The Radio song from Tubelight to be launched in Dubai tomorrow

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Salman Khan will be launching the first song of Tubelight titled as The Radio Song in Dubai on May 16.

Kabir Khan and his team converted three acres of Film City into the fictional town Jagatpura. The Radio song was shot there with over 1000 dancers. The track, which is a celebratory song in the film, had been shot on a very large scale. It has the touch of the 1960s and required a huge crowd to be dancing on it.

Kabir had organised for 200 dancers and about 800 juniors to be part of the song along with Salman Khan. Check out the stills from the song.

Tubelight will release during Eid this year.


    • Waah he know no one is interested in radio vaduo and he also know that tubelight will he fusslight
      Isliye marketing acchi karke semi hit ka tag paana chahta hai
      Waise bhi bahubali ke saamne yeh nahi chalne waali

    • china se direct…dubai…???

      only heroism…

      ye har movie me…salman k charo or log kyo nachte h ??


  2. Ab kisi ko interest nai h is media made star me. DABBA gol hoga iska

  3. honest man Reply

    whatever you release now the first impression is the last impression and the first teaser of tubelight has sealed the deal for the film. this is the bombay velvet of salman khan , it’s sad to say but it’s true. this eid we are going to see how much bombay velvet would have earned with salman khan. ranvir kapoor gave bombay velvet 5 crore opening, as salman is much bigger i am going with 15 crore opening for tubelight( with srk i guess the opening would have been 10 crore) . bombay velvet lifetime was 25 crore( 5 times more than the opening day), so ideally tubelight would have 75 crore lifetime, but it will release on eid festival which will boost the collections from monady onwards so i am going with 125 crore lifetime.

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      You people are always talking bad about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, but it doesn’t matter because they are the biggest superstars of India! And Tubelight will cross 300cr and if good WOM even 400cr

  4. Salman king Reply

    Phool ke sath kante tu hote hi hai isi taraha bhai ke haters bi hun gy but bhai ka stardorm nahi ho sakta jis taraha kante phool ke khubsurati ko kam nahi kar sakta .

    Tubelight …tubelight….tubelight

  5. After watching Baahubali i dont think i will pay for Tubelight…that too salman…never..

    • Who is forcing u all to watch? :D..
      This movie is only for salman fans..and v r dying to have a glimpse of him on big screen..u dare watch the movie..stay away bugs!!!!

  6. ala re ala sallu bahu ala…

    bahubali2 is in danger…

    india-1000cr net




    all records will be history…

    best of luck sallu bahu….

    sallu bahu fans dikhado apna dum bb2 fans ko…

  7. Prashant abhishek Reply

    Honest man, You always blabbers that SRK didn’t rule the previous I asked yesterday on indicine question answer session about this.
    Q Please take one name who ruled the last decade I.e.2000 – 09 ; SRK ,Hrithik or Aamir.
    Ans – SRK .we have an article on this.Aamir has a slightly better hit ratio and success ratio than SRK but SRK did more than double the films – his films almost always opened very well and he was nearly at the top of his game till 2008 – until Aamir started taking things to the next level Ghajini onwards.
    So indicine also confirmes SRK was the top actor of last decade and Aamir took over him from late please don’t come with nonsensical manipulated facts.SRK was the top actor of 2009- closed.

  8. honest man Reply

    @prashant abhishek indicine says many things. they also say salman is the biggest megastar. indicine says things to satisfy all the fan bases, they ignore the real facts. the truth is in the decade 2000-09 the competition for the top spot was between aamir and hritik, srk was behind both of them. i have proved that before with real facts. so today i will say just one thing , forget about the numbers of blockbusters, all time blockbusters and all time grossers aamir khan and hritik’s flop films used to open better than srk’s blcokbuster films. aamir’s flop film mela opened better than srk’s blockbuster mohabbatein. hritik’s flop like fiza and yaaedein were bigger opener than srk’s bb mohabbatein. aamir’s not so successfull mangal pandey was a record opener. so aamir and hritik were not responsible for their flops as theie flop films also opened big. while srk’s flops like asoka , 1 2 ka 4 , paheli were poor openers. even many of his hit and superhit films like chalte chalte, chak de india were slow starters.

    in last decade aamir had 4 record opening day, hritik had 3 while srk only had 1. so the point is very simple srk’s initial pull was way lower than hritik and aamir( that was proved when mk and mb clashed), so how can he be a bigger star than them.

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      @honestman hahah don’t be stupid, shah Rukh Khan was always a bigger star than Aamir Khan in the 90’s 2000’s and even today Shah Rukh Khan is a much bigger star because he connects with his audience without a good story but Aamir Khan makes the story connect with the audience by anyways deep down everyone here knows that if anyone was close to Shah a Rukh Khan in the 90’s it was Salman Khan
      And in 2000’s it was Hrithik Roshan

      90’s – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan
      2000’s – Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan
      2010’s – Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan

      This is not box office but stardom in just India not overseas! And however much we deny it Salman Khan is the biggest star of India today!