SRK, Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik, Ajay – Who will be King of 2016?


2015 is moving to its last quarter. This year has been ruled by Bahubaali and Salman Khan‘s Bajrangi Bhaijaan so far. Now everyone has their eyes fixed on next Salman Khan’s PRDP and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale.

Though Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan have no releases in 2015 which has made it a little boring. But people, here’s something that will make you more excited about 2016 than this year. The reason behind this is 2016 will be the year of biggies. Yes, from Hrithik to SRK to Salman Khan to Aamir Khan, everyone will battle for the box office king. Let's take a look.

Shah Rukh Khan

This year, SRK just has one release with Dilwale which will definitely take the box office by storm upon release on December 18. But next year, SRK will be having two big releases. While Fan more seems like a content driven film, Raees will have him turn into a bootlegger. The teaser of both the films have released and created huge buzz. Fan will hit the theatres on April 15 while Raees will takeover Eid this time clashing with Salman's Sultan.

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan's recent release Bajrangi Bhaijaan has broken many box office records. He is now ready to release his next Prem Ratan Dhan Payo on Diwali. But his fans will be more interested to see him in Sultan. More so because the actor will don the garb of a boxer with a story that has real life references. Now that’s combo people have been dying to see Saman in. Eid 2016 will be the most spectacular one in the history of Indian Cinema.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan's next Dangal will be releasing on Christmas 2016 to shatter any records that are left. It’s based on the life of Mahavir Phogat who raised his daughters as wrestlers and who have won glory for the country. The first look of Aamir Khan has already created a huge buzz around the film.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik likes to take a long break after every movie. His last film was Bang Bang in 2014 and post that he has been shooting Mohenjo Daro, an Ashutosh Gowarikar film. The film will release on August 12 next year and we can’t wait to see it. Now, not much is known about its plot but we are guessing it will be something deeply rooted in our Indus Valley Civilisation.

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Akshay Kumar

Airlift will be Akshay’s first release of 2016 and it is very different from his past releases. It talks about the biggest evacuation every undertaken by any country. It was the time when Saddam Hussain invaded Iraq and 1,70,00 Indians had to be evacuated. With a stellar cast like Akshay and Nimrat Kaur, we can only imagine what the outcome would be. The film releases on January 22 and we can already hear the cash registers ringing.

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn is not only playing the lead in the film but is also directing it after a long gap. The first poster of Shivaay was released even before a single shot of the film was canned. That says a lot about the actor’s belief in the film. Apart from this team Drishyam includes 10 National Awards winners with big names like Ajay, Tabu, Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzaar etc. Well, the film looks really breathtaking from the poster and we are sure it will create a buzz. Diwali seems like a good deal here.

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Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir might have had a disappointing 2015 but 2016 could see his return to blockbuster list as well. With Jagga Jasoos in June and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil on Diwali, he looks all set to change his fortunes and silence everyone. The latter has Aishwarya Rai Bachchan too which makes it even bigger!

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122 comments on “SRK, Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik, Ajay – Who will be King of 2016?”

  1. Why didn't you add Saif ali Khan in- who will be the box office king in 2016 poll. Ranbir, Akshay,devgn's movie nowadays don't make 100 crore.

    1. Beta asli king to akshay , ajay aur hritik hi hai real king , real hero , baki sab to boxoffice tak hi hai boxoffice ke bahar ki riyasat bahut badi hai.....

  2. I feel it will be Hrithik Roshan's year. Mohenjo-Daro is going to surprise a lot of people in, and outside of India. Get ready....for August , 2016

  3. I'm sure hrithik will be the king Inshallah .. I love him so much .. he the best actor and the better dancer in the world .. Mohenjo Daro will be fantastic movie and all the world will love this movieeee ♥♥♥♥♥ All the best for hrithik



  6. 2016 is going to be favour on Hrithik Rosan b coz of Mohenjo- Daro. This movie will going to be a big n much big blockbuster I think this movie will break all b town records.

  7. Guyzzz......also don't underestimate SALMAN KHAN........i will never be shocked if iss baar phir salman baaji maar le jaaye...

  8. #MohenjoDaro "We going to make a New History in Cinema World! " -Ashu & Hr....

    Hey don't create barriers with bolly...

    It's Worldwide, for whole cinema comparison....

    Just imagine the level as u can!

