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Secret Superstar 1st Week Box Office Collection in China

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Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is on a record-breaking run in China. The film has collected approx $45.88 million (INR 291 cr) in its first week. The collections are higher than the last release of Aamir, Dangal.

The film has become the second highest overseas grosser of all time after Dangal. It has now crossed the lifetime overseas collection of PK after the release in China. The top four films now belong to Aamir Khan (Dangal, Secret Superstar, PK, Dhoom 3).

This is an unprecedented achievement for a small film like Secret Superstar. No one would have thought that a film which only had Aamir Khan’s cameo would go on to break all-time records. But the brand Aamir has come into play which has made it like a cakewalk.

Day 1$6.79 m43.35 cr
Day 2$10.49 m66.95 cr
Day 3$9.80 m62.68 cr
Day 4$4.97 m31.74 cr
Day 5$4.84 m30.81 cr
Day 6$4.35 m27.62 cr
Day 7$4.21 m26.81 cr
Day 8$4.83 m27.34 cr
Day 9$7.56 m48.07 cr
Day 10$6.53 m41.52 cr
Day 11$3.12 m19.89 cr
Day 12$3.20 m20.39 cr
Day 13$3.17 m20.16 cr
Day 14$2.79 m17.88 cr
Day 15$2.80 m17.95 cr
Day 16$4.70 m30.14 cr
Day 17$11.63 m74.97 cr
Day 18$2.63 m14.80 cr
Day 19$2.26 m14.50 cr
Day 20$2.26 m14.50 cr
Day 21$2.38 m15.51 cr
Day 22$2.56 m16.42 cr
Day 23$3.42 m21.93 cr
Day 24$2.65 m16.99 cr
Day 25$2.47 m15.84 cr
Day 26$2.51 m16.10 cr
Day 27$3.22 m20.46 cr
Day 28$0.865.48 cr
Total$117.61 m750.76 cr


  1. prince sharma Reply

    guys u know Bajrangi Bhaijan weibo (chinese twitter) using aamir name to promote.. Crying on priemeire video. They have only 90 followers.. In 3 months. Yesterday one post on aamir name.. Now 110 followers

    • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

      Hahaha….yhi okaaat h lalllu fans kiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Aamir k naam se promote kr rhe hπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

    • Amir khan is in our blood. Reply

      Thanks for the concern for our star. But you know he is not going to settle get ready to be more jealous.

  2. China walo ko aisa kiya film me nazar a raha Jo hamy nazar nahi aya

  3. Suresh Gowda Reply

    Congratulations Amir fans
    Waiting fr Bajrangi Bhajan
    2nd March πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. prince sharma Reply

    china is not a part of earth.. It is saturn blue moon. So cant be included in overseas —- HATERS

  5. Maine 450 cr ka predict kiya tha par ab 700 crore hoga
    Worldwide 850 crore

  6. Amir khan is in our blood. Reply

    Its for all aamir khan fans being myself. Lets not mock other star this time either it be salman or saharukh because we have our own class as our idol has. We have herculian task ahead to make TOH first indian movie to gross $500million and it seems possible if it goes well in china, usa, uk and turkey.

    • Honesty at best Reply

      Are srk and salman fans saint? Why dont you teach them to respect Aamir and other stars?? Because srk and Salman fans are the ones who always ignite these fan war on social media. They don’t have disancy and attiquettes.

