Secret Superstar First Look Poster

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The first look poster of Aamir Khan’s production Secret Superstar is out. The film stars Dangal girl Zaira Wasim while Aamir will play a cameo.

The teaser of the film was released last year which had created a lot of buzz. The new poster features Zaira Wasim in a school dress walking on the road while trees have music notes instead of levels and her bag hasย a microphone. The trailer will be out on 2nd August 2017.

Check out the new poster.

Secret Superstar is the story of a small-town girl who wants to be a world-famous singer but what comes in her way is her own father. But she does not succumb, not completely anyway. Wearing a hijab and refusing to display her name, the little girl resorts to uploading her work on YouTube, and obviously becomes a sensation.

Secret Superstar will release on Diwali 2017.


    • A a gaya phir festival session main.
      Yeah dekho cameo film bhi festival main release karta hain.
      Most insure actor amir .
      Fake stardom

      • @vishal… logo ki himmat nai hoti badi badi film k sath b edx pe release karne ko.. aur ye soch sirf cameo k sath b ye himmat kar raha he..

        Jigra chahiye boss jigra

        • @bollywood 3idiots earned $23m in 2009…

          Aur tu my name is khna k $16-18m ko pakad k ro raha he?

          Hadd he rone ki b… aur dekh lena ye movie dear zindagi se to jyada hi kamaegi… bhale alia bhatt ko b usko fayda mila ho…


      • @Srk and varun fan nobody asked you abouy jab oldie met hottie. That movie might flop but if you are talking about ss then no one is bigger joker than you

  1. Overseas 1st 10M $ movie – srk kabhi alvida na kehna
    Overseas 1st 20M $ – my name is Khan 2010 that too in February month overseas me srk ke aage peeche door door tak koi nahi

    • prince sharma Reply

      30m with d3, 40m with pk, 50m- 230m in OS. Real OS king.

      • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

        You stay in India you
        Moron, we people from overseas can decide who the biggest star here is!

        And Aamir Khan is no where close to even Salman Khan in stardom here forget touching srk!

        Overseas has always belonged to srk! He opened the market for your little Botox Aamir Khan!

        • prince sharma Reply

          mujhe pata tum ne yeh frustation mein likha. 13m wala star srk aur kaha 230m wala superstar aamir.

        • prince sharma Reply

          mujhe pata tum ne yeh frustation mein likha. 13m wala star srk aur kaha 230m wala superstar aamir. Aamir undisputed OS king srk at 2nd place.

        • Mr. Bollywood (Aamir) Reply

          @Bakri and varun fanbase Abe gawaar, bhijhari you haven’t seen UK even in the map. Very good joke that bhojpuri star salman is ahead of bigger global icon in stardom. Get a fu_ing life. In overseas aamir is light years ahead of each and every actor in megastardom and popularity. Your shahtuk can’t even touch Aamir’s global megastardom. And salman is not even in the picture as he is a local bhojpuri star.

    • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


      bhai 1st 15million movie Gazni thi


      1st 20 million movie 3idiots h (23#3=26mil)

      1st 25 million b 3idiots h….30 million k bad to sb aamir ki h

      My name is khan……18 million b cross nhi kr payi h๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      @vishal…Aamir ki Diwali release kitni h ?

      Or bhai…Srk ki etni okaat nhi h….ki use ab Diwali mile๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      Aamir ki cameo bhi…Diwali pr release hoti h๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

      • Abe oo 3 idiots 16M $ tha smjhaa or Dangal ka mat gin vo china Me utna kamaya hai sirf

        Dilwale below average + clash fir v 27M$
        Pk and dangal extra ordinary positive review fir v 30M $ …ab khud soch le ..Dilwale agar postive review or solo release rehta to 40M $ krta

        • Abe tu pagal hai kya china ka kyun nahi gine,China ka naam sunte hi tum lo go ki seet beeti gul ho jaati hai.

          3I was the first 20 and 25M$ OS Grosser.

          30-230M$ it’s all Aamir,no one has even crossed 30M$ and Aamir has crossed 230M$.Is ko bolte hai asli global megastar.

      • Ye mahaweer itna bara idiot duffer illiterate hai ki ki batae ..mtlh kuch bhi bana bana ke bol rha ..3 idiots 16M $ hai or my nane is Khan 18M $ tha ? Hahaha Abe pagal illiterate duffer go and check 23M $ thi vo bhi February me

        • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


          abe mha duffer , @bollyarena ko puch le….

          3million china se , baki….23 million ww OS se…

          tere bda mha bhondu aaj tk nhi dekha….26 million h aamir k…

          nhi to @sayar se puch le๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

          or gochu mharaj….my name is khan ne 99mil $ kiye h…mtlb 17 mil doller

  2. clashing with G4 Ab pata lgega fattu star k power jo hmesha holiday m ata h or iss br b holiday m he ara h pr iss br clash h. pr h fattu he. collection may b under 40cr becoz of diwali

  3. prince sharma Reply

    Pasand Aya Toh Like karo, Pasand Nahi aya Toh Apna Taste Change Karo. Superhit hai Superhit hai!!

  4. prince sharma Reply

    this dialogue is better than tubelight kya tumhe yakeen hai? Bakwaas dialouge

  5. prince sharma Reply

    aamir just released poster without saying he will release this that day without any promotion. True superstar

  6. prince sharma Reply

    secret superstar with aamir cameo budget 20 cr and akki full fleged movie 18cr. Yeh aukaat hai.

