Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in jail

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The Jodhpur court has convicted Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. The actor has been found guilty and imprisoned for five years in Jail.

As per the reports, Salman cannot apply for bail in the same court but instead can do the same in a different session court. Salman Khan also has been fined Rs 10,000 in the poaching case. The actorโ€™s lawyers will now approach the Rajasthan High Court for bail in this case.

Salman Khan has been taken into custody and will be sent to Jodhpur Central Jail.


  1. Proud of our country
    Criminals should be punished and hang on….

    • My best day of 2018 when this criminal khan got punishment and that too for 5 year

      • Bilkul sahi kaha
        Being human Ka froud natak karke acchi image banane chala tha aaj iski asliyat poori duniya ke saamne aa gayi

    • Ohhh.
      Abhi to iski filme chalne shuru hoyee hain.
      Aur ab jail. Very bad.
      Should now enjoy the stardom

  2. Iski to bail bhi reject honi chahiye
    Kuch logon ko lgta hai paisa hone pr wo kuch bhi kr skte hain
    Ye court ka decision aise logon ke mooh pr tamacha hai….

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      If even his bail is rejected…then the salman khan era will cone to an end…his haters will be very happy..eid will be free for nxt 5 years..and if he returns after his sentence ge won’t big as today..

  3. Honest man Reply

    Won’t say anything against court’s decision but Salman most of the times is found guilty in lower court and is freed in higher court. So I know at the end of the day nothing will happen but will bring forward the poor decision-making of the lower court.but in 2015 he did not go to jaIL, which this time he has hope that he gets the bail tomorrow.

  4. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    Most important day is tomorrow……..Bail should be granted
    Rapists, murderers, terrorists are allowed to walk free but an innocent man who has saved millions of lives, is the biggest superstar in the country has to face this wrath…..

    • Hmm he is too innocent
      1)black buck case
      2)arms act case
      3)hit and run case
      4)women harassment case
      Just name a few
      He is like angel to his blind fans

  5. Great decision or iske ullu bhakt akki ko deshdrohi bolte hain jabki wo honorary hai ye un gaddaro ke muh pe tamacha hai ab bolo sallu fans tiger sallu tiger hai falana dhikana maza a gaya hahahaha criminal khan

    • Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

      Salman jail chala jaae ya kal usko bail miljae, tera canadian top-3 pai to aane se raha…
      Honorary? Wikipedia pai jake check kar, honorary sirf 5 logoko mila hai, aur wo do kaudi ka 12cr opening dene wala makkhi hu mai makkhi ka naam uspe nahi hai
      hrithik ke paas bhi 3 HGOTYs, 3cr ffs, record openers hai…kuh saram kar be canadian ke fans
      Jitna bollyarena pai aata hai utna theatre pai vi jaya karr, koi film to 2010 ki dabbang tode
      HAHK ko todne mai 18 saal lage the, ab salman 5 saal ki jagah 18 saal jail mai jaaega to vi wo south ki filmo mei supporting role karne wala canadian sajan ka footfalls cross nahi kar paega

      kal bail miljaegi bhaiko aur fir mai tujhko dekhlunga….jabe waiter ke fan

  6. Sallu and iske fan ke attitude ne inko dubo daala warna baaki sab Bach gaye aur yahi pakda gaya

  7. Jab yeh jail se aayega tab isko age 58 tab na toh koi movie dega na Kuch aur by chance mil bhi gayi toh side hero ki ya,hero ke papa ya Uske grandfather ki
    That will be too much fun

  8. So Happy…lagta hain is site pe sare pakistani hain..isiliye dslyk korrahe hain cmnt ko….

  9. Sallu fans ka sapna tha ki aaj nahi toh Kal Aamir ka record todenge par ye kya hua?

    Aab agla janam Lena padega sallu and sallu fans ko


    Jo bhi hua hai sahi hua black buck ke Atma ko Shanti mil gayi..

    But Personally muze lagta hai sallu ko chodd Dena chahiye kyunki baad me hi sahi Sally ne bahot logonki madad ki hai

    Accha insan hai hamesha help karta hai logonki…

    Aab sallu fans ko kaun karega entertain

    Sallu fans Rona mat Dil pe patthar rakh kar aage badho hum tumhare sath hai..