  7. Friday-6M
    this weekend-23m(minimum)

    After this weekend SS ww > TZH ww

    Power of Aamir+China

  8. First phase- 135cr
    second phase- 290cr*

    total-425cr ww*

    SS will beat TZH ww collection on this sunday

  9. Sallu films total collection in 2017-18

    Tubelight (full fledged role) -270cr
    TZH (full fledged role)-560cr


    Aamir Films total collection in 2016-17

    Dangal(full fledged role) -2025cr


    Sallu fans see d power of Aamir

    Kaha 2775cr aur kaha 830cr

    πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    • Beta amir2009 se china m film release kar raha h aut dekho koimoi ki web par keh china m low class ki film banti h is liye india ki good film wahan business karti h is waja se kuch india ki film ko release hone ki ejazat dete h is m amir ke 9 year aur good story good content film ne business to karns h1 3 year m 1 film business to hota h india m kitne good low star wali banti h w bhi to good business karti h aut yad n vinod chopra ne kia kaha tha is amir ka koi kamal n story ka kamal film ko hit ksrwane m aut baqi many example h srk ki my name is kn good film thi china n release hui thi w bhi distribution kia china aur india ne secret s bhi distribution per h release hui h danfal pk 3 idot baqi koi film distribution per release n hui ab bajrangi bhaijan film distribution per release ho gi

      • S K _ AAMIRian Reply

        SRK bhi OSO k baad MNIK, FAN jaisa content films release kiya China mein.. kya hua??!!!!
        & talking about Vidhu Chopra’s comment.. How much Ferrari Ki Sawari & Broken Horses earn?? In fact, we all know.. even with the biggest Word of mouth, Dutt or Munna-3 will not even come close to PK.. So stay silent Aamir-haters

  10. @bollyarena
    Plz compare day wise collection of SS and Dangal in china

  11. When elephant walks, dogs bark!! Please ignore them and enjoy Aamir’s super stardom across the world!! Fabulous! No need comes close to him.

    • Honesty at best Reply

      Thanks salmaniac. Kaash tere Jaisi akal baaki ke saman fans me hoti. Good to see at least one sensible Salman fan.

  12. Let haters cry for sec because they deserve to have a bit of rest with the tremendous response of secret superstar in China. Aamir is a global star and making India proud taking movies to all over the world. Work hard and smarter, you will be easily recognized. I don’t see any reasons people hating Aamir. By the way, we indian also hated Sachin Tendulkar for no reasons.

    • Honesty at best Reply

      No true indian would hate sachin. Sachin is pride for india. Are you out of your mind? He is best batsman the world has ever produced. That’s why he is called god of cricket.

  13. Not to forget also with secret super Aamir Khan sign a contract just like Hollywood production houses. He is going to get 25% of the boxoffice outcome . So this is even a bigger success than Dangal.

  14. Parshya yaaney ki Khurana sorry Khurand .. fake ids ki dukaan.. th kush reh low quality Chinese quality products so .. doesn’t bother anyone in India .. these collections mean nothing ..

    • S K _ AAMIRian Reply

      Hahaha!!!! This logic sounds like: “I’m better than Sachin Tendulkar bcoz I can eat biryani from a street shop but Tendulkar can’t!!!!”
      Arreh.. Aamir-haters, Aamir ki criticize karne se pehle sab ko thoda research karna padega!!

  15. sunny agar China low quality hai to tera sallu kyun release kar raha hai

  16. S K _ AAMIRian Reply

    Ace Khan rocks!!! So proud of u Aamir-sir.. U r making India proud

  17. india compet china.?indian movie realize the indian position against china..ur smal movie in china doubl then beggie in india……

  18. Honesty at best Reply

    Hypocrisy at best. When Secret superstar took disastrous opening in india and failed badly against golmaal again many fans of aamir including i said that it wasn’t aamir movie it was a zaira wasim’ s lead role it just had aamir cameo and now when it is doing these mind boggling business in China all of a sudden it becomes aamir movie??? How come? I am die hard aamir fan but I am not like blind fanatic like salman’s illiterate fans are. I still stick to the fact that Secret superstar is not aamir movie and it is zaira wasim movie. However it might be aamir factor which pulled Chinese fans in huge numbers which one can not deny but I will still not count it as aamir movie in lead. And none of other aamir fans should. We are not illiterate like Salman fans. We are not blind. So my request to other aamir fans stop jumping and stay grounded and accept it that it was still a zaira wasim movie and will not be counted as aamir movie.

    • S K _ AAMIRian Reply

      Hmm.. that’s a good point.. anyway, atleast cheers for “producer” Aamir…

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