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Tiger Zinda Hai 8th Day Box Office Collection

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Tiger Zinda Hai 8th Day Box Office Collection: Tiger Zinda Hai has collected 11.50 crores on its second Friday. It has taken the total to 217 crores.

This is a very good hold after a record breaking first week. The film is on its way to cross 300 crores mark in its lifetime and could go even higher.

Total339.08 cr
Day 134.10
Day 235.30
Day 345.53
Day 436.54
Day 521.60
Day 617.55
Day 715.42
Day 811.56
Day 914.92
Day 1022.23
Day 1118.04
Day 127.83
Day 135.84
Day 145.09
Day 153.72
Day 165.62
Day 178.27
Day 182.72
Day 192.56
Day 202.30
Day 212.12
Day 221.46
Day 232.12
Day 243.27
Day 251.36
Day 261.02
Day 270.88
Day 280.78
Day 290.79
Day 301.20
Day 311.84
Day 320.70
Day 330.60
Day 340.45
Day 350.23
Day 360.65
Day 370.48
Day 380.66
Day 390.21
Day 400.21
Day 410.23
Day 420.19
Day 430.15
Day 440.18
Day 450.27
Day 460.08
Day 470.07
Day 480.07
Day 490.07



    • Bro… its gonna break 260 crores for sure… already friday is 11.50 cr and from here its only going to increase and monday is again new year holiday….
      So the saturday, sunday & monday will be 12.5 + 15 + 12.5 = 37cr
      Total 2nd weeked collection 217.5 + 37 = 254cr… and tuesday, wednesday and thuraday will be 8 + 7 + 6 = 21cr so week 2 minimum 275cr is confirmed…

      Its a sure shit 300cr

      • Just feel 300 cr mark would be touch and go….

        Bajrangi Bhaijaan record definitely seems to be safe!

    • 260 broke today parshya. and pk record in danger. 300 cr must be broke at this weekend and next week BB record and in next week it will near or break pk record which is fake created by amir.

  1. dean Ambrose Reply

    Wow excellent collection 300crs at the end of 3rd weekend confirm…

  2. Watched yday TZH for the second time, this time with my wife. She ain’t a bhai fan but still loved the movie, specially bhabhi πŸ˜‡

  3. dean Ambrose Reply

    Parshya aunty tumhara Friday ka prediction fail ho gya samjhe tumne 8.5 kiya tha aur Maine 11.5crs check kar Lena…. aur tumhara 260cr ka prediction 100% fail hoga samjhe TZH will cross 300crs by the end of 3rd weekend,,,, aur rahi meri prediction ki baat to first, second day aur week ka galat hua lekin lifetime abhi tum kaise bol sakte ho abhi TZH roar kar raha h samjhe……. 260cr tumhara perdition to mere se kaafi ghatia h…. Even bollyarena is saying that it will cross more the 300crs…

  4. yaar kuchh bhi karlo record todna Salman k bas ki baat nahi

    ab aaj update karenge huge growth exlent start lekin phir bhi kya sallu fail

  5. great job.manupulation still going on.tzh lost 1500 sreen still able to collect over 100 cr. the only thing they want to make tzh cross 300cr

  6. Subir Mazumder Reply

    With the reduction of screens for Tiger Zinda Hai,predictions r bound 2 get lower…Today TZH will do 16 crores,Tomorrow it will do 25 crores n New year’s holiday will witness Tiger Zinda Hai raking up 20 crores more at the box office…The real battle will begin from 3rd week onwards…Another request 2 all movielovers irrespective of which Superstar or Megastar,one may follow is that plz don’t download Tiger Zinda Hai from any site…Just kills the interest level amongst viewers in witnessing Tiger Zinda Hai at Single screens/ Multiplexes…Salmaniacs,action movielovers n neutrals,plz try 2 make TIGER ZINDA HAI the biggest action bollywood has ever produced…300 crores is a given…But getting 2 350 crores will be damn tough for Tiger Zinda Hai,s theatrical run at the box office…Have a rollicking day guys !!! 😊

  7. Trending better than Sultan
    New Year will help on Sunday evening and Monday
    If can collect 14-16 today and 17-19 on Sunday than can collect 10-12 on Monday and the collection will be arround 260 and after 2 weeks 275-285 lifetime 320-340
    Im not a Salman fan but the movie was good

  8. Ab disastrous collection starts
    Dekh gayi billi ki aukat
    Local hero of India apna sallu mallu

    • Devesh Pandey Reply

      Akki ne aaj tak 135 crore bhi kahi par koye tumhari kaise aukat Ho sakti hai Salman pe bolne ki? ??

