Salman Khan’s Tubelight New Poster

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A brand new poster of Tubelight has been released this morning. The teaser of Salman Khan starrer will be out in a few days.

Salman shared the poster on Twitter and captioned it as, “Peace, Respect, Love and Light in your life from the Tubelight team.”

Check it out.


  1. Arsalan Khan Reply

    Ha hume Yakeen Hai, is baar 380-400cr domestic pakka h 😍😍

  2. Eagerly waiting for Tubelight to watch Salman and SRK together. But before that I am looking for some entertainment from a Tingu Fan here in comments. His illogical rants are hilarious. Since last few days, he is wasting so much time on each and every comment to prove himself a retard.
    Jaldi aa yaar, tere bina comment section soona soona sa lagta hai.

    • It is sure this won’t be as good as Dangal…both boxoffice wise and content & performance….so don’t waste your time here

    • It is sure this won’t be as good as Dangal…both boxoffice wise and content & performance….so don’t waste your time here

    • Chandra prasad Reply

      Im a srkian bt i dnt support to lallu ,we dont want to srk frnzship with criminal n it will not break dangal record ,jab tak movie pura content pr depend nahi ho bs salmn ka focus hota h movir me tab tk aamir ka record nahi tod paega

      • Sushant fan Reply

        Tere comment ke likes aur dislikes se maalum padhta he ki tu kitna bada bewakoof insan he

        • Chandra prasad Reply

          Movie release hone k baad batao aur dangal record break kiya too batao ye baat aur dislikes jahan apne hero k articles pr opposite bolte too whi milta h pure india ko pata h k sallu non actor aur ye film dangl k record nhi todnewala h

    • oye rakhi ke karan arjun….ayenge tere karan arjun aur haar ke jayenge…
      tere sallu se nahi honewala…kuch bhi karle puri industry ka cameo karle..

      • ha ha amir se kiya hua Hai aajtak 2sal me 1 blockbuster dene wala aur 500-700cr kamane wala …
        aur Salman 2 saal me 4 blockbuster dene wala aur 2200- 2600cr kamane wala….
        ha ha ha ha
        kahan haathi (sallu) aur kahan bili(amir) , kahan rajavog(sallu ) aurkahan ganguteli(amir)

  3. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !! Story of a man’s unshakable self belief and love for his family.
    There will be no escaping from the juggernaut this Eid.

  4. amazzzzzzzinggg!!.. originality at its best!!

    most of our posters are taken from hollywood.. pk, dilwale, hny etc..

    This one hit the right chord!!!!!!! whoala the real kinggggg!

  5. This is outstanding, the first one was decent. Different and catchy. Content will be solid for sure. Let’s see what Tubelight has in store.

  6. Hope this time SRK and SK combined beat Dangals record. Akele to ho na paya dono se has excuse hi Dete rahe.

  7. Strom is coming yaar..!!!!!looks interesting srk – sk -kabir khan gonna storm box office office..par dangal ka record nhi tutega..!!!!

  8. It’s Fabulous…..
    Content Driven film……
    Waiting for Trailer…

  9. Reply

    Ye arijit kaun hai.are Bhai usme srk ka cameo hai.cameo SE Kuch nahi hota .agar hota to dear zindgi bhi 100 crore ka business kar leti.story sirf SK ke kandho PE hain

  10. Sushant fan Reply

    Abhe parshya kaha he bhai tu ? Salman ka naya post aaya aur abhi tak tera koi entertaining comment nahi dikha mujhe . Kya hua bhai , phat gayi kya ya bollyarena na tujhe aur tere tingu dp ko ban kar diya 😂😂😂

    • sorry bro wait karne ke liye….
      lekin such mein bolu aisa bakwaas poster meine kabhi nahi dekha..

      • sorry but tujhe a poster bura laga to sayad tu insan hi Nahi Hai… to agar insan Nahi tu to kiya Hai sochle ha ha ha … 100 me 99 logoko a pasand aayega bas tere jaise kohi ek ko Nahi Jo ki fark Nahi parta

  11. 55 yr old budda acting like a small kid……… too much over action

  12. emmm Chinese army chasing a simple indain man in china…… poster is not bad but not up to the expectation..

  13. zuber shah Reply

    Salman bhai Amir bhai ka best friend hai is liye Salman bhai Ko Amir ka record todne me koi dilchaspii nahi hai…Both are best friend and beggest super star of Bollywood…

    • Chandra prasad Reply

      Haha lol aur koi reason nhi tha kya aur competotion h bhai ye competition me bhai behn h v jitnai h lekin isme bs dirty competion nhi honi chaiye

  14. zuber shah Reply

    Salman bhai Amir bhai ka best friend hai is liye Salman bhai Ko Amir ka record todne me koi dilchaspii nahi hai…Both are best friend and beggest super star of Bollywood…..

  15. ye mera naam ko kaun aake comment kar raha hai??

    guys, if its against salman, then its def not me.. fyi :)

  16. Faizurrahman Reply

    Dear lag raha hai
    Parshya ghochoo
    Naam badal kar raha hai
    Dear Bollyarena
    Koi Kisi naam rakh kar comment kare
    Please publish na kare!

    • abey mera account hein idhar dikh nahi raha kya aur hum Aamir fan kabhi cheating nahi karte..
      mein kay ke liye jeet ki identity churaoonga…mein akela hi kafi hoon tum logonka band bajane ke liye..

