Shahrukh Khan and Anand L Rai’s next film has been titled as Zero. Shahrukh Khan is playing a dwarf the film. The makers also released a short promo and the release date has been fixed to 21 December 2018.

Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hain, Life bana dete hain!
Happyย #2ZERO18!


      • Coming to movie zero
        Jiske peeche laga dete hai life bana dete hai
        Toh minus 1 ke peeche laga lo
        Aur dekho apne superstar Srk ki stardom hit karane ke liye sabhi heroine ka guest appearance kara diya but then also it will be disaster

        • Tharki roric!

          Lol I can’t believe you just asked a random girl to spend the new years eve with you!

          I don’t know about India but that’s not how it works in UK!

          Lisa be careful!

      • SRK pagal ho gya hai….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        SRK fan , ydi tum SRK ka bhala chahte ho to name change karwao….

        Esme SRK vhi roll kr rha h , jo salman ka tubelite me tha……oosme oose sab tubelite khte the….

        Or esme…..Zero๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚….

        Ye movie 150 crore se jyada nhi karegi….

        Dwarf tital ese 250 crore tak le ja skta tha…

        Dekhte h , ye zero ,Hero kese bnta h

    • SRK experimented before and failed ,
      But SRK experimented again because he believes in himself , Jisko apne aap pe belief nahi hota wo Masala Films krta hai,
      You know whom i am referring to ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚??

    • Im just loving it weather it can be khans,kumar,devgn,kapoor. If movie is entertaining i dont care about box office results, this one looks good congratulations to all srkian hope this will be big winner….from tru akki fan..

    • If this movie collects 200cr it will be called just about hit or average! But I still want Shah Rukh Khan even after this to stick to doing something different every time! Because at the end of his career, I can say he tried and tried something new with every movie!

      Wish I could say the same for other stars! I’m not including Aamir Khan because his script sense is ๐Ÿ‘Œ

      • agree…

        though to SRK’s credit both FAN and RAEES were something different he tried….

        He mustn’t be discouraged by lack of nos though!!

      • To fir tere hero ko bol…

        Dhobi ghat or Talaash jesi movie bnaye…

        Kyo vh bhikh mangne jata h , aanand rai jese directer k pass ??

        Kyo vh DDLJ ki success repeat karne k liye….Dilwale or jhms jesi movie bnata h ??

        Jab movie fail ho jati h….to choice ka rona rote h FAN….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Haha zyada se zyada 175cr vo bhi Christmas ki vajah se ..Srk ki aukaat kaha 3 movie 300cr dene ki vo to ab 200cr bhi nahi de paega kabhi
      Or ye Srk vfx vfx kya kar rhe ..Naya cheez ijaad Kia hai inhone kya haha vfx ab kya hai ? Haha …Salman bhai ne jis tarah action Kia Vaisa Srk sapne me bhi nahi kr skta

      • Then tell your Salman bhai to use some vfx on his acting as well because it sucks!

        Even Hollywood vfx can’t fix Salman Khans acting!

    • People who say clash with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, what would happen if Raees clashed with Tubelight on Eid! Would that mean Salman Khan days are over?!

  1. Awesome teaser . This will be a sureshot blockbuster . SRK is coming with something fresh . Lifetime = 300cr plus
    Eagerly waiting for Padman , 2.0 , Gold and Zero.

    • Ye movie pure commercial movie movie me entertainment comedy emotion love SB hai
      Or SRK ka character bhut interesting hai

    • Srk bad phase (2015-2017 ) me bhi risky or ek dum alag role kr rha ..risk le rha isko kehte hai actor ..Srk chahta to Vikram vedha ka remake accept kr ke movie kar skta tha vo movie non holiday me bhi 200cr + krti fir v Srk ne reject Kia

      Ra one
      My name is Khan
      Zero ..

    • Ye to bas song ka chota sa glimpse hai

      Ab dekho zero tabahi karega box office pe ..mass or class dono audince ke liye hai ye movie ..universally accepted movie hai entertainment movie hai

      Vo choro just look at VFX se bhi 10 Guna achaa VFX hai ..Srk Bollywood me hamesha kuch Naya krna chahta hai

      • Ye vfx kya hai ab ? Srk fans ne Naya word ijaad Kia hai kya hahaha vfx? lol ..ek or semi hit 160cr ..Salman jaisa action movies Srk sapne me bhi nahi kr skta ..Salman 3 movie 300cr hai Srk ka aukaat ab 200cr krne ka bhi nahi haha

      • Ab ye Srk fans vfx vfx kya kar rhe ? Ye vfx kya hai be ab ? Hahaha Srk fans ne Naya word ijaad Kia hai vfx haha kon sa word hai..Salman 3 movie 300cr or SRK ke pass ghanta 300cr haha lol