  9. Comment: 300cr ke liye sirf 82cr ki jarurat joki isi week me hi hoga prasayya aanty tera prediction ka kiya hua dekh bilkul kam ke upar tujhe bataraha hu 218 cr to hogaya aab
    sat – 16- 18cr to honahi hai ( bcoz evng & night show pack bcoz next day sun )
    sun – 22-26cr to honahi hai ( bcoz morning – night show pack bcoz sun + HNY next day )
    Mon – 17-21cr to honahi hai ( bcoz new year )
    Tue – 8-9cr
    wed – 8cr
    thr -7cr..

    dam hai to 300 cr honese ROK ke dikha aunty Ji …

    power of bhaijaan ,real king of box office joki apne power ke dam pe kamata hai , prasayya aunty ke hero ki tarha Nahi joki sirf writer & director ke dam pe kamata hai bcoz olog ach6i movie banata hai ha ha.

    • Bhai tere bhai me script sense nehi hain to Aamir kiya accha movie choose karna chod de. Abhi to bahot mu uthake bol raha tha TZH ka positive reveiws hain abhi to lagta hain PK ko beat nehi karega. Double standard dikha diya na. Sunle ek baat Salman chahe lakh kosish kare Aamir se aage nehi ja payega.

      • Comment: aaj time Nahi hai kal tujhe details me jabab dunga aakhir koun aage hai aur koun pi6e OK.

  10. Comparison tiger Zinda Hai Dangal sultan and doom3 plz post karo is par maslala details Nahi milrahi bollyarena plz sahi hai like karo sub dekh na chate hai to

  11. Comment: Today 16cr, Sun 20cr, Mon 18cr, Tue 5cr, Wed 4cr, Thu 4cr, Fri 1.5cr, Sat 2.5cr, Sun 4cr, Rest 6cr. Total 217+16+20+18+5+4+4+1.5+2.5+4+6=298Cr Lt.

  12. Ulti ginti chalu ho gaya 7 Crore less than Dangal. By this weekend Dangal will lead.

  13. honest man Reply

    huge dissapointment. bajrangi bhaijaan collected 12.5 crore on second friday. it has fallen well short of that . 300 crore may happen may not happen. saturday and sunday will decide that. anything below 20 crore on sunday will be danger for the film. my lifetime prediction 290 crore.

    • @honest man
      Sunday and Monday will decide whether it will cross 300cr or not..
      I know my prediction was 260cr but anything can happen after tuesday.

      there is free weeks but there will be no audience after tuesday.
      we have to see what will be the strategy of BOI and YRF after tuesday.

      I hope they will not manipulate the collection to cross 300cr
      which was happening at d time of Sultan.

  14. Considering its an Action movie the Hold is Superb…..Now it needs good jump today…Expecting 18-20cr today

  15. Shreyam001 Reply

    Total collection will be in the range of 300-305 crore…
    New year would be a little advantage for TZH, now waiting for 2.0 in 2018 to break dangal’s record in bollywood.

  16. Nadeem Gill Reply

    Movie Bus Guzara He Hai Only Christmas Ki Waja Se Chal Gai Other Wise Flop

  17. If it crosses 250 crore till 10th day than 300 cr is easy to achieve
    But nevertheless great achievement.

  18. Prashant abhishek Reply

    What’s wrong with BOI ? In top 15 2nd Friday collections they not included Dilwale which was 7.5 crore on 2nd Friday.

  19. 3rd 300 crores 1st man to do it….
    Some are struggling to give 150 crores and 100 crores

  20. Trade: 217.50cr
    Producer: 217.60cr

    Haters were right, YRF is manipulating figure…..they manipulate 10L in 8 days…..LOL