    Aab Aamir ka record kaun todega?

    Sallu and sallu fans ke dukh mein Mai Bui shamil Hoon..

    Muze bahot bura lag raha hai mere ankhonse ansu as Gaye….

    • dean Ambrose Reply

      Thanks for ur sympathy parshya aunty u r very kind but agar galti ki h to saza to milna hi chahiye beshak koi bhi kyu na ho ,,,actor ,,actress,,, ya desh ka PM….

    • Nahi Bhai bahot dukhi Hoon..
      Isliye kyunki sallu fans ko aab dusara janam Lena padega Aamir ko beat karne ke liye..

      Sallu fans hausla rakho..
      Aab sallu fans ko ek aur excuse mil gaya ..

      Aab bolenge agar sallu hota toh ye hota wo hota…

      Akhir mein sab kuch hota hai par Aamir ka record break nahi hota…


  10. It is just formality. He is going to be out and appeal in a high court and then verdict overturn. End of case! Booyaa. Third World Justice. Ouch! Who says money means nothing? All the same free press and publicity makes the man more popular. How many tunes has he been sentence?! Get a life. Justice only for the poor not applicable to the rich and famous in Third World

  11. just hope they dont make a mockery of this as they did with the Hit and Run case….

    Nothing against Salman but no body’s above the law….!!

    • Maharaja Salman Reply

      Lalit modi, another modi,vijay mallya all abv law
      poor salman he is seedha sadha dnt know trickery

      • Unfortunately some people have gotten away….

        As citizens though we must condemn the wrongs and appreciate the honest judgments!

    • Haii Lisa its me Roric
      Where HV u been so long
      I was missing u too much
      Plz comment on each and every post

  12. If all goes well, Indian cinema could have a 5 years relief ! But we all know he will bribe the judges as he did in 2015.

  13. Well the question arises. Why he only was sentenced? Why leniency was shown in other celebs case. I believe they were part of it if it happened at all. Strange verdict.

  14. Average life span of blackbuck 10-15
    Salman is running court for almost 20 years now. What the hell is going?

  15. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    Relief?? Beta Salman is that actor who in the last 24 months has sold 13cr tickets(In multiplex era). Baakiyo ki aukaat 4cr ki bhi nahi hui hai…..

  16. Maharaja Salman Reply

    The end of bollywood

    without salman empty theater’s. all others are cheap actors

  17. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    If Salman has 1000s of fans, i am one of them.
    If Salman has only one fan, thats me.
    If Salman has no fan, then consider me dead.

  18. Today some Idiots (Salman Haters) are rejoicing, and this shows how much they are scared from Salman Khan Stardom……They know that their star can never reach on No.1 position until Salman is there…..The only hope is when Salman stuck in such cases or dead….only then their stars have any chance……otherwise they don’t have guts to take Salman’s Position……Shame on such fan base who are enjoying, this shows that their stars are so weak…..

    Abe Gadho dum hai to Salman ke rehte No.1 pe aa ke dikho, tab tumhare star ki koi value hai……

    • Abey sallu kab pe tha..
      2008 se chasing chalu hai…

      Fir bhi Aamir ka record tod nahi saka…
      Tu 2nd pe bol sakta hai par no.1 pe
      Aamir hai..

      Top grosser



      Winner Aamir


      Hindi medium(after china it will beat bb)

      Winner Aamir



      Winner Aamir

      Kaha hai sallu no.1 pe?

      Note:Plz don’t say sallu does 2 films/yr

  19. Bure kaam ka anjaam bura hota hay.aaj mujhy salman pe taras aa ra he hay.

  20. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    20 saal tak koi sabut nahi mili to abhi achanak se kahase konsa sabut milgaya inko?

  21. S K _ AAMIRian Reply

    Finally justice… Personally I don’t hate Sallu too much but justice should be equal for all

  22. He will get out on bail and be set free then high court judgement will go in his favour too many powerful peopleโ€™s money is riding on salluโ€™s Films so they will do all in there power to make sure nothing happens to him. In this age aamir and salman are the only actors you can make a film of 250cr budget and get a return and aamir is picky about his projects so that only leaves sallu.

  23. All mindless crap films. Only riksha waala watch his films. And Aamir is much bigger than him. So shut your mouth.

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