    • This movie is sureshot content winner

      Kedarnath pospone ..simmba Oct nov me pospone ho jaegi
      Christmas 2018 me box office me storm aaega

    • Versatility ..Srk SB role perfectly kr leta hai .dwarf ka role dekho Srk ka ..kitna achaa VFX hai
      Srk challenging role krne se darta nahi name is Khan fan zero

      Or.srk hamega kuch new krna chahta hai ..Ra one 1st superhero movie tha Bollywood ka jisme VFX or CGI tha itna

      Krrish superhero movie nahi tha Krrish 3 tha superhero movie

  2. what happen to you @Bollyarena
    Is there a server problem?

    kyunki aaj kal TZH ke karan bahot lashe bich gayi hai..
    toh server pe obviously load aya hoga..

    • @Parshay Rani….yes first weekend me hume 125/130 cr chaye laashe bich jani hai tickets ke liye..
      …lifetime tu dosre factor pe depend hota hai….Hindi medium opening 3cr lifetime 70cr…..dangal opening 26cr lifetime 380cr….director…

      when Amir will break lifetime of Sairat or Hindi medium?????

      • Abe gawaar diwali pe aamir srk ke domain ke ghus ke srk ko pitega. Srk ki aukaat Kya hai. Dekho kaise besharm ki tarah chaddi pehen ke party me naach raha hai bechara dwarf. LOL. Srk trolled himself and his fambase. Next year zero ka haal box office pe bhi zero hoga. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. TOH will do minimum 400 cr even in worst case. Likh le beta. And zero will not get a solo release. Kedaarnath or zimba will clash with zero.

      • Ha bhai salman aur sharukh ka saare fans khudkhushi kr lenge…. Toh ki collection dhk ka ….. Aamir akela dono pa bhari ha…. Collection wise bhi aur content me to bcha ha sb aamir ka

        • TOH is a diwali release and what the last diwali release which went on to be HGOTY was SRK’s OSO back in 2007. That’s why my bet is on ZERO.

        • TOH is a diwali release and the last diwali release which went on to be HGOTY was SRKโ€™s OSO back in 2007. Thatโ€™s why my bet is on ZERO.

      • TOH will be HGOTY you moron. Race 3 won’t be even in top 10.
        1. TOH-520 cr
        2. Padmavati- 250 cr+
        3. Dutt biopic-200 cr+
        4. 2.0 hindi version-180 cr
        5. Total dhamaal-165 cr
        6. Gold-135 cr
        7. Zero-120 cr
        8. Raid-110 cr
        9. Super 30-100 cr
        10. Race 3-80 cr

        • The problem with these sites is morons like you talk non-sense and rubbish all the time yet call others moron. The amount you mentioned for ZERO will be surpassed within a week,you stupid.

        • My predictions :-
          1. TOH = 330cr
          2. Padmavati = 160cr
          3. Dutt Biopic = 170cr
          4. 2.0 hindi = 300cr
          5. Total Dhamaal = 115cr
          6. Gold = 185cr
          7. Zero = 285cr
          8. Raid = 65cr
          9. Super 30 = 90cr
          10. Race 3 = 260cr
          11. Padman = 160cr

      • Time will tell. But one thing is sure that race3 wont be the top grosser 0f 2018 coz amir has TOH and its evident from last 10 years that salman couldn’t give HGOTY when amir had a commercial release in the same year.

  3. With Tzh there will be 5 300cr grossers till now.


    In 2018 Alone,
    5 movies have potencial to enter in 300cr grossers club


    akshay, srk and ranvir may enter in this club by 2018,

  4. Unbiased Opinion:
    This looks amazing. I was thinking it will be very difficult for SRK to comeback now but looking at this small energetic promo, I think this year will end with a bang.
    Anti SRKians will say this looks like Fan2 but believe me it is not. The positive vibe that this genrates is really something. I went and made my freinds see this and nobody could stop themselves from smiling during the dance steps of SRK.
    I love Anand L Rai and I think he knows his cinema well. I really dont think he will disappoint. SRK has a winner in his hands this time.

  5. Indirect meanings
    srkay’s fan base is zero without yrf-dhrma and paid news given in magazines like filmfare
    shahcook’s talent is zero

    • According to auto vala fan base srk ko dharma production ne banaya ..dharma production ke career ka 1st movie flop tha or 2nd movie kuch kuch hota hai tha 1998 me or srk 1995 me hi bhut bara superstar ban gaya tha ..mtlb ek naya naya aaya production house ek already supertar ka career banaya ..waaah …salman fans jahil gawaar fan base

    • Go and ask yrf and Dharma

      Who made them the biggest brands today?

      Without Shah Rukh Khan, Dharma and YRF would not have made it to the top!

      Rajshri on the other hand is definitely responsible for making Salman a superstar!

