SRK talks about his relation with Salman Khan

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Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan had a fallout some years ago. But their relation seems to be peaceful now, and they are frequently seen sharing screen space these days.

Recently SRK was asked if he would resolve his issues with others too, to which he retorts, “Yaar, mein sabse ladta nahin hoon! I cannot hold a grudge against anyone. Life has given me so much that I always love everyone. It’s just that I am an emotional person. The names you’re talking about — Pritish Nandy and Arjun Rampal… mera kissi se jhagada nahin hua hai. I have no idea what you are talking about unless something of that sort is written in the media.”

He adds, “Just recently, while Salman and I were shooting for Tubelight, we were feeling ashamed of whatever was published about us over the years. When not-so-good things happen with us stars, it is blown out of proportion. We are also like common people. Even today I may disagree with Salman or anyone else. At times, we may like or dislike someone’s actions. It’s just the point of view that varies.”

Shahrukh says stardom comes at a price. “Having achieved stardom, there are a few things which I do not like but I can’t fight against that. For instance, if I am with my family and children and do not want photographers to click their photos, I still have to patiently find my way out. I can’t just enjoy stardom, I also have to take care of other things. But being a public figure, I can’t complain. Over the years, I have learnt to be patient and manage my public life as well,” he says.

Shahrukh Khan will play a cameo in Salman Khan’s Tubelight. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film is set to release this Eid.


  1. Ranveer @ Blockbusters Reply

    Srk trying to use salman’s stardom to salvage his failing career

    • Oh please!! questions are asked, he just can’t ignore thm…and he is not failing..he is THE SHAH RUKH KHAN ….people love him…they want to see him….so what if he didn’t hve better films in recent time but still his films do pull some huge numbers….and yes your star can never achieve what he has achieved…actually no one can…there is only 1 shah rukh khan..

  2. Great Actor , Great Family , Great fan following , Great production house
    Dont Even Dare to come on Any Date , even Clashes {only Actor who have most clashes and wins clashes with ease with above average movies .
    Real Star
    Not like Amir who do Satyemeh type serials and left his earlier wife {who becomes fat}, and bring new wife like his own compact size.

    • Vishal bhai bahot sahi bola aap ne,

      SRK is real king of bollywood and no one can match even close to him

    • Robi -the next thug Reply

      U r talking about aamir ex wife who is very friendly with aamir,,, u brought here satyamev jayate, u moron!!! Aamir didn’t fight with ex wife but srk is fighting with gauri about prianka!!!! U idiots tera idol ka self respect to hain nahi, chala aya bath karne,, during his nice time talked like person from another planet,, it is salman who comes always in his crisis points, avi to salman ka Nam use karke top three main rehna catehe,,, forget aamir is janamme satyamev jayate jaisa show to hoga nahi tera,, hoga to sirf over promotion on train stations like beggars,wo bhi 130film ka! , don’t bring aamir name, aamir and Salman belong to another league!!

      • Where u there when he was fighting with Gauri?Ur Aamir is nothing without Christmas.He was asked a question and replied to that.So that’s using Salman’s name?In that case Aamir used SRK and Salman for Dungal promotion.Get lost.

        • Robi -that thug Reply

          Lolx he made Xmas and dominating! Don 2 was released in Xmas, kya ukad lia agar Salman usse safe nahi kia hota tu definitely hr could have come at 3,,,#aukatless fans of srk!

  3. @Vishal
    Chalo accha hein.Aamir ko harana hein
    to bacchonko sath ana padega.phir bhi Aamir ko harana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hein.Fusslight will have 5 day honeymoon after that no one interested in Fusslight.max 280cr
    Srk-salman ur time is over.
    Ranbir salman ko harayega.

  4. every relation has ups and downs but one good thing is that even in the bad phase of their friendship, neither SRK nor Salman disrespected each other. none of them tried to pull each other down. that was the maturity level of two megastars. And their mutual understanding brought them closer again. Kyunki ek sachcha dost bhai se kam nahi hota.
    but on the other hand, there is a filthy shameless tingu who named his pet as Shahrukh just becuase he is jealous of SRK. Tingu se dosti except karna toh door ki baat hai, pehle Dushmani kaise karte hain ye bhi SRK-Salman se seekhna chahiye.
    baaki ek baat aur, Tingu Fans muh se kaise hagte hain iska example Parshya khud iss comment ke reply mein dega.

  5. Saba Qamar has an excuse for calling Salman Khan a chichora…
    Gal pe zor se zapad marne ka aur bolne ka jyada lagi to nahi…
    Aab sallu fans kya karenge megastar ki to koi bhi udda raha hein.

  6. This is the time Srk needs help from Salman to save his sinking career…

  7. Or…srk har chij ko manupulate krta h…

    kis Award function me….ya kis jagah kya bolna h…….jo ooski fan following badhayega….

    sab fix rahta h…

    pi6le saal se vh ……Salman se khub dosti ka natak kr rha h…..bijness mind lga rha h…

    award function..bigboss…sab jagah vo Salman se dosti ki bate kr rha h…achanak kese jaag gyi dosti….?????

    abhi to ek movie ko 300crore par krne do……haklu…fir se chillane lgega….

    …..”i am the king khan “…..

  8. or Srk ki great famaly…hahaha….

    great productin house…???…pagah h kya…??

    aamir ki ex wife…dangal ki success party me aayi thi…or ooske bete beti bhi…

    vh apne bachcho k liye….sara kam 6od kr 6-6 mhine tk….holyday mnata h…….

    or Aamir k production house 100% successful h…

  9. geeny…

    srk bina diwali…or…Yash raj k ku6 nhi h…….

    tum jese moorkh logo k anusaar…..

    dhobhi ghat (aart movie) , Raees ,kabil jesi movie….Xmas pr release hoti to…..400crore kma jati….

    Are bhai ku6 to sharam kr……

    Dangal jesi movie bnane k liye….Padina bhana padta h….dusre Acter life time me b esi movie nhi de pate h…

    aamir se phle…haklu or salman ne bhi to…..x-mas pr release ki thi …kya hua…??

    kya ab tk sirf Aamir ne Xmas pr movie release ki h…??…2% log hi india me xmas mnate h…..

    Xmas…k baad…dangal 50 day tk kyo chalti rhi…???

    kyo ok jaanu…or…xxx…ka collection…Dangal k 4th week se km tha…???

    Sharam kr Sharam……..

    or jha tk personal life ka sawaal h….

    Srk ne jo…MayaMemsaab…or….Srk k bete…Aaryan ka jo MMS …

    eske baad ku6 khne ki jrurat nhi….

    Aamir oos leval pr h….jha bde bde…Spritual Gurus bhi…phuch nhi skte…

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