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Shivaay 2nd Day Box Office Collection Estimates

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Shivaay 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Shivaay could not live up to the expectations on opening day as the box office figures were low. Now there was no growth on Saturday as it remained flat. As per the early trends, Shivaay 2nd day collection will be in the range of 8.5-9 crore.

The film even dropped at some of the places and was way below the mark in others. There was a lot of scope of growth on Saturday especially in the metros but it could not recover much. Mass and small circuits continue to be affected by pre-Diwali period. Shivaay will suffer in the whole weekend and has to wait for Monday to recover the damage as Diwali day has the potential of showing a huge jump.

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  • Day 1: 10.24*
  • Day 2: 8.5-9.0
  • Total: 19.24 Cr

*Producer numbers


  1. Daniella Bonetro Reply

    Definitely will pick up Monday. Adhm drop is more alarming since its a Plex movie and those big cities are more active pre diwali. On the other hand Shivaay word of mouth is fantastic ignoring critics 7.6 imdb rating for an Action movie says it all. His ego is responsible a little too but no doubt by Monday that will be a foregone story. Kjo Ranbiri Anuksksha have been saved by Pritam, controversy and Ajay initial ego if not same Bombay Velvet trio is poor. Kjo best movies are with Shah Rukh khan ,you can’t even compare them with this! Karan should be more inspirational especially looking at his directorial pedigree from past. Shivaay will shoot up it has word of mouth and many of those who hadn’t watch Shivaay definitely will not want to miss it no matter how they may be critical towards Ajay Devgan.

    • 100% agree with you…!! Besides a few critics all other gave positive reviews for various reasons. Whereas, Shivaay audience WoM is positive it will surely pick up in days to come..!!

  2. 10.24 + 9 + 9.76 + 14.5 = 43.5cr 4-day
    62cr week 1
    85cr lifetime – flop

    • A Proud Indian Reply

      bahut bada pandit hai ye,. public to paagal baithi yha, ye khud hi bta deta kaun fop kaun hit
      hum logo ko paagal bnaane k liye paid media kya kya nhi krti
      Jaago Grahak Jaago

  3. Balika Bad-hu Reply

    Shivaay Flat on Saturday & ADHM Little Growth on Saturday in Pre Diwali Weekend.

    That Means Shivaay is Going to Be a Flop if Something Really Surprise Don’t happen with The 10 Minutes Short Shivaay On Sunday & Monday.

    • A Proud Indian Reply

      wow great
      even trade figures comes next day 10 am
      but ppl like you, spent few hours n roam in 248 cities to knw it goes flat in theater
      a salute to another paid media person

  4. Watched ADHM today and i think it was a below average movie, I think it was stretched too long. In terms of acting: Ranbir was fantastic and i think he should be nominated for best actor of the year, and yes there is no doubt that he is the best actor in the younger generation of Bollywood. Anushka Sharma was good, Aishwariya was very pretty in her 15-20min role. There were cameos by SRK and Alia. The crowd went wild when SRK made an entry! Fawad Khan was good. The direction was below average. I think this is one of the weakest movies of Karan Johar. It is a multiplex oriented movie which will be loved by youth. I’ll rate it 2.5/5! I think it will cross 100cr.
    Will be watching Shivaay tmrw.

  5. Shivaay is Worth watching – on cinematography and stunts.
    Firstly I liked about the movie was cinematography and action and stunts which made me to bring to theater. But after watching the movie oh god;;; WHAT A HEART WARMING MOVIE IT IS.
    Action shoot of the scenes like struggle of a father to his daughter is really very well depicted.The subject of the film is really heart touching. This movies does not have great expensive costumes and Hawaii, but movie made from heart and Feel. Action scenes are marvelous. One message I want to take away from this film is: NOT ALL THE EVILS EXIST ONLY IN India AS MOST PRO PAK LIBERAL NASHEDI FILMMAKERS WOULD WANT US TO BELIEVE…THERE ARE A LOT SAD SICK AND MORBID PLACES IN THE WORLD NAMELY BULGARIA…CHILD TRAFFICKING AT ITS BEST\” Ajay has actually given his whole heart to the movie.

  6. 2nd day groth of ADHM and drop of Shivaay indicates which film jump better on Monday,
    ADHM 135-150cr(super hit)
    Shivaay 55-60cr(Disaster)

  7. Naved Raza Reply

    just watched #Adhm . one of the best oh the year. Ranbir n Anushka are soul of movie . dialogues n screenplay is the best. we audience clapped at last for adhm.

  8. Devesh Bhadouriya Reply

    Indians watch Hollywood action movies very eagerly but when a Bollywood movie like Shivaay is made, the only movie that can compete with Hollywood then they don’t watch that they go to watch the movie that is made on 3 decade old concept or mix version of so many movies.

    • Lallan Mathew Reply

      100% correct. uneducated audience doe snot deserve Shivaay type movie.

  9. ClemK (aka Raj-2.0) Reply

    Stop dreaming guys, Shivaay won’t bounce back on Monday, it will flop badly. And of course, with trade saying 8,5 cr, we can expect fake Ajay to give 15+ cr figure on day 2 :P

  10. AD is biggest fool ,Kis Hisab se apni movie k budget itni high rkha uska level 40-50cr budget bahut h
    movie chahe kitni v achi hoti 150cr ki movie bana kr AD 200cr kvi nhi kama Sakta

  11. Faisal Shaikh Reply

    Watched shivaay!! What a movie it is truly based on the father and a daughter relation. I never thought it can be so emotional watching shivaay. Shivaay is the man who went through all the circustances and crossed all the limits to get her daughter back. And all the way its an visual delight for filmgoers but this time by bollywood nt frm hollywood. A must watch movie it is. Hats off ajay.😭😍😁

  12. Lallan Mathew Reply

    what a movie. what stunts, better than hollywood. if this movie flops, it will be shame on audience because then people will stop making good and innovative movies. Ajay tried something new and if he fails he will surely be depressed. But it is not his failure, it is the failure of uneducated audience.