Shahrukh Khan welcomed by thousands of fans in Dubai: PICS

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Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma were in the UAE as part of a promotional tour for their latest flick Jab Harry Met Sejal. The pair visited malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and were greeted by thousands of cheering fans.

They headed to Dubai Mall where a throng of fans left both Anushka and Shah Rukh stunned. The mall was literally jampacked as fans of all ages and nationalities pushed against the barricades and screeched his name to gain his attention. The duo made it to centre stage at the Dalma Mall, and danced to the tune of ‘Beech Beech Mein’ playing in the background.

Reportedly there were more than 25,000 fans gathered at the event. A pair of German fans said they’d camped at the mall from 10am. Another fan, from Pakistan, even left his job interview with a telecommunication company to meet his idol. “I have seen him for the first time, so close. I have always heard about him, like he is so decent and good, and that is what we saw. He proved to be that. Now I have more better affection for him than I had before.”

Sunny Srivastana, a 28-year-old retail worker India at the mall, said fans began arriving at around 3:30pm or 4pm. He said it was thrilling to have a home-grown Indian superstar visit the capital.  “I have seen all the movies,” said Mr Srivastana. “He is iconic.” Nowshin Khaleque, a 28-year-old Bangladeshi who attended with her two friends, said SRK was a “superstar. He is called King Khan. This guy is the man of romance. He is the king of romance.”

SRK also talked about the film during a press conference there. “I don’t want to give away too much. But the line that says ‘what you seek is seeking you’ tells you that there’s a bit of soul-searching in this film and it’s about a man who isn’t sure about what he is looking for.”

Check out some of the pics and videos.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the movie is set to release on August 4.

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    • to kya abi delhi pacific maal mein sidharth malhotra aaya tha isse bhi jyada bheed thi wahan…nothing special

  1. Sirf NRI’s aur Indian diaspora.A desi star,these can never become a Global star like Aamir.

    • LOL, with 5 overseas blockbusters(that too after 2009), Aamir is a Global star..?? If he went there, not even 500 fans will gather.

      • Bewkoof jaahil,500 ki baat kar raha hai.Asli OS territory china mein dangal ka 4.31cr footfalls hai.

        • LOL, in China Mermaid without any star made the highest grossing film. So Bauna is a smaller star than Mermaid stars..??? In which country do 5 overseas in 28 years make one a superstar..??

          • I am talking abt Overseas(Non-Indians)all which u r talking abt as OS is just NRI driven star.
            Bewkoof tere ko kuch pata hai Mermaid ka director kaun hai, Stephen cow aur woh kitna bada star hai china mein woh tu khud dekhle.mermaid china ki biggest hit ever hai.

            27M$ highest OS LT Grosser hai NRI star ka.
            China mein 1 din mein 16M$ kiya tha dangal ne.
            chillar chllar colln karti hai asli OS mein Hakle ki movies.

            SRK in China
            Combined gross of MNIK+HNY+Fan<1M$.
            Laanat hai.itna bhi NRI's ki wajah se samjha.

            • Abey gawar, Bauna took 14 years to cross DDLJ’s overseas collection. If he was a big star why did he take birth in 2009 in overseas..?? Why does he have only 5 overseas blockbusters…?? 35000 people around a single mall, all are NRI ‘s..?? Perhaps Barack Obama, James Cameron, The ARabs, the Pakistanis, THe bangladeshis, the srilankan, the Indonesian, malaysian , the asian germans are all NRI’s..?? Get yourself properly informed first..!!

              • Robert Dinero vs Aamir khan Reply

                I wonder where these fan vanish when it comes to watching the movie in theatre. If your “hakla”(which I didnt want to use but its tit for tat) is a global superstar which his fan regularly claims to be, why does not it convert into theatre. I mean even your most celebrated DDLJ comes nowhere near the average grosser hollywood movie. It seems like srk fan only know to bark on internet, instead it would be better for them to go and watch theirn idol’s movie in theatre otherwise he is soon to be vanished from industry if his movie continues to flop as same JHMS did.

          • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


            tuje sab gawaar hi dikhte h ??

            srk ki 3 movie ne milkar b 1 million nhi kiya……….😂😂😂😂😂

            GOBAR STAR srk 😂😂😂👎👎👎

            or gochu…marmaid 25000 se b jyada screens par release hui thi😡

            Or Dangal 5 month bad release hui thi….

            Gavar tere Srk ki universal apeal ,NRI movie bhi…sirf 50lakh kma ski😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

            Or etni NRI crowd k liye….b srk ne kitna promotion kiya hoga😂😂👎👎

        • mukesh kumar Reply

          Dangal ko promote karne aamir jab china gya to maine bhi dekha wahan 100 se jyada log nahi the film ka chalna alag baat hoti hai

          • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

            Abe khajur @chandra prakash urff @raj_kumar

            bhai vo china h , tere NRI Dubai Mall nhi .

            or tene dhang se photo nhi dekhe h , mene to china k thousends fan k sath photo dekhe h….

            vese Srk kyo film nhi chala pata….1 million b kyo nhi kr pata…etne fan hone k bavjud😂😂😂

          • prince sharma Reply

            srk ki fan following jyada hai aamir why his films not earn 100m$ in OS. AAMIR MOVIE EARN 200m with content. So srk ji ki movie bina content 100m$ toh kare

          • prince sharma Reply

            @bollyarena pe article padle AAMIR get more followers than many big holly stars on weibo chinese twitter in just 30 hours. Jackie chan said he became fan of aamir after 3I. Leading lady of china LUI YUI FI express her desire to work with aamir.

