir Khan

    So congrats to everyone that our Indian Celebs rules in entire world….

  39. Goosebumps almost every scene.. mann.. now this is lke.. wowwwwwwww!!!
    Everybody knows how majestic the trailer is.. some keechad will pop and go out of jealousy.. since their secret flopstar phusss ho gaya.. lol.. please ignore them!!.. lol

  40. Don't angry me Reply

    @Parshya aunty .. kaunsi planet se ho? TZH will smash all records including dangal. Thugs of uganda will release in Uganda only . Ha ha

  41. @Parshya aunty toh aamir se bhi zyada hit hogayi hai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  42. official News..
    TZH breaks all youtube /fb records..
    in youtube.. padmavati hit 15.2 million… TZH hit a staggering 18 million.. phewwwwwww
    @parshya.. brainless child.. .. abb bakko
    That is like.. all aamir khan movies first day put together :D

  43. Roric parshya 2.0 dwarf Reply

    @ all amir fans and other stars fans… no one in bollywood is able to give bck 2 bck 100cr movie even with flop .. nor its amir nor srk nor ajay nor akshay nor hritik nor baakio ka to abhi stardom waha tak pahucha hi nhi .. only salman did it..

  44. Don't angry me Reply

    Dangal is high content film . Collection of dangal is not becoz of tingu stardom, it’s becoz of content direction . Even rajpal yadav would have acted the father role it would have earned 300 cr .
    Golmal again collection is not becoz of ajay, it’s becoz of comedy, rohit, khemu and tushar. Khemu and tushar acted well compared to ajay . So amir and ajay have no stardom.

    Stardom means only salman’s and akki’s. See that stardom in tzh and 2.0.

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