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Sultan sets unbeliveable records on 4th day

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Sultan has set unbelievable records on the fourth day. The film was literally houseful in the evening and night shows with occupancy as high as 95-100% in both single screens and multiplexes. It has never been witnessed before in the history of Bollywood. The Muslim-dominated circuits remained extraordinary even on the fourth day as Eid celebrations continued.

As per estimates, Sultan will collect in the range of 38-39 crore on its first Saturday. That is a huge huge number and is the third highest single day collection ever for any Bollywood film. It is also the highest day for Sultan. The film is a blockbuster already and is a sure shot 300 crore hit. Also, check Sultan 4th day collection complete box office report.

Sultan 4th Day Box Office Collection


  1. Dude, this will be probably highest day in the history of Indian cinema which at present is held by PRDP as per BOI at 39.2 cr. Just get the facts right so readers are not misled.

  2. Asif Mukhtar Reply

    Bollyarena team if sultan is sure shot 300 crore why are you predict less then 300
    Your prediction is always good but this time i think you wrong

  3. Salman Fan Reply

    Bollyarena now what do you think the WOM is above 8 or not…

  4. dadudh dadudh Reply

    Sultan creats records day by day
    sultan wknd 3days ww 206cr beating dhoom3 193cr
    sultan in pak:- 1)3.5cr 2)4cr 3)3.7cr wknd 11.2cr highest wknd record previes best 7.3cr(jpna) & also 1st movie to coll 3cr+/4cr
    now 4th day trade 38-39cr unbeliveable create history
    overseas 56,5cr 3days fantastic

  5. dadudh dadudh Reply

    Latest report sultan sun adv booking going huge has movie recive extraordenery response to take them high level 60-65% adv b eqaul to 32cr allready so you think whats going on sunday historic never seen before

  6. All hater is burning big

    I said AL hater will get big tight slap and here they got

    Too much fun

  7. Now difference between salman and other star will be more which will not easy to cover up until salman next movied got flop

    Which does not look possible in near future

    Top much fun

  8. Aamir Khan Reply

    This is for those who talks only about HNY’s opening day….. HNY collected 44.9 crs on opening okay I accept that but what about 38-39 crs on 4th day ??? it’s better than 1st day of HNY by a huge margin… it’s is equivalent to 60crs on opening day….

  9. Mr Aamir Khan, just a friendly piece of advise. Don’t live in a fools paradise in life as it can hurt you later. Be well informed. HNY or for that matter no hindi film has done that sort of business. Reliable numbers to compare are D3,BB,PK

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