SRK thanks his fans for the overwhelming response to Fan

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Superstar Shaheukh Khan has thanked his Fans and admirers for the overwhelming response to his recently released thriller “Fan”.

SRK posted a video message on Twitter, where he revealed that Fan was a special film for him

“On behalf of Aryan Khanna, Gaurav, Maneesh, Adi and everyone, who has made ‘Fan’, thank you for the overwhelming response.

“We are extremely thankful that you liked it so much because it’s a very different film. We never expected it to be embraced so lovingly and so universally. Thank you so much all around the world for liking it. Normally, I won’t do this but this film was special as you made it even more special. Love you all and keep watching ‘Fan’ again and again. Baar baar nhi dekha toh kya dekha,” he said.


  1. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    yes sir….booked again my tickets….FAN nahi dekha tu kya dekha….

  2. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    dear Bolly please correct name spelling Sharukh khan not Shareukh khan…

  3. Comment:Not shaheukh…its shahrukh.
    Really nice movie and what an acting.
    keep it up SRK And bollyarena Team too. :)

  4. Wow Viral Hogya ha…Fan nhi dekha toh Kya Dekha???….hehehe…Good good…Aaj fir Dekhli Fan…Mazaaa aagya Dobara Dekh kar….Or dekhni padegi…Mazaaa he Mazaaa…Fan nhi dekha toh Kya Dekha???? Rehne de,Tu nhi smjhega…

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