SRK deserved an Oscar for My Name Is Khan: Paulo Coelho

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Shahrukh Khan starrer My Name Is Khan has completed seven years since its release. The film which was directed by Karan Johar received a lot of critical acclaim upon its release.

Upon its seventh anniversary, the veteran writer Paulo Coelho took to Facebook to appreciate the film, and also claimed that had Hollywood not been manipulative, Shah Rukh Khan could probably have won an Oscar for his performance.

“His first (and only) movie that I watched (this year even if it was released in 2008) was “My Name Is Khan”. And not only the movie was excellent, but SRK deserved an Oscar if Hollywood was not manipulated. He kindly offered to send the other titles – as you probably guess, it is not easy to find them in Switzerland.”

Shahrukh Khan humbly thanked the writer and expressing a desire to meet in person.

Earlier, SRK himself had taken to his Twitter feed to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the film, and revealed that he’s saddened to realise that the film still holds relevance.


  1. Ya it is the best movie of srk along with swadesh, veer zara and chak de India….nd for these four films srk deserved national award for best actor but unfortunately didn’t get…..nd same goes for amir lagaan…nd hritik for koi mil gaya nd guzaarish…

    • @bollyarena fan Reply

      Sab ko srk se jealous hota hai.. mnik jaisa acting abhi tak kisi ne kiya hai kya?? sab ke fan srk se jealous krte hai.. why?? respect his achievements.. i m not talking movie and box office collection.. other achievement just check out..never jealous other achievement..respect his hardwork.. bollywood every actor told srk hardworking..grow up all fans and respect everyone…

  2. see manipulation is also there in Hollywood .
    this man Srk Is away ahead still from Amir Khan who thinks releasing films on Christmas will make him bigger star, he will fall very badly when real test will come , SRK is testing every thing on him , which other big stars dont have guts to doo.{still is under performer is bigger than many star biggest hits }
    Co grates Srk again .

    • dhAakAd Anup Reply

      Nobody stopped SRK from releasing his movies on Christmas.
      We Know SRKs Track on Christmas Dilwale,Don2.
      SRK lost clash against Ranveer & Even Hrithik gave him Tough Competition
      If Raees had released on Christmas then Even 100Cr Would have been Impossible.
      Aamir Made Christmas a special lucrative period for release,He created and has dominated.
      Others tried but they failed.
      Fact is No One Can Dare To Take On Aamir??
      And SRK is Testing Everything??
      Srk himself said ‘I am making Dumb Movies now a days’
      If You think Raone,HNY,Dilwale are Masterpiece then
      No Arguement With You.
      BTW I am really Enjoying
      How SRK fans are giving lame Excuses of Eid & Christmas
      SRK is the only Actor who always afraid to come on NonHoliday.
      Maximum Xmas Release-SRK
      Maximum Diwali Release-SRK
      Maximum Festive Release-SRK

  3. Oscars bikta to sabse pehle yhi kharid leta. Sabko pta h ye kya hai overacting ka badshah

  4. Ajay-salman fan Reply

    Friends always give buildup of their friend..same way paulo did…c srk acting in raees…low level acting…he can never match sultan mirza ajay devgan in acting….

  5. Srk is king of bollywood
    Pr sale srk k fan bohot bure h vo to itna acha insan h pr uske fan gire huye tuche type k fan h
    Hmesha comprison aamir or salman se dusre star ke respect he nhi krte
    He is jealous dusre actor ke kamyabi p jalte h
    Tuche type k fan mujhe to taras aata h in par

    • Akki hater Reply

      Sab ke fan hote hai us type ke.. grow up.. tu bhi Us type ka hai.. read ur comment again

  6. Ranveer @ Blockbusters Reply

    Koi award nahi chhodega ka yeh Haklu har award khareed tha hai

  7. abe gochuoo….

