Shahrukh Khan: Unfortunate that people get negatively affected by films

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on February 16 said no filmmaker makes a movie with an intention to inspire people in a negative way and it is sad that sometimes viewers get influenced to do wrong things by watching films.

In the backdrop of NCR kidnapping case where the police claimed the accused was inspired by Shah Rukh’s 1993 drama ‘Darr’, the actor was asked about the effects of celebrities on fans.

“Celebrities do have an amazing effect on fans. I feel we affect people more positively and less negatively…Our work influences them in a bigger way than we think. No filmmaker tells a story to inspire anything negative in people. There are times when people get negatively affected. It is unfortunate,” Shah Rukh told reporters in Delhi.

“‘Darr’ was a story of this obsessive lover, who can give life for the woman he loves and he does. It wasn’t meant to inspire negative things. But I do feel our film touch poeple’s lives,” he said at the press conference held post launch of a song from his upcoming film “Fan”.

The obsessive stalker with a criminal past that includes three murder cases was arrested on Monday for masterminding the kidnapping.

The stalker, who is married, was convinced he was in love with Dipti Sarna, the 24-year-old Snapdeal employee whom he abducted in an auto on February 10 and let go, unhurt, two days later, apparently believing he had won her.

Police said the prime accused and mastermind of the plan had been following her for months and was inspired by “Darr”. The accused had made 150 recces, bought 2 autos and then kidnapped her.

Via Indian Express


  1. Salman Fan Reply

    He always prefer such movie which give negative impact on public Darr, Anjaam, Baazigar, Don, Don 2 and now he is doing Raees which is a story of a smuggler and he wants that people don’t get affect with it, how Srk? Such a Shame…

  2. haroonn1986 Reply

    Srk inspires me a lot bt its always in positive way. I hv learnt a lot of positive things frm srk movies. There is alwayz a lession in srk movies. Love u srk.

  3. SALMAN fan talking about bad influence? LOL Yh Srk In Real Life Drives Drunk And Kills Human And Also He Has Been Arrested For Hitting Women, Also Killing Bucks And Also Taking Pics With Indias Most Wanted Terrorist.. LOL Seriously Just Think Before You Write. RETARD Bhaitards

  4. Salman Fan Reply

    @king khan I know that my comment will hurt srk fans but trust me it’s not only srk but I also feel bad when I heard controversies about Salman khan. My point is, today people specially youngster don’t follow Mahatma Gandhi, they follow these celebrities more, so it’s their responsibility to convey right message through their actions….I am not a blind follower or fan of my star like you Srk fans….

    And for kind information Salman never hit any women and never get arrested….If he really misbehave or hit their ex’s than tell me why his all ex-girlfriends are still in touch with him (Katrina, Sangita B, Somi Ali even Aishwarya’s husband and father-in-law). And that Hit nd Run case so I think you forget that High Court acquits him from all charges he is a free man today, I think you know that sometimes peoples get framed by others so until you don’t know the full truth it’s better to keep your mouth shut, you cannot blame anyone just by reading gossips in newspaper and let the Indian Law do the justice. And still I say that if Salman Khan found guilty in supreme court then he should get the punishment for his crime, but until then just keep your mouth shut….

    And one more thing no one do charity like Salman Khan, he saves thousands of lives and give educations and food to thousands of children and every one knows this…Par vo khate hai na….People only see bad things in other no one want to see the good side of Salman Khan…..

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