            • Jackie Chan also said he is a fan of SRK in San Fransisco film festival via phone. And how many films of Aamir has crossed 100 million?

              • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


                vo jackie chan se force kr ke bulwaya hoga….

                …jese Anushka se tarife karwayi thi….

                srk ki Tarife b srk ki tarah fake h😂😜

                Aamir k liye har Tarif dil se nikalti h….💋💕💓💜💛💚💗💘💝💞💟

                • Abey bhojpuri, don’t come with your bhojpuri made-up stories. THe whole world praises SRK.ALl the actresses love SRK. He isn’t worthless like your Bauna.

                  • Dangal boy Reply


                    You just remember one thing AAMIR BHAI is a Mega Global star….. SRK is his DOG…… Aamir bhai has brought Indian film industry to the world….. Indian film industry is recognized in the world because of Aamir bhai not because of paid media star SRK…JHMS will be just another crap movie of Imtiaz Ali with crap SRK and Anushka

                    • LOL, bauna is a mega global star..?? The same Bauna who chased DDLJ overseas for 14 years..?? SRK is the only Global Icon of Bollywood.

    • Nri or indians mtlb 36000 the us mall me na ?..once a jahil gawaar always a jahil gawaar..china ne Dangal kya kama lia ye log jahil gawaar pata nahi kya kya soch liye …China me aamir ki vajah se dangka utna nahi kamaya movie ki vajah se kamaya ….bol aise rha jaise aamir ka sb movie utna kamata hai

      Pk & Dangal ko extra ordinary positive review Mila fir v 30M $ (excluding China )
      Srk ka dilwale clash hua or average rating me 27M $ ..hahaha ab khud soch le

      • Gawaar,Why exclude china? Wahi to asli OS territory hai.Tum log jaahil ke jaahil hi rahoge.All SRK OS gross is coz of NRI’s that’s what i was saying.Asli OS territory mein kya kiya SRK ne.

        • Saurabh Dangal bas china ne utna kama lia .ye v dekh srk ka movie China me release nahi hua ..bas HNY or fan hua vo bhi 100 screens bhi nahi ..Dangal ko 7000 screens mili thi china ne or bhi or zyada increase ho gayi thi ….

          • Dangal boy Reply


            Abey tu prove kar raha hai ki tu sirf jaahil hi nahi anpad, gawar aur dehati hai , aur yeh sab qualities SRK main hai……. CHINA iss duniya ka hissa nahi hai kya? Doosri baat har koi apni movie China main nahi release kar sakta….. Aamir bhai apne dum China movie release karte hai…… Chinese loves his intellectual quality….. Jo quality SRK kabhi nahi thi….. SRK is only famous in handful of NRIs and it will soon get diminished……. Thirdly Aamir bhai has opened the Chinese market for other Indian movies….. Till last year only two Indian movies were allowed to release in China….. But after seeing the overwhelming performance of DANGAL It has increased to four….. Still I bet you no SRK movies will be allowed to release in China….. Because he is big SHIT

        • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

          If that’s the case then Hollywood doesn’t really have a overseas territory because they release thier movies in English which is widely spoken all around the world!

          Excuse me? Can you please show
          Me any video of Aamir Khan being thronged by Fans in China

          No doubt Aamir Khan is more famous than some Hollywood stars in China and is the most famous Indian star in China after Mithun!

      • prince sharma Reply

        beta 40,000 screens hai china mein 100 pe kise ko pata nahi chalega koi movie release hua hai. Go search in GOOGLE “Happy new year movie in china 5000 screens” tere ko tera answer mil jayega. Fan 1500-2000 screens mein release hui thi. 7000 screens stardom ke dam par mile hai. Agle bar kya pata 20,000 mil jaye kon janta hai

        • Waah mtlb kuch bhi aaj dikh Gaya kitna bare gawar ho tum sb ..USA Me 60000 screens hai total fir v sb Bollywood movie ko. Bas 200 300 screens kyu milti hai ab bol …itna jahil vala baat kia hai ye Prince Sharma ..abe distributor pe depend krta hai

      • prince sharma Reply

        @bollywood bro [OS maket definition: movies released outside the domestic market in other countries are called OS market.] Srk kuch nahi kar sakta china mein exclude the china. Why? China is on planet mars dont act like bhaitard. Holly movie earn more than 500m$ in OS by combining collection of all countries

      • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


        1st 10mil , 15 ,20 ,30 ,35 ,40 ,45 ,50,…..50-100

        100-200mil…200-230 mil….AMIR K NAAM H😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


        Lameo srk , orSrk k Fan…..North america , austrelia , UK , UAE (salman k bad Aamir ) , Newzeeland….

        Sab jagah Aamir hi Top pr h😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

        Fir kon hua OS ka king…

        SRK Lameo….3-4 crore se OS bb dene vala😁😂😀😛😛😛😜😜😜😝😝

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      @saurab don’t give that bullshit there’s hardly any Indians there, is mostly Arabs and people from Other countries countries,

      Remember one thing that even
      Aamir Khan hasn’t really touched the main audience which is white people
      And black people because Chinese people are classed as ASIANS!

      Shah Rukh Khan obv has given huge hits in Africa and South Africa where his movies like KKHH was a bigger hit than Titanic!

      But they don’t show that on media! Because srk has gained so much popularity over the years it’s nothing new for the media but when Aamir Khan does it, it is new because he was born in 2008!