Shahrukh Khan’s look alike to star in his biopic

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A biopic on Shah Rukh Khan’s life is being made in Bengali. SRK’s look alike Shahnawaz Khan will portray the actor’s journey in the film. Shahnawaz is a Kolkata-based entrepreneur who makes it a point to visit Mumbai every year, on King Khan’s birthday.

Shahnawaz tells Deccan Chronicles that while he’s been making this annual visit for 14 years now, it is only over the past five years that he has had a chance to meet SRK in person. “I get in touch with his team before coming and then they coordinate the meeting. I meet him for a few minutes where I wish him, take his autograph, click a picture and he gives me blessings,” says Shahnawaz.

As for the biopic, Shahnawaz tells us that it’s helmed by a debutant director, Nusrat Sheikh, and that the film may release early next year.

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