    SrK…ese faaltu comment jaanbuch kr karwata h…

    khud ko promote krta h…..

    abhi…Raees k liye kajol se tweet karwaya…

    kapil k show…or….award show me khub tarife karwayi….

    Raees jesi bakwas movie k liye bhi…..4.5* le liya….

    esi tatah k game-plane kr ki hi to vh….King Kong…bna h….

    Aamir ki….dangal ,pk ,3idiots ,rang de basanti ,gulaam ,Gajni ,1947 earth ,lagaan ,Sarfarosh …..ko 6od kr…haklu…ki

    my name is…khan ko Oscar de de…??

    my name khan….k release k time bhi khub controversy ki thi…..

    ” ki KHAN lgane k karan….airport pr roka gya muje”…..

    oot-ptang Roll krne se…Oscar nhi mila krte…

    • Abe bada ghochu to tu.. jo dusro ke achievement pe jalta hai.. aukad nhi hai.. Amir ki srk ke samne.. 500cr Amir Collection kr leta na.. to uske achievement pass bhi nhi aa sakta.. ghochu ek bar search kr lena Amir and srk ke achievements.. other achievement.. not movie.. gadha hai tu.. controversy siv seva Vale ne kiya the.. india m jiska famous hona hota hai na vo.. srk ko target krte hai… chip fan

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      pk ak ….aisa bol de….SRK fool ne paulo bhai ko paise khilaye hai….tu udhar khud khada tha..jab SRK ne paise diye…range hathon tune srk ko paulo bhai ko paise de te hue dekah….aisa comment likh jada accha rahega…teri sehta ke liye…

    • SRK U.K. Fan base Reply

      Haters haters haters haters haters haters haters haters haters haters!!!!!
      Real Madrid F.C wrote about Shah Rukh Khan as well and congratulated him for raees as well! Did he pay them as well? He paid Paul as well? He paid all these people and still the second richest actor in the world! How stupid are you guys! Respect all actors!!
      Especially respect the Khans and Akshay Kumar who have stayed at the top for son long! No actor in the history of Indian cinema has stayed till the top
      Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t sustain his stardom he was over after 20 years but these guys have been there at the top for over 25 years! 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  8. vishal ….

    gdhe no 1….

    srk X-mas rekease…

    (1) Trimurty …22 dec…flop…

    (2) Swadesh….17 dec….flop…

    (3)Don 2…..23 dec….Hit…

    (4)Dilwale…20 dec…SemiHit

    kya enme se koi bhi….blockbusters h…??

  9. Srk got Golden Kela award in worst actor category for my name is khan..

    Just Google it u will find it..

  10. This is most useless article praising a flop retarded movie and star

  11. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    If srk deserves Oscar for my name is khan
    Then akki also deserves for jolly llb as concept of both movie is same

  12. It was a good subject with melodramatic performances my name is Khan needed real ACTORS like irrfan and konka to give it credibility. If oscars lacked credibility dicaprio would have won at least 3 oscars and cruise,depp would have won a couple but neither have won an oscar and dicaprio has won one for the revenant the actor to win most best actor oscar is Daniel day lewis half of you have not even heard of him yet honestly he is a superb genius actor. Jean djuardin was best actor in 2011 and gave a masterclass performance in the artiste the film was silent but he emoted so much with his eyes and facial expressions you were just hooked.

  13. Prashant abhishek Reply

    To win more awards doesn’t mean anyone buy awards.he won last best actor award for MNIK 6 years all idiots, if he could buy awards then he would have 25 best actor awards in 25 years.tell me, why he have only 8 best actor awards. abe retard persons, chehra dekhkar award nai mila hai SRK ko.he win by his hard work.

    • Tu sudhre ga nhi.. 500cr say Oscars nhi milta bhai.. Movie story and acting se milta hai.. chindi Amir fan.

  14. Hard work…..hahaha….

    kya mjaak h…..logo ko bevkuf bnane me hardwork krta h….

