Superstars who have never won Filmfare Best Actor Award

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While Shahrukh Khan and Dilip Kumar have the most number of Best Actor Awards, there are some other superstars who have not won a single time. Salman Khan tops the list with 10 nominations without winning.

Lately, Filmfare has been criticized for ignoring some specific actors especially Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan. Though they have given Aamir Khan best actor award this year and now he has three awards to his name despite the fact that he does not attend award shows.

Check out the list below.



Salman Khan
Ajay Devgn
Akshay Kumar
Anushka Sharma
Abhishek Bachchan
Katrina Kaif
Saif Ali Khan



      • as far as acting is concern… salman is way behind many actors in bollywood.

          • Salman is very handsome… but believe me his acting skills is not so good…. y dont u guys accept the truth…. i am his fan too but for a different reason… am a fan of aamir for a reason… am a fan of SRK for a reason… am a fan of ranbir for a reason…. akshay for a reason….i like shahid, ranveer, irfan khan, nawazuddin and many others. all of us must accept the reality…

            • TIGER- the real king Reply

              If we talk about pure acting (not overacting) nobody comes close Irfan Khan & Nawajuddin Siddique. So, should we all start watching only Irfan/Nawaj movies & boycott others’ movies???

  1. Criminal Khan Reply

    Kal raat toh hum so rahe the. Qaidi fans sabse zada jag rahe the

  2. Srk for fan was deserving best actor this year but it goes to aamir but aamir was good in dangal …..
    Even indicine in today’s question/answer session says Srk was more deserving than aamir for Filmfare best actor….

  3. where r the aamir khan fans who said its paid award, this year what say?……..

    • It is paid award only reason they’ve given it to different people over the years is to give it some credibility but it still has’nt worked aamir never came to award ceremony plus I feel akshay did a far better job in airlift hands down he lived the character. The films I think salman Khan should have won best actor award for tere naam bajranghi bhaijaan and dabbang for the simple reason even when I’m gone my grandchildren will know chulbul pandey and I need to think to remember srk character in my name is Khan something Khan.

    • What was wrong with PK/3i/Ghajini/Rang De Basanti? FF always change its criteria to favour its!!! Actor. All are commercial & critical acclaim. And Aamir is acting King of all Kings.

      • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

        my dear i dont know about other movies you mentioned…but am 100% sure Filmfare do not consider for remakes….GHAJINI…is south remake….

  4. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Salman Khan Sir or Akshay Kumar Sir ko abhi tak Filmfare award nahi mila magr wo awards ka beycott nahi krte magr Aamir Khan itna bada actor hai itna bada actor ho kr humble hone ki bajaye ego ka shikaar hai Aamir Khan sir ne kal he kaha Commercialy awards ki mere liye koi value nahi agr koi value nahi tou award reject kr ke Akshay Sir ko do Filmfare wallo ne Aamir Khan ko award de kr Aamir Khan ki bolti band ki hai

    • Akshay and sallu get money from filmfare for dancing at awards and they shamelessly go for money… when aamir realised filmfares corruption he stopped going coz he dint need filmfare mujra money….this year ff awarded aamir to increase their credibility coz their viewership and credibility has gone down after giving awards to non deserving performances many times…. dangal also broke all possible records and aamir gave a sensational performance as an old father and put his health at risk losing and gaining weight for the role!! Aamir doeant even collect these awards then how will he give it to ur akshay or sallu!! Even rishi kapoor in his autobiography recently said big b was angry at him for a long time coz rishi bought an award when big b was nominated along with him!! So filmfare is now trying to rebuild their lost reputation but its too late!! Best example is giving srk best actor for a film like dil toh paagal hai when karishma and madhuri completely overshadowed him nd he was just playing the same ddlj kkhh character in dtph and kamal hasan was ignored for his sensational performance in chachi 420 which was also a superhit!!

  5. “While Shahrukh Khan and Dilip Kumar have the most number of Best Actor Awards.”

    @admin what made you to put Legendary Dilip Sahab’s name after this gangu teli??? Plz edit this.

  6. Akshay deserved it for airlift but all these awards are fake he wins and rules hearts of people long live superstar akshay

  7. Megastars like Bhai doesn’t need those so called awards. Give them to small stars like gangu teli queen, jaadooboy etc. So that they get some free publicity😂😂

    • Khans-Pride of Bollywood Reply

      Bro if u dont like srk plzz dont disrespect him.
      Im a srkian, but i like both khans. U r showing aukat of bhai fans

  8. Correct tiger the real king akshay and salman dont run for awards they live in the heart of people

    • Tum sab ko sochna chahye keh koi actor kesi ki ziyada action n kar sakta har actor ki apni action hoti h na amir salman ki action kar sakta h na salman amir ki action kar sakta h na srk amir ki action kar sakta h na amir srk ki action kar sakta h to phir sab ko award dene chahye. Un ki good action par salman in bajrangi b keliye aur ishi tarah jab koi actor good action kare us ko award dena chahye agar ajay akshy aur govinda ets award dene walon ko samajh n ati k kaise aur kese award dena h aur bollarena tum bhi insaf se chala karo tum apni marzi se kesi actor ko sky par le jaye h aur kesi ko zamen par gira dete h tum india walon ko truth karna chahye English ki people ki tarah

    • Raju Magadum Reply

      We are out there as there best awards why to worry these awards are just bullshit

  9. once indicine said salman akki if they want award they will get but they are not in mood to win award

  10. gaatlin jnr Reply

    aamir khan does not care this award….literally he avoid the award show..
    and even he does not attend the award show….
    i feel that this year also deserved the award for srk..ha ha ha…
    becz this award show,i feel that it is the srk family show…
    fuck srk…
    aamir is the king of asia…..
    5 aamir films are mentioned indian jury board for oscar,,
    but srk 1 flim…
    and lagan was nominated for oscar ….

  11. Q. Why Salman Khan hasn’t won a single best actor award?

    A. No one cares, it’s all about getting audience to theatres. Every single actor in the industry would pick box office success over film awards or critical acclaim. Salman would’ve won atleast a few awards, if he wanted. He doesn’t want them.

  12. Ranveer @ Blockbusters Reply

    Akshay kumar deserves award in every award show ever year coz he entertains audience all through the year apart from that he is versatile and hardworking and does movie in every genre every year. So all award shows are fake and useless

  13. Much actors ko award nhi milta hai to unke fans pagal hoke kuch following comments krte hai….
    My superstar don’t deserve this as this award deserve him….
    My superstar is far better than others even if they don’t get award…..blah blah blah….

  14. Filmfare is filmfake awards. Salman got other awards for Dabangg and Bajangi Bhaijaan whereas filmfake awards ttake bribe and