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Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Predictions

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In 2012, a tsunami known as Ek Tha Tiger arrived. This event, we can call it, destroyed all initial records in sight, a nationwide craze with even police being reported to have come in areas to control the huge crowds. It was the first film to cross the 30 crore nett mark in a single day, thus destroying the previous opening day record holder at the time!

Five years later, the team is back. Salman Khan. Katrina Kaif. YRF. But not Kabir Khan….this time, it’s Ali Abbas Zaffar, director of Sultan.

Salman Khan is the biggest star in India. Sure, Aamir Khan puts up bigger lifetime totals with record grossers, but if we are combining fan following/craze, record openings, and huge grossers, then Salman Khan is the biggest. He may have delivered a box office flop earlier this year in the form of Tubelight, but the reason for that was just exactly that: Salman Khan was not presented in his superstar avatar in the film!

With Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman returns in the form that his fans, and all of India, love best: the macho, action hero image. The image that sends masses into a frenzy. He reunites in the film with Katrina Kaif, the superstar who still looks like a million bucks and shows no signs of aging!

Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Predictions

The trailer received a tremendous response. Two of the songs that have been released are chartbusters. The craze is huge. Is there any doubt as to how this film will fare at the box office? To say that the film will be huge is an understatement. This one is going to be an earth-shattering success!

History has shown that when the biggest film production company in India, Yash Raj Films, makes a big-budget extravaganza event with a superstar Khan, all initial records are destroyed. Ek Tha Tiger and Dhoom 3 showed that. Sultan had a more rural look to it as compared to the international look of Ek Tha Tiger and Dhoom 3, but it also managed the second highest opening day ever and the biggest 3-day opening weekend ever at the time of its release.

Actually, I feel that there are more similarities comparing Tiger Zinda Hai with Dhoom 3. Both films are/were Christmas releases, part of a franchise, carry an international/grand look, starred Katrina Kaif, have/had non-holiday opening weekends (before Christmas itself), and clashed with a non-Hindi film. Dhoom 3 clashed with Bengali film Chander Pahar (which released on the same day in West Bengal and released throughout India the following week), whereas Tiger Zinda Hai will clash with a couple other films, arguably the biggest one though being the sequel of Chander Pahar, Amazon Obhijaan. However, there is no comparison, as the all-India craze for Tiger Zinda Hai is much higher than any of the other films it’s clashing with, including Amazon Obhijaan. Just as how Dhoom 3 broke the opening day and opening weekend record with no holidays, I feel that Tiger Zinda Hai will do the same.

With all of that said, there is one mission that these big YRF/Khan collaborations can’t seem to achieve, and that is of the BIG ONE: the lifetime record. The hurdle in this case, has always been a film of Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. Ek Tha Tiger became the second biggest grosser, falling short of Aamir’s 3 Idiots. As a matter of fact, before the release of Ek Tha Tiger, I had predicted the same with a 180+ crore nett lifetime prediction, and the film ended up finishing with a lifetime total of 186 crore nett. Sultan became the third highest grosser ever, falling short of Aamir’s PK and Salman’s own Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Dhoom 3 did become the highest grosser ever, but that starred Aamir himself!

Whether it’s 3 Idiots, PK, and now Dangal, the fact is that the All-India public Word of Mouth for these Aamir films were extraordinary. These big YRF/Khan action films, on the other hand, tend to be fully loaded with earth-shattering openings, but then missing out on the lifetime record due to mixed-to-positive (not extraordinary) All-India public Word of Mouth. I’m expecting the exact same with Tiger Zinda Hai, with the film falling short of the lifetime Hindi film record of Aamir’s Dangal. Nothing to criticize though, as Tiger Zinda Hai will still be a mammoth, roaring box office success!

My Box Office Predictions for Tiger Zinda Hai:

  • Opening Day: 41 crore nett
  • Opening Weekend (Fri-Sun): 128 crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 360 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

This Christmas, Tiger returns….to destroy the box office!

The article has been written by Bobby Sidhu who is a box office enthusiast and have an internship in a tax firm in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter Bobby Sidhu.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Bollywood Arena. If you also want to write for us, send your articles on 


    • Padman @ 200cr Reply

      Bobby sidhu always gives worst predictions……
      But this one seems to be true..
      Let’s hope TZH becomes a mammoth success…

      • Padman @ 200cr Reply

        How would u define khans now?

        Khan Duo (Aamir n Salman)
        Khan Trio/Trinity (Aamir, Salman n Srk)

        Hit like for Khan Duo n Dislike for Khan Trio
        Hurry now…….

        52 25 👈

        This poll results r out………
        Khan Duo wins the hands down…..

        It means srk is out from the mighty Khans league

        Now Khan Duo rules (Aamir n Salman)….

        • All Khans 4 movies combined total in 2017 is 270Cr …. Single Prabhas dubbed version is 511 Cr 😂😂😂.

          Just wait and see my predictions are mostly true.

          • All Khans (4 movies) combined total in 2017 is 370Cr …. Single Prabhas’s dubbed version is 511 Cr 😂😂😂.

            Just wait and see my predictions are mostly true.

    • Lol tera name jeet kisne rakha hai i think tere parents se glti ho gayi name choose krne mein nd ……if you know what i mean 😂😂@jeet

    • To shut fake IDs stinking mouth:

      According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Tiger Zinda Hai is expected to break all records as its advance booking has opened to thunderous response with several housefull shows. He wrote, “Well begun is half done… #TigerZindaHai advance booking opens with a BIG ROAR… Several shows housefull at several centres… Expect a toofani start on Friday… #Salmania”

      That is multi Mega Stardom!

