Shahrukh Khan starts shooting for Aanand L Rai’s Dwarf film

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Shahrukh Khan, who last was seen in Raees has started the shoot for his next. The film which will star SRK as a dwarf is directed by Aanand L Rai.

The actor began shoot in Mumbai Film City. Aanand had said earlier, “When Kamal Haasan played the dwarf in Appu Raja, he had only his acting skills to rely on. Today, we’ve a lot of technical advancements at our disposal. We can experiment and innovate and make our character as credible as humanly possible.”

SRK also announced the same on Twitter. He wrote, Heat, hard work and happiness beckons to @aanandlrai sets.

The film is also likely to feature Katrina Kaif and is set for a Christmas 2018 release.


  1. Give him a solo holiday release and the you will see who can do 400 crores in bollywood.
    Srk – Anushka starrer will be 200 crore in India and 30 mln overseas

    • average movies are doing good bussiness with clashes –
      this movie should have good content and srk star power will make wonders at bo —500crores easily achievable –
      now akshay- ajay- hritik- sanjay leela bansali– dont come in between , this is special movie .

      • @vishal

        my name is khan…good content…bhul gya kya ??

        fan…ko b bhul gya….

        or en dono ka china clash bhul gya….50lakh hi kma payi….hollywood moviese ne kuchal dala….

        jabki Asmir ki Dangal…..3 hollywood 12 chinease movie ko kuchal chuki h…

        ese khte h …..clash king………

        srk ki tarah nhi… koi choti moti movie se clash kre…..vese 5 din baad 3000screen me occupancy kitni thi ???

        bas 15% thi…Raees ki??

        or 40 crore ka manipulation…

        • mukesh kumar Reply

          Pk ak itna hi bda glabal star hai aamir to usse kitne pha aur award mile hai foreign main bewkoof kahinka aamir jo role kerta hai o koi bhi ket sakta hai per srk ka role keval srk hi ker sakta hai

          • @mukesh kumar…


            bhai kitna hasaayega pagle…

            vakai me….jesi Over acting….fan , bazigar , darrr ,devdas , ashoka me…..srk ne ki h ….

            esi koi nhi kr skta ……

            aamir ki first movie …rakh….jesi acting…Srk ne pure cariar me nhi ki h………….

            baki movies ki baat chod de

            • Tu MELA dehk .Oscar nominated acting and story.Biggest blockbuster of the century.

            • King of Bollywood Reply

              @pk.ak my man your have come to the wrong territory, if you mess with people here you’d get beaten up, these are Shah Rukh Khan fans and you just do not mess with SRK fans!
              The king of Bollywood
              The greatest of all time
              King of romance
              King of overseas
              King Khan

              So many titles he has won

              And then you got one title winner : Mr. Perfectionist
              Lmao lol hahahahahah ???????????????????????????

              Even Salman Khan has got more than Aamir Khan

              Sultan of Bollywood
              And many more

              Aamir Khan is just a a few days guest he will be gone soon and so will you and @Parshya the *******

    • Srk will break record… Srk will… Srk will…
      Kayi salon se sunte aa raha hai….
      Abhi tak kuch hua nahi unse…

      • My name is khan ko Kon bhool sakta hein? 24 mln in overseas.
        Fan 85 crore non holiday and without songs.

      • Robi-the thug Reply

        @rehan ji,, o,ji Apka ye bate muje bohat pasand aya!!! Meri taraf se apko thanks,, truth is that srk never gonna be there where his fans are dreaming for,, salman got tube light, tiger, wanted. His movie might not be humongous but 350/400karegi,, Mr magician got mega thug,,, 3I sequel, Mahabharata. Srk baba ji ka,,, srk will be in news by guest appearance,, ipl, Hollywood star ke sathe interview,, srk tera kya hoga kaalia!!! Tum kuc karogi usee umid muje bhi tha, or kitne saal tumhara yeh fanlog if,, if,, if and will, will, will karta raheha! Dwarf Max 240agar solo ho to, definitely there will be clash

        • Tu apane future ke bare mein soch.Srk already secured his next 20 generation and he is trying to make it next 50.Fustrated souls.

