Shahrukh Khan can play Wolverine: Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman is all set for his next film Logan which is releasing on March 3. It is one of the most awaited films due to Hugh’s last appearance as Wolverine.

Fans have been wondering that who will play Wolverine in the future films. Talking to Rajeev Masand, when Huge was asked the same question, he said “I think I’ll be fine with it. I hope other people play it. May be Shah Rukh Khan could play it.”

He further added, “The comic book series is so good because you have so many people interpreting this role. I think there are six origin stories. I’ll be really interested to see how I feel about it. I want it to be really great. But I don’t want it to be that much better than me. Just a little bit is fine. But if everyone is like ‘oh thank,’ I might find that little difficult.”

Hugh Jackman has earlier also stated that he is a fan of Shahrukh Khan. Logan is receiving rave reviews from the critics and is expected to be huge success at the box office.

Shahrukh Khan who is one of the most popular actors worldwide has recently been invited to guest star in an Internation TV show also.


    • SRK U.K Fans Base Reply

      Rajeev masand never told anyone
      You’ll be surprised about how many celebrities and countries know Bollywood because of Shah Rukh Khan
      Example: Shah Rukh Khan visited UK once and David Beckham was in the same store with media all around him when a few fans of Shah Rukh Khan saw him and everyone started running towards srk which lead to a fan frenzy and media running towards him as well
      David Beckham and his wife asked who is he?! They said: who are you?! Lol

  1. Jackman is just Kidding …..
    SRK is G-one only, he can’t even think beyond it.

  2. Tubelight-2017 Reply

    Then Wolverine may turn into Rahulvarine or Rajvarine like Sir played Devdas as Rajdas or Rahul Das.

  3. He has nothing to prove he can play any role .Worldwide king for a reason

  4. shocking
    huge Jackman dont know who is srk
    rajeev masand ne interview k pahle bataya tha ki srk ka naam lelena
    interciew me kuch na kuch controversy hoga or promotion tho hohi jayega

    • Well let’s say wht u r saying is true…in that case too shah rukh khan is more famous than ur star becoz even to stir a controversy u need a bigger and better name..

  5. Bolly Arena Fan Reply

    Except Hugh Jackman I can’t imagine anyone as Wolverine…Going to miss very much..

    Waiting For Logan…..Happy for its getting Outstanding response…

  6. If its true than it will be very intresting to see srk as wolverine …….

  7. Shahrukh Khan is the most popular star in the world and will smith is a very distant 2nd places in Africa where there are no cinemas know srk’s name that’s a fact. Btw I’m a salman fan who also likes films of aamir and akshay.

  8. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    Good said by Jackman
    Waise bhi srk ki sakal wolf ki tarah hi toh lagti hai
    So he will be perfect

  9. Haters: SRK paid money to Hugh Jackman to take his name during the interview.

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