      • @parshya amir akki dono fattu h ek to holiday p jeta h or ek low budget m tepk b bolrh 18cr m bani h bs moviento waise he hit ban gayi. Or rhi amir k fattu h wo bs fattu aj tk non holiday p 100cr nh. Abh secret superstar ari h usme b cameo h pr fattu ko dkho 4th August se bhg k diwali m ara h mtlb holiday he chhiye usko wrna dhus h wo shi h fattu ka aisa he hota h. Logo k jb f*atti hna aise he holiday m ate h. Hdd h cameo m b holiday full m bh holiday. Chee bt ab solo nh hna ab g4 h dkhte h ktna 300 hota h

        • Mr. Bollywood (Aamir) Reply

          @Sahil we all know who fattoo is. Aukaatless tiny 80 cr club flop actor ke ekke dukke fam blabbering against the Megastar whose value is 2000 cr? Have some shame. Aamir is baap of Bollywood in stardom and your aukaatless srk will never come close to aamir in stardom. Stay in your limit.

  7. BeingPremFan Reply

    Reminds me of Tiger Zinda Hai latest look where Salman is looking back and marching

    Copy cat Aamir?

    • prince sharma Reply

      beta DHOOM3, ETT, PRDP, FAN mein back se sath posters release hua the samjha

    • @Being lallu fan nobody in this world is as gawaar and as a$$hole as you. Abe lallu comparing a classic poster with bhojpuri c grade 3rd class crap movie’s poster? By the way we all know who the copycat is. The one who copied ditto to ditto from a south movie to save his sinking career. No need to guess. Copycat bhojpuri c grade actor ke gawaar fan teri aukaat nahi hai yahan aane ki.

  8. Whatever be the collection,one of the strongest film for the movie of the year contender.its impact will be like TZP.

  9. Some actor in Bollywood they not yet given HGY .who????????

    20 saal hogae par hum se aaj tak HGY dene nahi hua bhai kya nasib hamari….kitni sharam ki baat hai.
    Aur kuch saal baki hai career k koshish karenge k k baar to HGY k liye.
    No personal comment plz.
    Kon hai woh actors????

    • Suman Kumar Reply

      Beta Jo Wo Hai…Wo Apne Dum Pe Hai….Kuch Log Toh Festival Ka Sahara Lete Hai….Dum Hai Toh Ishke Wagar Aao…Kiske Kitne Aukat Hai Pata Chal Hi Jayega

      • BeingPremFan Reply

        Haa festivals ka sahara
        Like Golmaal3, Golmaal4, Action Replay, Shivaay, Aitraaz, Garam Masala, Aflatoon, Blue etc

        • Holiday Ouatim Singham RR Housefull series Bol bachan what were they??

        • Suman Kumar Reply

          Beta Buri Movies K Jagah Kanhi Pe V Nahi Hota “Talash,Jai Ho” V Bahat Kuch Ukhade The Festival Mein Naa.? Bewakoof

  10. @prince sharma why are you bringing akki here senseless person that’s his decision and producer’s decision tera 1 Paisa bhi nhi liye hai mug band rakh samjha

  11. robin gautam Reply

    sart laga lo..
    ye movie box office par raaz kare ya naa kare lakin many people ke dilo mai apni gahaz bana lagi…
    record bhi tod sakti hai..
    maybe depend on condition
    lakin movie kam budget ki hai phir bhi 100cr+pakaa…
    and story like taare zameen par..
    social movie hoge ye pure 100%

  12. Even if it is 25% of Taare Zameen Parr, socho Golmaal 4 gaya kaam se

    • ๐ŸšฌGangs of Ajay Devgn๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ช Reply

      Wont be saying that now if i were you.

      • chill, I was just seeking attention.

        I know Golmaal 4 will be huge. Audience for both the films are different.

      • chill, I was just seeking attention.

        I know Golmaal 4 will be huge. Audience for both the films are different. …

    • It will be like TZP VS WELCOME where both the films were winner.Prediction wise
      Golmaal 4 :135-175 cr (super hit)
      Secret superstar:80-100 cr (super duper hit to blockbuster)

  13. Aamir has 40 minuts. Is that a cameo?
    Salman had 40 mins in No Entry. Even that should be a cameo. So is Jeet.

  14. HR dilse his is the one who lost a one sided clash last year nd now have taken retirement for some time and still waiting to make a comeback.And yeah this year he and his father didn’t able to get their film HGOTY so they have started giving manipulated figures. So by doing this cheap things he has given 300cr grosser(JADOOO CALCULATOR).Guess who is he?

    • Abe chal na hritik us canadian akshay se lakh guna achaa hai in terms of acting and box office ..akshay bhojpuri actor
      Singh is bling 2 oct 2015 me aaya or 16cr kia 3500 screens or sequel ke baad v holiday ke din
      Bang bang 2 oct 2014 me aaya haider se clash fir v 24cr 1st day ..local bhojpuri canadian actoe akshay

  15. This will be another gem from Aamir Khan contentwise, it will surely a become a boxoffice surprise.

  16. Oh.. This diwali.. Once again AAMIR on big screen.. Actually it’s a HUGE THING for true AAMIRIANS like me to get to see AAMIR on big screen twice within 10months! Can’t wait for Diwali….

  17. Might well be the best film of this year (at least content-wise)…
    Dil toh zaroor jitenge.. & of course clash with G4 won’t matter as audience of both films will entirely be different

  18. @Krish to tumare JADOO CALCULATOR wale actor kahe gaya.And talking about acting Akki is far better actor than him.Your star can only manipulate box office records like Krish3-400cr,Bangbang-200 cr.

  19. Bcoz if he don’t manipulate his every film will be like Mohenjodaro again thanx to his (JADOOO CALCULATOR)๐ŸŽฉ

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