    Aamir ki….gulaam ,rang de basanti ,fanna…pk…3idiots…gajni …ko kyo award nhi mila…..

    shayad…SRK ki tarah OverActing nhi ki hogi….

    shayad….Award show me nachne…TRP bdhane nhi jata hoga….

    Shayad…600milion doller nhi h….jo srk ne Shadi ,party…award function…add…or IPL se kmaye h…

    Kash Aamir bhi OverActing sikh leta to jrur milta…….

    Fir b kai baar award JAK MAR K dene padte h…jese DANGAL me mila

    • Shayad Amir ki aukad nhi hai award ki.. hahaha to nhi samjha abhi tak acting kya hota hai.. tu din bhar box office collection dekhta hai.. hahahha

  15. this article is not for box office collection fans ..piece
    respect Srk

  16. @ajay fan, what Srk did in Darr movie , your ajay can’t even think that level of acting ..acting ka gyan non actor fans ko dena, chal nikal..

    • Ajay-Salman fan Reply

      bhai just watch dewangee movie and then compare srks darr acting with ajays dewangee…. infront of deewangee acting darr acting looks low class,low level…. after watching dewangee u will only tell srk to learn acting from ajay sir

  17. to these ikka dukka fans of aamir, abe chhotu fans, be in your limit (i.e. your idol’s height) don’t force me to bash aamir

  18. Srk…or…srk k imotionally fool Fan…


    K liye Oscar to milna hi chahiye tha….

    bina YASH RAJ….k srk ku6 nhi h….

    har jagah acting km…..Srk Style….jyada dikhta h……rota h oosme b style maarta h…

    OverActing ka king kong h…..

    or ha….Srk ,Aamir se 1″inch hi jyada lamba h… (kitna Cheap comparision h srk fan ka )

  19. Amir 1000cr bhi kr le na to bhi.. Srk ke achievement ke pas bhi nhi aa sakta.. ye sab.. Google pe kuch our search kro Amir aur srk ke Bare m.. Dekho..?? list check kro both actor ki achievement

  20. srkian

    monkyguniya ho gya h kya…??

    Ajay ki Drishyam me acting dekhi h…??

    Acting kya hoti h….ye bhi pta h…??

    acting kb OverActing me badal jati h….pta h tumhe…??

    Kirdaar me dubna…..( apni nonsence….bich me na gusana ) kese hota h….tumhe maloom h…??

    acting to….

    Dilip kumar…(ek scene ko 47 tariko se kr skte the )

    Rishi kapur (Real Romance King)

    Raj kapur

    Anupam kher

    Om puri (hollywood acter)

    irfaan khan (hollywood acter)

    nana patekar…

    nasiruddin shah ….



    or bhi bhot h…..

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      for you idiot… the slap…already know Hollywood also manipulative..

      now earlier Raju mamu said amir is not king kong of box office which amirain has this perception he is the only acting god…lol…
      forget those cr clubs….those all are in-vain….atleast for Amir KAAN…if script not good he cannot pull any movie…avg to semi hit…example THE LAASH….even RDB is only hit multistarer….

  21. ad …

    alphabet…A or d…k bich …mr…BC….

    aamir ko padmbhushan…or….padmshree dono mile h…

    medam tushad me mom ka putla bnane ko pu6a…aamir ne mna kiya…

    Tare zameen pr…akle ko jitne award mile…etne Srk ne jindgi me nhi dekhe honge….

    Googal to Raees ko…4.5 star de rha h….

    fir b semi hit h….

    abe gochu….google pr to mera bhi naam h….mere b photo h….video h…to kya me super ho gya….??

