Tiger Zinda Hai Main Poster

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The first main poster of Tiger Zinda Hai is finally out which features both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Salman shared the new poster of the movie on Twitter today.

Salman and Katrina are seen pulling off a high octane action sequence in the poster as they seem to be in the war zone. Sharing the poster, Salman wrote, β€œTiger is Back ! #TigerZindaHai @TigerZindaHai.”

Tiger Zinda Hai, which is the sequel to the 2012 film Ek Tha Tiger, will see Salman and Katrina reprise their roles as spies Tiger and Zoya. The principal photography of the film was completed later in September. The film has also been shot in Tyrol, Austria. Salman and Katrina are now shooting a special song for the film in Greece.

Tiger Zinda Hai will release during Christmas 2017.


    • Deer mar Gaya Lekin tiger Abhi maarne Ko baki hai is liye Naam para tiger Zinda hai ..flop flop ..Padmavati se clah hota to Padmavati 200cr tzh 160cr

      Tube light 4400 screens eid release or 3 week free run me 114cr Kia mtlb non holiday or 3500 screens ka adjusted collection nikaale to 65-70cr hota aaak thuu

        • @ Prashya kindly comment on the poster….Just at the gracefulness of Salman Khan….Amir Khan can never match up this grcae which Salman has….Leave aside how the movie will fare at the box office only time will tell that….But don’t you think this poster is absolutely stunning and a treat for cinema lovers….Haters areally sure to go into coma after seeing the beauty of the poster….If something is good, it must be appreciated….Don’t make it a point to criticize whatever is connected with Salman Khan….Chill out man….We Salman fans are dying to watch this movie….

          • What a joke @Tahir. Aamir doesn’t need to match the mediocrity of Salman and his gawaar fans illiterate grace. Aamir is ruling the hearts of billions of people all over the world and Salman can never match that love of billions of fans which aamir is enjoying all over the world. So talk with sense.

            • What is mediocre about Salman and how you know his fans are gawaar….I am doing M.Phil. in English Literature and currently studying philosophy and I am a huge fan of Salman Khan….Amir’s movies are content oriented people go to watch his movies and not him….Salman’s case is a different one people go to watch him and not his movies….Fan following of Salman is much greater than Amir Khan….Amir has just a niche personality he is not mass oriented like Salman Khan….I agree Salman movies are not content oriented most of the time but he is a wonderful entertainer….The cinematic experinece he gives to the audience is just amazing. …I have never seen the kind of craze which audience feels with the entry of our beloved Sallu in the movie….

              • Just shut up Tahir. You are illiterate and you don’t seem like M.Phil student after looking at your illiteracy. Aamir movies shatter records only because of his screen presence and aamir’s fan following is light years greater than lallu Salman. Salman movies can never match the greatness of aamir movies and aamir is much bigger icon than salman. The whole world loves aamir and who are you to judge him and his fan following? Gawaar actor ke gawaar illiterate fan stay within your limit. Aamir is baap of Salman in crowd pull and megastardom. Salman needs to learn how to act first. He can never come close to megastar aamir khan in global popularity and fan following. Poor local star will depend his entire career on eid and masala movies. Stardom ho to megastar aamir khan jaisa.

                • Mind your language yar the kind of language you are using tells the whole story about your upbringing….Only stick to argumentation and don’t go to personal matters….whether I’m literate or not is none of your concern we are here just to discuss our heroes, their movies and their performances and not indulge in personal details….Yar Salman is a phenomenon in himself….He has never been serious in his career and chose those movies which never suited his stature….He has a heart of gold and did non sense movies just for his friends and family members….I have been following him since Maine Pyar Kiya….I used to say to my friends that the day Salman gets serious there is no one who can compete with him….He has a dynamic and charismatic personality which other actors lack….He can easily achieve what amir needs efforts of life time to do….Amir Khan is the most insecure actor I have seen in my whole cinematic career….He never chooses wrong script never takes risk…. He believes in perfection good on his part but it shows his insecurity….I remember in Andaza Apna Apna he took songs and screen presence from Salman because he feels very insecure….Salman has the potential to do wonders on the box office….just see what his single poster of Tiger Zinda Hai has done….His poster is creating havoc on social media….Just see what happens next….