  1. Suresh Gowda Reply

    Surely 40CR+ 1st day …
    4days weekend 150CR+
    Waiting fr 22 dec

  2. 360 cr ka matlab 3 akki movies ka collection 1 movie mein achieve karega Salman megastar

    TZH domestic collections > TEPK + Padman + Jolly LLB 2 domestic collections

    Worldwide equation to aur bhi multiple times hoga

    • Christmas release or mass action movie bacha lega pure commercial movie hai or aise movie India me chalti hi hai bhale story week ho
      My prediction tzh 240cr
      Race 3 130cr
      Bharat 90cr
      Dabang 3 120cr

      • Lol 2.0 aapke pita shri astrologers hai jo bina trailer dekhe 2019 ki prediction kr raha hai btw sharam nahi aati tujhe itni bezzati krwata hai phir muh uthaa k aa jaata hai..jaa bhai apne maa baap pe reham kr aur futt yahan se @2.0

    • Don’t do that….I am also Salman fan but pls don’t degrade other actors…..Appreciate each other..Pls….

  3. King,,,,,,, Reply

    Bollyarena your prediction will be totally wrong,,,,,,billi zinda hai sureshot flop hogi,,,,
    1st day collection max. 30- 35 cr
    And weekend 102 -105cr…
    And lifetime will be maximum 180cr…

    • Dilwale 1st day 22cr ..clash with Bajirao Mastani and only 3100 screens also too much negativity and shows cancel ..

      To tiger Zinda hai 4500 screens hai solo hai mtlb below 35cr opening Kia to Salman fir se Srk se haar jaega hahahaha

    • it will do that much business in first 5 days…the advance bookings shows that….

      Jai ho did 115 cr….kick 220 cr…
      then BB 320 cr…..sultan 300cr….tl 120cr….

      Then how can u predict it will be flop ??….woh bhi without seeing it…… just shows your hatred and jealously only……Not good for anyone for future….

      Film will earn …howmuch…..depends on it’s merit……But more than 200 crs that’s for sure…..

      Aaj kal koi bhi kissi ko gali de sakta hai…..dhany ho aap sab…..


      Just for Fun as Arena don’t seem in the mood to post comments!!!
      First and last time will also try this poll votings!!

      Its now evident Aamir Sir who has been one of the 4 usual EDX Suspects… Am sure now there will be a fair sharing of release dates amongst all the top stars.



    • King tujhe bhi lagta hai bezzati krwane mein maza aata hai agar 3 din mein itni collection kr gayi toh apna name bikhari rakh liyo😂😂 @king… my foot

      • King,,,,,,, Reply

        Aur Teri aukat kya h kisi ki bejjati krne ki aur apne maa baap se jak thodi tameej seekh le jak,,,,@arjun criminal k fan,,,,,

    • @king, hahahahah…. You are predicting 30-35 crs on opening day and 102-105 crs in opening weekend but ur fav actor never crossed 100 crs on a weekend… 😂
      HNY (actual – 93 crs)
      CE (actual – 94 crs without previews)
      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 keep 🔥 urself

  4. King,,,,,,, Reply

    First week me hi bundle ho jayegi,,,,,
    Kyuki ise b 1.5 star hi review milega jaisi local star salman k isb filmo ko milta h,,,,
    Another fuselight in a row,,,,,

  5. “Salman is the biggest star of india.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What a joke. Can’t stop laughing. Aamir is much much bigger star than salman. Salman 16 saal se aamir ka record chase kar raha hai. Give aamir out and out holiday and out and out commercial movie he will thrash each and every openinh day records as well. The reasons his recent movies except dhoom 3 didn’t have biggest opener is only because they were released on non holiday and were non commercial. Dhoom 3 shattered all records even on non holiday. That proves who is biggest star. Let Salman break dhoom 3 opening record on non holiday first. Then talk.
    Inducing and bollyarena are salman’s paid sites. Thats all.

  6. Mr. Bobby; yes Salman’s movie fail to cross Aamir’s movie collection, but you forget to mention 2 important points:
    1st: All these Aamir movies releases at the time of Christmas and New Year Holidays, which has more Holidays as compare to EID.
    2nd: All these Aamir movies gets 3-4 weeks of open run, which Salman’s movies never get…..

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan faced competition from very 1st day with Baahubali (I hope you know how big that movie was) and after 2 weeks Drishyam came….So it fall short (18cr) to cross PK collection (you can understand with same benefits like PK, BB easily cross 350cr), though BB cross WW collection of PK (in 1st Phase).

    Sultan got only 1 week of free run, after that GGM came which took plenty of Screens from Sultan….Still it cross 300cr mark.

    And ETT total lifetime collection was 199cr (not 186cr), (keep your facts right), that too in EID time, so if it release on Christmas period and get Christmas & New Year Holidays and also 3 open weeks then it will easily cross 3 Idiot lifetime collection which was 202cr…..

    Aamir always lucky that he got Christmas release and in Jan no big movie releases, so he easily get 3-4 open weeks……

    If TZH got Positive WOM and 3-4 open weeks, and then it fail to cross Dangal then I agree with you…..

    • S K _ AAMIRian Reply

      Bhai.. What happened in Xmas, 2012.. Dabbang-2 ke time? Sequel film.. Free run.. phir bhi 3 saal purana 3idiots ka record tod nayi paya!!!!

      • because dabangg2 bakwaas film thi.. easily one of Salmans worst in last decade.. along with jai ho and tubelight.. but wht was interesting is the opening week.. mammoth!

      • @SK aamirian agar tera aamir dabangg 2 mein hota, same date pe release hota to shayad 100 crs cross karta ye bhi doubt hai

  7. abdul