  6. Biggest DISASTERS of 2018
    1. ZERO=SRK’s Stardom
    2. Thugs of lilput

    But still top-3 hgoty
    -Race 3
    -TOH(But still BELOW AVG to Disaster, Diwali may save)
    Waiting for classic #Kedarnath!!!
    Sushant singh Rajput!!! U are the best

      • @parshya how dare you to call him tiger. Don’t you know he is chuha????? For us all sallu fans and sallu himself is chuha. So next time be careful about that.

    • @Sallu Liliput chuha hai Abe gawaar worry about Liliput’s race. Saif’ s race franchise will be ruined thanks to Liliput lallu non actor. TOH will crush Liliput ki race in pieces in just first weekend alone.

      Top 5 grossers
      1. TOH
      2. Padmavati
      3. Dutt
      4. 2.0
      5. Total dhamaal

      10. Liliput ki race 3 thanks to eid it will be in top 10 otherwise it will not be even in top 10. But we never know sometimes even eid doesn’t save our Liliput like last year when eid betrayed Liliput with fuselight and now our Liliput lallu is cashing on Bollywood’s Baap Aamir khan’s made Christmas. LOL.

  7. Zero looks like another over acting over dose like pankhaa

    day 1-zero

    R.I.P zero khan

  8. Zero khan,flop khan shaloo khan already startd promoting his latest crap…outdatd khan needs year long promotions to cross the 50 cr mark eg:exhaust fan and rabies

  9. hope the vfx gets more polished in the end product

    anyway to all the bollyarena guys wishing you a happy new year hope yours stars movies get to be blockbusters and to all aamirians all time blockbuster

  10. bolne ko shabad hi nahi hai…..300cr tu yu hu jayege 400/500 bhi possible hai….Massy film…

    • Compounder Jahangir khan ha ha ha. 300 cr. Abhi 150 cr to cross karo pehle. Aukaat jab 150 cr ki nahi to 300 cr yu hi cross karne ke sapne mat dekh Compounder. Keep serving your doctor and don’t come here.

    • Bara irritate krta hai ye aaltu faaltu comments se bhara rehta hai Iska comment

      Zero aa rha hai storm le ke Christmas 2018 me

  11. yaar ye 21 dec 2018….kab aayegi….kab aayegi….pora theater booked hai….poora mumbai booked….

    • G@@ndu bhikhari Jahangir aamir has megastardom and his stardom is biggest which ensures minimum 300 cr each time something which your hakla and even lallu doesn’t so shut your mouth. Oops I forgot that your hakla struggles to cross even 60 cr at box office. Poor tiny fanless actor shahrukh. So sad for him. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Hope he achieves few fans at least unless he will remain fanless actor with some Ekka dukka fan like you. LOL.

  12. Awesome promo !!

    Honestly was expecting some serious, boring stuff but this was a truly entertaining promo. Fabulous choice of the energetic old song โ€œHum ko tum pe pyar ayaโ€ in the background. Surely would be Aanand Raiโ€™s idea.

    Anyways we have seen before smashing teasers of Fan and Raees but the movies didnโ€™t live up to the promos. Hopes are high due to Aanand Rai factor. But I would wait for the trailer and keep expectations in check.

    Will be happy if it can cross 250 cr as Simbaa releases after one week. Whatever happens at box office I have 2 wishes:

    1. The movie proves to be a quality one and wins the appreciation of masses. SRKโ€™s movie choices have been poor so I hope he wins back the trust and respect of audience with this movie.

    2. And I really hope Red Chillies does not bombard with stupid and un-necessary marketing promos. JHMS was a disaster not just b.o. wise but marketing wise too. Keep it less and effective. We have seen Dangal, TZH doing great biz without in your face marketing.

  13. seriously i was depresses when SRK doing this dwarf project…but after watching mind blowing teaser….hats of to Mr ANAND L RAI vision and Red Chillies VFX…..more than SRK….this time Director wins…

    • If you ever got depressed by hearing the the dwarf project then i must say you know nothing about bollywood. Aanand Rai is the most trustable director in bollywood after Hirani. I’m quite sure you have missed most of the movies produced or directed by anand Rai.

      • dear I trust Ananad Sir work..i have seen Ranjhana and Tanu weds series….but sometime big director also fails due to super stars mega stardom…Rohit Dilwale and kabir Khan Tubelight is best example…even Yash chopra failed with Amir Prampara…Disaster

  14. Looks great, energetic and entertaining
    King is back
    Hum jiske piche lag jate hain, life bna dete hai- supererrbbb

    • @Karan Singh

      Makes sense to me, I mean the movie dialogue;

      Most of the top heroines today in Bollywood have only been able to become it because they worked with SRK!

      Believe it or not, Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone are big actresses due to their own hardwork and Shah Rukh Khan!