              • totally agree with u.. this is what we are being sating.. lekin tingu bahubali’s fans are very adamant :)
                Imagine if Salman had the roles in DZ OR SS.. the collections would hav been much higher

              • Years from now, the world will only remember Aamir khan… His films will stay in hearts of people for decades.. Sallu will be forgotten like jeetendra who gave several shitty blockbusters but none of them are even worth remembering… No one knows jeetendra coz he never did good films

            • correct DJ..
              U divide 50cr by 200rs per ticker and see.. so many aamir fans!! :D
              There is a way to argue… simply blabbering is not argument.. phew

              • @Tahir Look who is calling aamir insecure actor? The fan of the most insecure and coward actor is talking rubbish against the most daring actor. Aamir is not just phenomenon but the institute of the definition phenomenon. Salman is worthless talentless actor who is coward to do anything that is risky. He doesn’t have the aura which aamir has. Poor local star Salman is so coward and insecure that he has booked every eid and wastes the festival’s of audience and after jai ho debacle non of his single movie has released on non holiday or clash. At least aamir still has guts to release risky movies with a special appearance like SS with a clash. Salman me dum hai to bol golmaal jaise franchise ke Sarah SS Jaisi off beat movie ko clash kare. Kyon nikal gayi na hawaa? Even tubelight on eid showed his real aukaat. Aamir took away songs from supporting actor Salman proves that he was and he is and he always has been much bigger stat than salman. If Salman is so powerful then why couldn’t he take songs from aamir in AAA? Who stopped Salman from doing that? LOL. Get a life. Excuses don’t work. The fact is Salman is useless just like uday Chopra and harman baweja. He was just lucky that he had the advantages of big festival’s and masala movies which saved his sinking career. Just take a look at Turkey, Canada phillipines and China and see the craze of aamir and ask yourself does your Salman have even half the craze which aamir has? He is only known in india and that’s why we call him local star. Now get lost and only argue if you have any valid points.

              • @Jeet you mean Salman fans are adamant? Because as far as we all know Salman perfectly played the role of tingu baahubali in sultan and he did look so. Yes I agree then. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • 2018:- tiger mar gaya
      2019:- tiger phirse paida hua
      2020:-tiger school gaya
      2021:-tiger jawaan hua
      2022:-tiger ban gaya billi
      2023:- billi buddhi huyi
      2024 :- billi mar gayi
      And this cycle will go on

  1. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    this cristmas there will be war for tickets….likh ke le lo….mega blockbuster is coming…..

      • ye abhi bi SS ke shock main hai :D
        Content star is struggling to reach 50cr :D… and talking about TZH.. :D

    • @Compounder
      Ha bilkul war hoga jaisa Tubelight ke time hua tha.

      • Tubelight was not a bad movie yar….I watched it quite late as it was not released in our country….The reviews I read by all and sundry filled my heart with disappointment but when I watched the movie I realized how great it was….You know why it didn’t fare well at the box office…..The reasons are obvious—-no heroine, no item songs no hip hop, no glamour, no masala ingredients….These were the reasons it did not connect with the Indian audience….Just recently see how Judwaa 2 did at the box office and see what sort of a rubbish movie it is….I give most of the box office credit to Jacqueline and her glamour….This is what audience wants….Tubelight is a light movie full of brotherly love….And everything in that movie is just amazing and I loved the movie….There was nothing wrong with Tubelight the only thing wrong was its ingredients which were not cinema friendly utterly lacking seeti mar moments….Tubelight was a sobre movie and I loved the way Salman played his role….

    • @ajit
      History dekh le non holiday pe salman ka highest opening 27cr hai aur tu bol raha hai 45cr πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ jo ki bahubali ne half holiday hokar bhi nahi di.

      Highest sinlge day still belongs to Mr.Aamir khan.

      • ETT ka sequel hai, jyada screen,masala,300cr director,sallu,katrina

        Dekhte hai Dangal non masala movie ka record todti hai ke nahi

        Dangal me sirf Aamir tha baki kuch nahi tha opening day non holiday tha.