    • King of Bollywood Reply

      Shah Rukh Khan : The GOAT ?
      What he’s done for Bollywood no man has ever done!
      Indian films = Shah Rukh Khan

  2. Srk doesn’t need holiday period to do 300 or 400 cr,nor does he need big budget film,but only he need good content film with universally appealing.Even he will be in league of Aamir & salman (for box office comparison otherwise he is one of the biggest superstar).

  3. iss article pe sallu fans kuch nahi bolenge kyunki unko pata hai agar kuch bakwas karenge to fusslight pit jayegi.

  4. Prashant abhishek Reply

    Anything below 300 crore will be a disappointment .SRK desperately needs a 300 crore grosser.

  5. 2018 ka Xmas…..pura kharaab hone wala h…..

    sbse jyada holiday pr release krne wala acter….srk…

    ….hny diwali k 5days hi chali….

  6. Prashant abhishek Reply

    @ pk, are u become mad ? This film will be 1st EDX release of him after Dilwale.Salman and Aamir always comes on Eid and xmas.this year Eid and xmas both taken by Salman.aur tu bolta hai ki SRK hamesha Holiday per aata !

    • …duniya me nya aaya h…

      bhai ab tk ki sabse jyada Diwali release Srk ki h…..

      Xmas par….Don2…trimurty….darr…Swadesh….dilwale release hui thi….

      jinme trimurty or Swadesh flop h….


      or ab to srk ko dig holiday ki date hi nhi mil rhi h…..

      or Raees b iid pr release hone wali thi….but salman ne vo leli…..bechare ko ab holiday b nhi milta….

      or srk 90% hits Diwali release h….

      • Haan!! Wese deewali pe andaaz apna apna to Blockbuster hua tha!!!
        Mela Eid pe aaya tha

      • Commented by a fan whose star is nothing without Christmas and China.

  7. Post about that SRK-Brad Pitt interview. Simply awsome!!! Rajeev masand’s channel

  8. Is site mein 2 bande kabhi nhi sudhrenge….
    Ek hai parshya aur dusra pk….
    Bahut acche Bhai log large rho….

  9. Hope this will be content oriented movie with universal appealing and solo release on Christmas 2018….

    • @prabhas

      muje pta h…tu phle srk fan tha…or ab bhi h….

      kb tk Bahubali k piche chupega…..nikal bahar

    • @prabhas

      muje pta h…tu phle srk fan tha…or ab bhi h….

      kb tk Bahubali k piche chupega…..nikal bahar….

      Dangal jesi movie dekh kar bhagta h….srk….kyoki esme koi romance nhi….koi masaala nhi

      • Robi -thug Reply

        @pk,,,U r r8!!!he actually puny king srk fan , ,,,, saram ani cye jab log trio khans ko abuse kya bahubali ke bad tab yeh fan prabas ki sahara liya,,, dangal he uski musk khol de

  10. honest man Reply

    i have just one question . which is the post ipl release of 2018? srk’s xmas releases always had a special relation ship with post ipl releases. ask any srk fan they will explain you.

  11. Prashant abhishek Reply

    next year Post IPL will be a dull period.Eid and post ipl 1st Friday will be only 2 weeks no big film will release After IPL .
    It is not necessary that every Christmas release of SRK will earn less than non holiday releases.This film will certainly work big and is potential 300 crore grosser.

  12. As much as I wish and want to see a SRK movie on repeat and being a die hard fan since my teens, I still wish that it’s gonna be a repeat watch or it’s gonna be 100-125-150 Crores for making it down the drain.

  13. I feel sad for them who r happy seeing SRK’s failure..bcoz when his good time will start he’ll destroy every single record..nd u’ll die of Jelausy!!(PERIOD)

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