Salman Khan reacts to Arijit Singh’s public apology

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan today has finally expressed his opinion about the public apology rendered to him by singer Arijit Singh over a song from his upcoming film ‘Sultan’.

When asked about Arijit’s apology, the star said twice even before the question was complete, “Who is that?”

“In every film there are lot of singers who sing and director and producer who make the choice of who is going to be the best voice for the film. One voice was mine but that was also rejected, so why get so upset and so hurt. This is life,” Salman said.

Apparently referring to Arijit as ‘smart’, Salman said, “There should be a day when a person (actor) should say don’t sing or sing. Smart ones don’t turn out bright. Then smart comments … post… they don’t… you come to know the

According to reports, the song ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ was initially recorded by Ariji but it was re-recorded in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice, while Salman has also crooned another version of it.


    • Being alok nand Reply

      Jeet Tere bap k umar ka hai coment karte smay thore respect karlo

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        That right bro @jeet plzzz bro respect salman for his age….

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      Being a criminal is better than being a Deshdrohi & having relationship with Hafiz saeed.

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        Kyu WO bhi tumhare salman ne bataya hai kya……hahaha loll

        • TIGER- the real king Reply

          This is called common sense! You illiterate loongiwalas can’t understand that!!!

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            Sense oh wow…senseless and illiterate people are talking about sense….
            Chujas only spread rumours about big stars to get cheap publicity…..chujas chuss

  1. Dashing RJ Reply

    Publicity stunt for sultan but koi fayda nhi hai….
    Being human agar kisi ko maaf nhi Kr sakte to band Kr do ye Sab……

    • TIGER- the real king Reply

      It’s Arijit Singh who created these all. Then how does it bcm publicity stunt of Bhai?? Don’t forget he is Megastar Bhai not the 2rs tiny bhagoda to be needed such publicity!!!

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        2rs hahahah you might be joking or you are the biggest fool in this planet….
        Everybody knows who is richest among srk and salman…..
        And yes most important srk has achieved this feat by his own talent,skills and hardwork but salman has the name of his father which helped him to get movies in Bollywood….
        Loll face ko wash Kr ke aawo aur dream ko todo….loll come in reality

        • TIGER- the real king Reply

          He earns money by doing MUJRA on wedding parties and streets. What’s big deal in it??? Even sunny leone earns crores. But end of the day, it’s respect which matter the most!!!

          Sohail and arbaz are also sons of the same father. WTH they didn’t test 1% success of Bhai???

          • Dashing RJ Reply

            It mean salman is similar to sunny Leone(almost)….
            Sunny Leone earns money by opening all his clothes and salman earns money by opening his shirt always and this time pant too….
            Ab to chaddi mein hai lekin kahi agli film mein chaddi bhi na khol de…chuja……..hahaha

  2. Being alok nand Reply

    Savi Jante hai film me kiska voice Lena hai aur nahi lena hai o sab producer aur music director ka kam hota hai isme salman sir ko blame nahi kar site. Jo log salman sir pe galat coment karte us logo ko Kahna chahta pahle khud ko aaina k samne jake dhekhle khud ko apne aap Pese varosha uth jayenga

  3. TIGER- the real king Reply

    This bloody Arijit just tried to get some free publicity on the name of Bhai. Nothing else!
    He doesn’t deserve to sing a song for Bhai movie.

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      No bro arjit didn’t need any publicity stunt for a crap song(jag ghoomya)…
      He is the biggest singer in today’s time of India..whatever he sings is always became a blockbuster not like salman jo holidays Ka sahara leta hai movie hit krne ke liye….

      Srk and arijit doesnt have the legecy of the father which salman had got and become a actor….
      When srk came no one knows him bit now he is one of the most richest superstar and famous actor in worldwide(Sallu to half bhi nhi hai)

      • There r plenty of singers like arjit came and gone…and everyone knws arijit is an alcoholic person so his future is decided he has only max 2-3 years more in bollywood thn he wil also get disappeared.

      • TIGER- the real king Reply

        Blabbering on Bhai’s holiday releases!!! Fine, see Bhai’s atleast gave two 100cr grossers (ready & Jai Ho) on non holiday weekend. But your bhagoda yet to touch even 70cr mark on non holiday period.
        #Difference between MEGASTARDOM and bhagodistardom!!!

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          Mindless and nonsense people like you never understand anything chuja…..
          Jai ho was released on republic day time and was a flop movie….oh for chujas republic day may be non holiday….nonsense….

  4. Prashant abhishek Reply

    @tiger, stay out of bollyarena.u couldn’t be a human being who abuses an actor (Srk) on his birthday.tumne indicine ko badnaam kar diya ab plz bollyarena ko mat badnaam karo.and perhaps u would see in ur dreams that srk have a relationship with hafiz saeed and tax chori etc etc.

    • TIGER- the real king Reply


      Read Bhai’s birthday article too. You will surely call your Loongiwala mates ‘Shaitaan’, ‘Danav’, ‘Asur’ etc. If I am a janwar then those all are my aulad who blabbered on Bhai’s birthday..

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