    But, I can't wait for MohenjoDaro bcoz its a New History & with to change or create the new Definitions of Cinema...

    For 2016...

    I can proudly mentioning,

    Hrithik is GOD instead of just KING for 2016!

    Others have good movies so continue the race....

    But, here at voting content they not need to mention Hrithik but what they do bcoz if they going to make a pole "who is God of 2016" then the only Hrithik in that...

    & so,!

  9. Dekho bhai if u talking about 2016 then the one which will be biggest above all is only Shivaay. Ajay Devgn coming up with big movie n it will be huge. Shivaay sare khans k fake stardom ka bhanda phodegi next year. Screen shot le lo. Aisa nai hua to fir mai apna nam change kr dunga.

  10. na dilip Kumar , na hum amitabh na kisi hero ke bacche

    him hai seedhe sadhe akshay akshay

    him hai seedhe sadhe akshay akshay .,..


  12. Akshay ke fans ki sabse badi baat hai ki WO dusro se jalte nahi hai jaise sallu air srk ke fans jalte hai akshay sir se bhai yahi to stardum hai apne akshay sir ka.......

  13. SHIVAAY will be a biggest Blockbuster movie at boi... Diwali Devgn wali ! Ajay Devgn coming up with big movie and it will be huge.


  14. Comment: Aa raha hai #Shivaay lekar ajay devgan jis me daam ho to aaye samane apni dam dikhane

  15. Just look at the movies!

    Only Mohenjodaro and Airlift looks promising. When it comes to who will rule 2016. It will only be

    HRITHIK ROSHAN. For sure. Mohenjodaro's biggest challenge will be BAAHUBALI 2 not these small canvas movies.

  16. If we look at their movies only Mohenjodaro and Airlift looks promising. When it comes to ruling it is definitely Hrithik Roshan's Year. Mohenjodaro's biggest challenge is Baahubali only. Keep calm and Wait for India's biggest and Grandest Movie Mohenjodaro!!!!

  17. Lets Wait I Think All R Superb But Amir,Hrithik N Ajay's Look Is Intresting,SRK'S Raees Teaser N Ajay's Shivaay Motion Poster's BGM Is Amezing,Eagerly Waiting For All

  18. Salman bhai is great. Salman bhai is Bollywood king.

    I proud of salman khan bhai

  19. The baap of all actor is coming this year also and next year also.............love you mr KING KHAN (NAAM TOH SUNA HI HOGA)

  20. 2016 novies collection. sultan 300 crore.fan 190 crore. raees 175 crore. dangal 250 crore.mohanjodaro 165 crore.shivaay 135 crore. so 2016 boxoffice king will be salman khan 100%

  21. definatly hrithik roshan

    he has given two years of his life to mohenjo daro

    n he will get a reward for it

    mohen daro is going to be biggest and epic i have strong faith in hrithik and ashutosh

  22. prem ratan dhab payo 1st weekend collection. 1st day 37 crore.2nd day 47 crore.3rd day 39 crore. 4th day 31 crore.5th day 35 crore. total 189 crore

  23. Only Ajay devgn..... Is king n sultan of 2016 Shivaay...... N... 2017 For sons of sardaar... Diwali devgn wali

  24. Shivaay will rule next year. No other movie can face it. Just look at its crews, action director is of iron man, captain America fame. Art director is it interstellar one. This movie is gonna take bollywood at some new level. Don't just don't try to compare it with any shit movie. Biggest blockbuster on the way.

  25. Hrithik will rule with Mohenjo Daro in 2016. He takes his time & makes only quality films!

  26. Ajay Devgan sir is best in 2016 he will take all award for SHIVAAY so wait and watch, 2016 ka Diwali bollywood k super man Ajay Devgan k sath hoga box office pr kabja

  27. Ofcourse Our Superhero Hrithik Roshan is gonna Become the King of 2016. Koi Shaq...??

  28. ajay devgan 2 movies blockbuster.hrithik roshan 3 movies blockbuster. akshay kumar 2 movies blockbuster.amir khan 5 movies blockbuster. sharukh khan 7 movies blockbuster.aur in sab baap salman khan jis ki 12 movies blockbuster.

  29. Shah Rukh khan hi 2016 ke Asli king hai.

    Bahubali ke records bhi tod sakte hai..

    Jai ho srk....

    Ashok khichad "Bishnoi"

    keriya sanchore jalore (raj.)