      Katrina Kaif was taken to a whole new level only after JTHJ!

      Sonam Kapoor and Vidya balan both dying to work with him because they know a certain Mark can’t be reached in Bollywood unless you work with SRK as his lead heroine!

  15. insecure sallu fans get a life haters you r born for hate srk yours life mantra is only to hate srk why r you so desperate dear. why r u always spread hates comments for srk even today sallu is going to good phase but instead of enjoying the success of sallu u are busy to spreading negativity around srk who is going to one of the worst phase of his carrer but still soo much insecurities in mind of so called tiger’s fans wait dear this is just beginning

    ye darr accha laga dar hona chahiye haha… just like ur idol we have example like just one fail movie on 26 jan jai ho he never dare to came outside festive period same after bajarangi bhaijan when he fail to cash emotion he back with sequals back to back like tzh , race3, dabbang3 haha bhaai ke stardum ko south remakes ke baad ek baar phir sequal action ka support lena pad raha h arey be a man u r a mega star so why are u so frightened just after one failure may be just a lighter note

    some time earlier you said in an interview that tubelight light is not for “launda lapaade” and than u saw the collection on huge eid weekend u suddenly realised that your’s fan base and start to make movies again for “launda lapaade ” lol..

    i respect salman but above statement is for some of his dum fans

  16. Not very interesting… Expected a lot & got disappointed.. & It looks quite a risky project now & if it doesn’t manage a solo festive release, danger is ahead! (bcoz budget seems to be quite high due to extreme VFX)

  17. @Vicky
    We SRK fans have no problem with Aamir. We only have problem with Liliput Lallu whose film RACE 3 will be a disaster. It is @Parshya who is unnecessarily dragging fan war
    Humne to dangal ke time pai positivity hi ki hai

  18. Anand rai is only director after Raju Hirani who can give best cinema in bollywood.
    Stardom of SRK will give start and class of Anand Rai will give long run to ZERO.
    Means first 500 cr bollywood movie is on the way.

  19. What a Teaser of Zero Amazing , Fantsastic No Words To What a Brilliant Look of SRK Credit Goes To Director Aanand L Rai & SRK Sir Red Chillies For Doing Such a Very Good VFX in The Film If The Film Get Clashed With Any Film ZERO Has Chanced To Do Above 220 + Crore Easily & Might Be ZERO Film Get Solo Release So No Doubt SRK Film Was Do a Tremendous Businesss of Above 340 + Crore if Simbaa Get Postponed
    Firstly Padman – 100+ Crore
    Padmavat – 215 Crore
    October – 100 Crore
    Robot 2 – Hindi Version – 130 Crore
    Baaghi 2 – 105 + Crore
    Race 3 – 250 Crore
    Gold – 145 Crore
    Thugs of Hindostan – 350 Crore
    Super 30 – 90 Crore
    Total Dhamaal – 105 Crore

  20. Director Aanand L Rai, who unveiled the title of his Shah Rukh Khan starrer today, said their film ‘Zero’ celebrates the incompleteness in people. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in an unusual avatar – that of a dwarf in the movie.

    “I wanted to celebrate ‘Zero’, I wanted to celebrate the incompleteness in people. There is nothing great in being a complete person. There is a beauty to incompleteness. We all are humans and ‘Zero’ comes from there,” Rai said in an interview. The actor and the director today took to the social media to give a sneak peak into the movie.

    Rai said they are still in the middle of making the film but decided to unveil the title on popular demand as there was a lot of curiosity surrounding Shah Rukh’s role. “Though we are one year away from the release, the film is already getting so much love. So Khan sahab and I decided to give something to fans. It is purely out of the love and affection that we are getting from the fans.”

    “They (fans) are carrying an image in their mind and it is not exactly what we have in the film. When we were working on it we did not know it (dwarf part) will look this way. I want to replace that image with the right image. The film’s USP is Shah Rukh’s performance,” he said.

    The film is set to be released on December 21 this year. Rai promised that they will keep sharing details about the film at regular intervals. “There should be a synergy between the makers and the audience. I don’t want to create a gap. I need encouragement from the audience as you feel positive at work. It is very hectic but it is keeping us happy.”

    The teaser starts with adjectives like ‘Paagal’ (mad), ‘Aashiq’, ‘Makaar’ (schemer), ‘Shayar’ (poet), which hints at the various shades of SRK’s part in the movie. Rai says Shah Rukh is a “sure” actor and likes to keep things on edge.

    “I think I can do something like this only with a great actor like Shah Rukh. He is a very sure actor, he knows what he is doing and getting into. He has got a maker in him and likes to put things on edge and this is a brilliant thing.”

    “I can ask for anything from this actor. With words like ‘pagal’, ‘shayar’ and ‘aashiq’.. I think this is how we are in real life, a combination of different emotions.” The film also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.


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