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Shivaay Wednesday Box Office Collection Update

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Shivaay Wednesday Box Office Collection

Shivaay has faced a drop on Wednesday. The overall occupancy in the morning shows was around 20%.

There was the holiday advantage yesterday which benefited Shivaay more rather than ADHM. So a drop was bound to happen on Wednesday. Luckily it has more chance to improve in the evening when the family audience will come out in big numbers.

Diwali effect would be there in some places but the holidays are over. The real word of mouth will come into play now and this would be visibleĀ in collections too.

Tell us what do you think about Shivaay Wednesday box office collection in the comments section.


  1. Today shivaay – 3-5 cr.. Total – 70 cr….. Biggest disaster of this year… Today Adhm – 13 cr, total – 150 cr Super hit – prediction by Ad fan :) akshit bishwas

    • pawan kumar verma Reply

      u r biggest bullshit of india…………..u cannot predict even with 1%of accuracy

  2. frst Ajay fans….shivaay will open huge….. later…. on Monday it will cross 20 cr….. again later…. Tuesday we will surely pass adhm……now Ajay fans will say….wait for next week…the real destructn still to come..bolo har har har…ha ha…ROFL…..adhm is the clear winner……congrats Ranbir…kjo….

  3. 40% drop will give 6.6cr
    50% drop will give 5.5cr
    Krrish3 dropped 31% but it had better reception and momentum than Shivaay.

    I don’t think it will drop much more than 50%. 5-7cr is the minimum/maximum in my opinion.

    ADHM will drop 30-40% I think, giving 7.5-9cr as minimum/maximum.

    • Maybe because it’s actually a bad film and because Ajay isn’t a big star to bring audiance to theatres with a big budget movie if the content is not up to the mark…

      • Agreed he is not a big star but he is much much better actor out of his leage’s super star. In this movie also no one can question about his acting. Rather everyone blaming for its dragged climax and no one talking about its action visual cinematography chasing scenes which have never ever seen in Amy Bollywood movie. Your take on it.

    • Some reasons I can think of,

      1) ADHM had very successful music and gave the indication that KJo has hit his mark again. Multiplexes went for ADHM over Shivaay.

      2) Mass centers are more deeply affected by pre-Diwali celebrations and mixed word-of-mouth had spread by then. ADHM also had mixed reception but multiplexes, especially with advanced booking, gave a good start.

      3) Outside of Rohit Shetty films, only Son of Sardar had been big for Ajay. His last 5 films have been Drishayam – 75+ cr, AJ – 55+cr, Satyagraha – 60cr, Himmatwala – 45-50cr, Singham Returns – 140cr
      If this was Ajay-Rohit vs KJo-Ranbir, it would have been a more even match.

      4) Thursday night, Ajay invited critics and press to review his film. They gave negative feedback which spread quickly. Press feedback for ADHM has been generally positive, despite mixed audience feedback, which let people give ADHM a chance.

      5) ADHM was a family film while Shivaay seemed too dark. Ajay should have learned from marketing of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. You need to show some humor in serious stories too. Shivaay had no talki promo, no side characters. It was an overdose of Ajay’s intensity which kept families away in A and B centers.

  4. competition between one man Mr. Ajay Devgan and huge star cast Ranbir, Ash, Anushka, Fawad, SRK, Karan johar and a very popular music along with very good reviews by critics. Still Ajay Devgn managed to give very tough competition to all of them. He is truly a Singham!
    By the way… Where is KRK? since Monday onwards, KRK ki bolti band ho gayi.

    • Srk sallu bhai bhai Reply

      Why everyone says like that one man army.
      Are u mad??
      You are saying that ajay is only actor in shivaay

    • True huge competition…
      Overseas 1st weekend collection as below
      Shivay : 3 crore
      ADHM : 42 crore..
      Huge compitetion..

    • KRK in a hide out first for his aas then for himself …2RsActorProducerDirector 1RsCritic and 0RsPerson -0RsHumanBeung

  5. All traitors are supporting ADHM