Shahrukh Khan makes a loose comment on women; lands in a controversy

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Shahrukh Khan is often gets slammed for voicing his thoughts. The actor seems to have repeated the same mistake which Salman Khan did. Just recently he made a loose comment about women and how he likes them.

Shah Rukh Khan was at an event to release the book She Walks She Leads where he was speaking about how women shaped his life. After acknowledging every woman in his life, he went on to address and appreciate author Gunjan Jain for the work she did on the book. And the minute she stood up, he said, “You don’t have to stand up. Even if it’s politically incorrect, girls need to lie down when I talk to them.” Realising his mistake, he went on “I am joking… don’t take my…” He tried to quell the statement. And ended it with, amidst peals of laughter, “Just for this I am going to be in trouble now.”

Few days back Salman Khan had made an almost similar mistake. He had said that the strenuous exercise of Sultan made him feel like a raped woman. There was a huge outrage against this insensitive remark by the actor. Though both the actors made the statements in a light manner but we all know how our media operates.


  1. they always wants controversies….so that people concentrates on them….

  2. Shahrukh is the wittiest superstar..He certainly knows what he is speaking..He has fantastic sense of humor and in this incident also he has managed the situation with his sharp presence of mind..If this becomes controversy then it would be most ridiculous and time wasting thing..

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