        • Sorry Dangal ka non holiday opening record nahi

          D3 non holiday ka record todna chahiye 36.60cr ka kyunki d3 2013 mein release hue thi kam screen and ticket price compares to 2017.

          D3 isliye kyunki same genre,sequel,brand,masala.

          • How insecure he is……comment pe comment kar RHA h…..par Dec aane de tu yaha nahi dikhega………

          • tera dimaag tho kabhi tha hi nahi.. aur jab implant kiya.. SS ke failure ke baad.. ab sahi jagah par bhi nahi hai :D..

  2. Diwali guns with full of fire πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Flop written allover this crap

  3. tiger zinda hai Reply

    SB screenshot le lo :
    1st day 45cr
    2nd day 43cr
    3rd day 46cr
    Weekend : 134cr
    4th day 38cr (Christmas )
    5th day 24cr
    6th day 22cr
    7th day 21cr
    1st week : 239cr
    2nd week : 75cr
    3rd week : 40cr
    4th week : 25cr
    Remaining days : 22cr
    Lifetime 400cr India nett
    525ce India gross
    Overseas : $40M (250cr)
    Worldwide : 800cr

    • Bhai 1st Week will more than what you predict, Sultan cross 208cr in EID time which had only 1 Holiday, so just imagine in Christmas what TZH will do…..1st Week will be HUGE…….

    • @TZh
      Arey yar kuch toh realistic bate karo.
      Itna ghatiya prediction

      Chal mein screen shot leta hoon aur agar Dangal break nahi kiya toh tu Aamir ka fan banega aur kiya toh main sallu ka.

      • @TZH
        Fir koi bahana mat banana
        Dekhlo sallu fans iske prediction se Dangal break hoga aur na hua toh excuses mat dena.

        Kyunki abki bar sab kuch hai tumhare sath. Nahi toh bolenge average story thi ye tha wo tha.

        Arey bhai 23 sal ho chuke kab doge ATHG.

        Hum log hindi ki baat kar rahe hai varna bahubali2 consider kiya toh sallu ko sat janam lagenge.

        • Wo chhor excuse to tu de raha hai abhi SS k flop hone par… BTW tujh jaise jaahil ko ye kabhi nahi pata chal payega Non Masala aur niche movie mein kya farq hai… Dangal non commercial tha par niche movie nahi tha… These type of movies have better chances to outgross masala coz masalas are for just weekend and week thing but WOM helps more in case of Dangal, Hindi Medium and other these type of non masala films… Name any masala film which collected double of its 1st week in lifetime run ans is non… So u r the biggest illiterate to compare Dangal with TZH or other Commercial films… Go and get a life…. BTW TZH has a outside chance if it’ll be good cinema coz it’s releasing on Christmas…. No masala film runs like WOM film even with Good WOM… If u didn’t understand, u r the biggest hater of Salman and SRK

  4. Roric parshya 2.0 Reply

    Kis actor ne back 2 back eleven 100 cr. Movie di hai .. even flop bhi 100cr… aakk thuuu krne wale apne muh par hi karle….aak thuuuuuuuuu

  5. Roric parshya 2.0 Reply

    Back to back 100cr.. dene mai mr. Perfecationist ki bhi hawa le gayi.. soch pad gya wo bhi ki saans kaha se lu or…… aaakkkkk thuuuuuuu

    • filmy gyan Reply

      Itna bak bak q kar rahe ho sallu k har movie k time pe aur hamesha muh ki khani padhti hai……ab tubelight ko mat lana qk tubelight bahut risky movie thi aur i bet agar sallu ka jagah koi aur hota toh pakka 50 crore bhi nhi kar pata sab koi even aamir bhi

      • Abe tube light 4400 screens tha eid release tha or angle 3 week tak tube light ke koi movie nahi tha fir v 114cr

        Agar tube light non holiday me aata or 3100 screens rehta or next week toilet Prem Katha (jhms ki tarah ) to tube light 60-70cr kamata smjhaaa ..khud adjust kr ke collection

        Salman fans are really dumb