      • Ha ha band

        Ha ha

        Cannot stop laughing

        You think tu band Baja Raha Haj

        Dikh nahi Raha sab tera maza la Raha Hai

        Jaise circus main joker ka leta hai

        Gajab ka Banda hai tu apni udvata hai phir bi akadta hai

        You are really from another planet

        Too much fun

  17. Sushant fan Reply

    Bollywood arena it is my humble request that you restrict to 1 email id to 1 user as idiots like parshya change their names and do their daily routine which is spreading negativity everywhere .

    • If you have your profile picture, then your account will be protected and no one will steal your identity.

      • Sushant fan Reply

        @Bollyarena That is right but what if the person copies the profile picture as well ?

    • kisne change kiya bey…
      Aamir ka fan hoon sallu ka nahi…no cheating…no excuses..

  18. Salman king Reply

    Only one word awesome hai bhai.
    Bhia eid pe humy entertainment karne ata hai. Record banany nahi bhai fan ki sochta hai ke fan ko kis taraha entertainment karo.

    No one beat bhai and no one like bhai jan
    Love you tou bhai jan

    • very true.. well said..

      but i am sure.. this fattu called parshya had ranbhirs pic earlier with another name and used to comment against salman and his articles.. i am pretty sure both are the same as both were dumb and brainless.. ab kisi aur avatar main aayega.

  19. hello guys…
    good evening…
    sallu fans ko bahot wait karaya isliye sorry…
    aabb neche wali comment pe dislike karna chalu kardo sallu fans..

  20. hahahaaha
    ye kya hein?…postman tak thik tha aab ye jute bhi bechne laga…
    ohh my god kya halat hein megastar ki…abhi to pakk single screen ke audience bhagne wale hein..

  21. aaj ke pic mein jute gale mein kal ke pic mein socks moo mein..
    ye hein sallu fans ka fusslight…
    kya din agaye…

  22. aab munna michal postpone huee hein to kam se PK ka to record todna chahiye..
    nahi to kya sallu fans….dub maro…

  23. sall fans yaad rakhna..

    it will not break BB forget PK n Dangal

  24. Parshya I must admit that u are a great troller I am not against salman but you are a entertainer really you troll him badly

  25. Poster se aukat saaf dikh raha hai. Movie release Ke baad joota award milne wala hai

  26. aisa lag raha hai poster mein holi khel rahe…
    Kabir khan ne to Rajamauli ko beat kar diya direction ke mamle me..

  27. sallu fans bolte hai Hirani ke vajah se Aamir hai…chalo maan liya..
    Aamir ne Hirani ke sath 2 movies ki hai…

    aab sallu ki bari Kabir ke vajah se Sallu hai kyunki
    sallu ne kabir ke sath 3 filme ki hai aur jaffar ke sath 2

    to bolo kisne kisko banaya?
    Aamir ka pata nahi par sallu Kabir uncle ki vajah se hai.

    • saale.. main tho aise hi bol raha tha ki tere paas dimaag nahi hai… tere paas actually dimaag nahi hai re :D
      kabir is kabir today because of salman..
      hirani was hirani even before aamir made a film with him.. samjha? nahi? dimaag chaahiye.. dimaag :D

      • But this does not prove that aamir is because of Hirani. If you think so you are a biggest dumb. Ahead proved with Dangal and before 3 idiots also aamir had very good mother which were blockbusters. Also when hirani came with Sanjay dutt only blockbuster that’s too due to sequel factor of Munna bhai. When he joined with aamir then the movie was all time blockbuster both the time. And at the same period aamir giving ATBB with other directors. So aamir is not because of Hirani it’s for sure.

  28. I must say that parshya you are one of the most biggest trollers I am not against salman but you are a entertainer really

  29. [ट्यूबलाइट बॉक्स ऑफिस: सलमान का #EidTarget…5 दिन में 210 करोड़
    week 300cr
    lifetime 800cr
    grosses 950cr
    overseas 700cr
    worldwide 1750cr

  30. tu aagaya?.. kahaan tha mere laal kale peele? … dimaag doondne gaya tha kya? :D
    tuje nahi milega.. wo actually fit nahi hoga tuje :D
    tooooooooo much funnnnn!!

  31. Nice poster.. looks quite interesting.. Sallu looks very cool & nice.. waiting for the trailer
    – From an AAMIR-fan

  32. Reply

    Parshya bewkoof rajkumar hirani NE aamir SE pehle munnabhai series banai thi wo blockbuster Hui .lekin kabir Khan ki movie without salman Khan hit nahi Hui isliye salman NE kabir aur jaffer ko banaya .tere tingu ko hirani NE banaya.kabhi to dimaag laga.o sorry tere paas to nahi hoga

  33. @bollyarena. try to fit in salmans articles on daily basis.. its quite boring otherwise.. i knw its really not feasible.. just a request :)

  34. If Salman broke the dangal record this time then he is the biggest super star. Still I will remain Aamir forever because he is the best.

  35. I don’t think u can judge who is the biggest superstar by the kind of money the movie makes… A movie becomes a big hit not just with the star power…star power will only fetch u earth shattering is content only..
    Salman is still the biggest based on his fan base, lined up blockbusters except the movie made by his mediocre brother’s jai ho..craze for him in the successes..many more..

  36. Aamir directors ko break deta hai. Dangal ke pehle nitesh ko koi nehi pehchan ta tha

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