  22. ab…

    aamir ki Fanna….3 states me banned thi…

    fir b superHit…

    Pk….ka khub virodh hua…pr ATBB…

    Dangal me to…..virodhi b …Fan ho gye…

  23. Srk overacting ki Dukan hai salary fake bas paiso ke dam or uchakta hai logo ki shadion me nachne wala bhand hai or kuch nhi

    • Overacting ? Really yaar ? in Dilwale , Happy new year , it was absolutly overacting..yes i agree here
      Dekh bhai Devdas MNIK DDLJ K3G KKHH Fan Chak de india swades Duplicate!!! overacting too ? please shut up !

  24. srk is king bros. chahe kitn bhi frustrtion nikal lo. he is a real king of bollywood….

  25. Wow this comment section is full of smoke.Oh it’s the haters.Good to see all buring like a volcano.Keep burning guys coz that’s the only thing u can do.Pathetic creatures.

  26. This pk.ak became mad after reading this article.Please admit him in mental hospital.SRK articles are injurious to haters.

    • Bhai, Oscar mein dancing ke liye awards nahi dete, nahi to SRK wahan pe bhi uska bandar naach kar deta. Bade kaam ka bandar …

  27. This article about Acting and someone still talking about B.O collection of Dangal and other aamir movies…TAKE A REST dude..

  28. He got what he deserved for that movie…

    The Golden Kela award…

  29. ye aamir khan or uske fans ki Srk se isliye jalti hai kyuki uska koi signature style nahi hai Srk jesa.Na hi Srk jesa King khan aur King of romance jesa FAM .Balki log tingu bulate hain haha

  30. srk need just one link in Oscar awards so he can buy it just like he buy filmfare awards.leonardo is deserves so many Oscar awards but he couldn’t get it same as so many actors deserves filmfare awards but srk buying them all. Hakla bolne ko tum acting kehte ho lol. Aur my name is Khan main koi acting Nahi thi wo real srk tha. paagal. Srk ko do roll suit hota hai ek pagal aur dusra Gay

    • Whose fault that other actors don’t have money to buy awards?Get a life gay.

  31. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    where is those idiots..who say megastar Amir…got the slap…already know Hollywood also manipulative..

    now earlier Raju mamu said amir is not king kong of box office which amirain has this perception he is the only acting god…lol…
    forget those cr clubs….those all are in-vain….atleast for Amir KAAN…if script not good he cannot pull any movie…avg to semi hit…example THE LAASH….even RDB is only hit multistarer….

    HNY negetive WOM 200CR/179cr..even we consider 150cr..its is hit…if Amir would have been there its not going to be 50cr…and if SRK stariing in THA LAASH it would have been at least avg to semi hit…this is farak of stardom….but even though Amirian yede will dislike this comments bcz they are fools…

  32. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    one more burnol time for haters…Parshaya,Pk Ak,Rehan…. below line for you….very easy…

    sidah sidah bol do….paulo ko paise khilaye hai…fir hu gayi tumhare dil ko tassli…

    Burnol mubarak…hu haters..

  33. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    haters give me a logic…

    if SRK can buy anything so from where he got this money…according to your logic his movies didnt collects in box office as much as Amir….so where did he get this money….now you say he is dancing in wedding and endorsing brands….but to that also need stardom otherwise tushar and aftab also invited for brand ambassadors and by your logic dancing in wedding can earn more money than movie…… LOL thats the reason amir have less money than SRK…..

    so in your logic….Sachin to SRk all are making money bcz they endorse brands or go to wedding….

    ek baat kaan khol ke sun lo…Amir sirf star hai….par SRK rule in hearts…kyuki….Shero ka …kya hota hai haters….zamana….suneee

    tu dil ko tassalli dene ke liye ye accha khayal hai ghalib….wo sab kuch kharid sakta hai…LOL

  34. haroonn1986 Reply

    Srk deserve all the respect and success which he has got throughout his career. I m proud srkian.

  35. chandra prasad Reply

    Comment:jab bina paise k sath bollywood aaya tha srk tab bhi paise dekr kharida tha award k ?? lol think he is self made nt a background of any filmy family haters itnaa hai mtlb srk k stardum v smjh lo haters

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