  30. #Salman is the Superstar Bollywood Ka Baap "Sultan" JAI HO Bajrangi Bhaijaan *Sab Ko Chir Faad Dega* Most Welcome PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO




  32. Shahrukh should be thrown away from the industry.. I think Hrithik is far more talented, charming and hardworking guy. Shahrukh is NOT AT ALL the king of bollywood.. Salman and Hrithik are the favorite of thousands..

  33. Comment: bollywood ka baap sirf ek he hai aur wo hai king khan shahrukh khan

    Dilwale 1000 crore

    fan 550 crore

    Raees 700 crore

    Only Shahrukh Khan Rules

  34. Dekho bhAaiyo sab log bakch*Di chahe jitni kar lo but asli king to sirf ek hi hai aur wo hai #salman....................... Tum log yaha chahe jo kuch bhi kaho har baar ki tarah is baar bhi wo hi sabse aage honge

  35. bollywood ka boss akshay kumar(india ka real tiger jo baby ,holiday,gabbar jaisi desh bhakti movie bnata h na ki chori wali jaise khan bnate h

    1. salma khan gareeb logo ki kitni madad karta hai.aksay kumar karta hai kiya. salman is real sultan

  36. अक्षय सबका बाप ।

    बॉलीवुड का बाप कौन ...?

    ans - अक्षय कुमार ...

    Airlift Rustom ....Akki -Akki

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  38. Good too see ppl commenting for ajay devagn

    I feel really good when ppl comment for ither starts leavung behind three khaans

  39. prem ratan dhan payo collection will be 355 crore in india. back to back 2 movies 300+ crore. hai kisi aur actor me itna dam.

  40. hoshyar khabardar sultan e hind salman khan diwali par la rahe hain prem ratan dhan payu.

  41. salman khan will b the king of 2016..bcz he was the king and he is the king ..and he will b king in future.......

  42. salman ki last 8 movies me se 2 all time blockbuster 5 blockbster. salman is blockbuster actor

  43. Salman khan bollywood ka baap hai 8 movies back to back 100 cr club .ah rahi h prdp & 2016 eid sultan naya record banayega its boxoffice baap rules dam hai rok lo

  44. ;) 2016 is a year of hritik sir

    koi diwali , koi eid & koi christmas me release karenge... but hritik sir festival , ocassion dekh ke film release nahi kartey...

    areyy.... Jab hritik sir ki film aati hai.. to diwaali, holi navratri & hririkians ke bich eid khud.. manaaya jaata hai..

  45. Ajay devgan jesa koi heroo nh ho sakta.....Ajay sir ny bhot sari filmen badiya hen........Ajay dewagan king of Bollywood

  46. Ajay devgn best than all actors in bollywood.He is the real king without any cheap publicity stunts.He speaks with his work.

  47. yeh kon bewakauf khrha tha ki asli king akshay hai bilkul h wo king srf flops dene me asli kings toh srf khans hai...

  48. only #HR

    mohanjo daro ..... will b a BB ...

    khans mai dum ni

    bs .... festivals pe hi release krte bs

  49. Akshay is not Even super Star..you should be happy tha he is been considered for Poll.

    We have only 4 Super Stars..who has craze world wide.

    1. Amir Khan

    2. Salman khan

    3. Sharukh khan

    4. hrithik Rosan

  50. Comment:I think srk,slmn,amir s movie will take much collection..... inspite of this releasing ***HRITHIK**** S mohenjodaro will yake the box office.....and 2016 for only hrithik....boss

  51. Hrithik has no grace from nature, without this dance Hrithik-only race.

    Actor worse.

  52. jo v log box office collections ki baat karte hai unhe kehna chahunga ki paise to prostitutes v kama leti hai lekin ijjat ? isliye khans are nothing greater than prostitutes of bollywood. contentwise the king is only akshay and ajay. hrithik is also a good actor.

  53. Only n only
    Ajay Devgan will be the king of 2016....?
    Shivaya will definitely hit box office... ?

    All the best... ? ???✌

  54. Ajay sir ki shivaay film 500 cr aur sos is 450 cr king of bollywood aj aj aj only aj

  55. akshay fans toh ase hero banrhe h jaise akshay ki films 1 day 100cr bussiness krti h hahaha lol... bhai khans ko dekho ki unki overseas fan following kitne hai...khans haters are u sucked

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