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Salman Khan – India’s Biggest Superstar Ever

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Guest Article by Rebellion:

Our film industry is more than 100 years old & we have seen many superstars like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra, Rajendra Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan etc. But who is the Biggest Superstar of all-time? Rajesh Khanna? Amitabh Bachchan? Dilip Kumar? No, The answer is Salman Khan. Yes, Salman Khan is the biggest superstar of all-time & I have proof.

Salman Khan is currently ruling the industry like no other star has ever ruled. His current run of Blockbusters has been termed as “Best Run Ever” in the history of Bollywood by many trade websites like Indicine & Box Office India. Out of his last 10 films, 8 have been declared Blockbuster or above by all trade websites and only exceptions were Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo (Hit/Super-Hit) & Jai Ho (Semi-Hit/Above Average). Salman has always had a huge fan following, he has been the top star in the 90s with SRK being the 2nd best (stats say so) During 2000-09 decade SRK was the top Superstar & in the present decade, nobody is even close to Salman Khan. So, in total among Khans Salman is the one who has ruled two decades.

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Salman Khan

Now, why we say he is the biggest Superstar ever? Let’s have a look at some of the major Box-Office records

1. Highest Grosser Of The Year: Salman Khan has maximum HGOTY in the history of Bollywood. Count is

  • Salman Khan 10
  • Dilip Kumar – 9
  • Amitabh Bachchan -7
  • Aamir Khan – 6
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 5

2. Biggest HIT Of Decade: Salman Khan is the only actor who has 2 Biggest HIT of Decade. Nobody in the history of Bollywood has ever achieved this record. Maine Pyar Kiya was Biggest HIT of 80s Decade & Hum Aapke Hain Koun was Biggest HIT of 90s Decade. Biggest HIT of present decade (2010-19) is Bajrangi Bhaijaan as it sold more tickets than PK.

  • 1940-49 Kismet
  • 1950-59 Mother India
  • 1960-69 Mughal-E-Azam
  • 1970-79 Sholay
  • 1980-89 Maine Pyar Kiya
  • 2000-09 Gadar

3. Salman Khan Has maximum movies with Blockbuster & above verdict & also highest Blockbuster ratio at present. Salman has given 13 Blockbusters in his career.

4. Salman Khan has given 5 back to back Blockbusters & 3 back to back highest Grossers Of The Year(2010,2011,2012). Again no Superstar has ever been able to achieve this record.

5. Salman Khan’s HAHK had more than 7 Cr Footfalls whereas SRK & Aamir have never been able to sell 5 Cr tickets for any of their films. Talking about his competitors he leads among Khans in all Box-Office records category, to name a few –

  • Max movies with 100 Cr+ Distributor Share, 50 Cr+ Distributor Share, 150 Cr+ Distributor Share
  • Max movies in 100 Cr, 200 Cr, 300 Cr club,
  • Max Movies with 2 Cr+,3 Cr+,4 Cr+ Footfalls

There are many box-office records which Salman Khan owns but I guess I have already proved my point that why Salman Khan is the Biggest Superstar – Best run ever, maximum box-office records and crazy fan following.

The article has been written by Pranjal Singh (Rebellion). You can follow him on Twitter @BeingRebellion_ 

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  1. Salman khan site ko khareed liya
    2000 se 2009 tak kya hua vo kaun batayga

  2. Komal Nahi Nahta Reply

    G se Ghanta biggest star ever! All time grossers kaun ginwaega, mere pyaare bhaitard?
    Aamir – 4
    SRK – 2
    Salman – 1
    2000-2010 ke beech me 2 solo hit out of 25 films kaun ginwaega mere pyaare bhaitard?
    No Entry, Saajan, KKHH ko apni HGOTY list me count krne me sharm nahi aati mere pyaare bhaitard?
    Biggest hit of the decade India, Worldwide, Overseas is PK.
    Total nett-
    PK – 340
    BB – 315
    PK – 307 cr
    BB – 193 cr
    Worldwide :
    PK – 792 cr
    BB – 626 cr
    A difference of 170 crores Worldwide gross, and yet BB is biggest hit, mere pyaare bhaitard?

    • Jali na jali na jalte rh ab pk pk krne se kc nh hota pk ka kaise kya th sb ko pta h smjha.. Bb footfall zyda.. Bs 1din k holiday plus competition….. Pk open weak plus high ticket price plus no competition plus lots of holiday…. Ab bta.. N no entry salman k movie thi toh wo add q nh krnga saajan m b 2 hero th toh wo add q nh krnga isly nh bolna smjha.. Phle usko bolna k non holiday p 100cr kree.. Sbbh koi sch bolta na tmlog k jalti he h jlte rho… Koi fraq nh pdnga… Kro pk pk

      • being alok nand Reply

        salman is supreme star of bollywood . it is universal truth.

      • 1991-199 24 flops 2001-2009 17 flops and 2010-present 3 kaun ginwaayega mere pyaare bhaitard. agr salman ki wajhese film chalti toh ye movies ATBB KI jagah disaster kyu huwi mere pyarebhaitard

    • hahaha hakle ne 2 ATG kabhi diya be??ek hi diya with CE vo bhi 4 month me break ho gaya😂😂😂😂n ye decade abhi end nai hua hai…n footfalls of BB is more than PK

    • Salman Fan Reply

      @Komal nahi nahata, bro for your Knowledge, Salman have 2 ATHG…..MPK and HPHK…

      And Amir has only one record in his name ATHG that’s it, while Salman holds so many records, go above and again read the article, it will help you to increase your knowledge……

      • @salman fan
        Sholey ka record hahk ne toda tha mpk ne nahi… Addatoday check karo..Mpk khali ATBB thi
        Sallu ne puri career mein 1 hi ATHG diya hein HAHK aur wo bhi madhuri ki vajah se…us time madhuri salman se badi actreess thi aur salman se jyada fees bhi liyi thi…

        • Arhan atif Reply

          @Parshya tujhe konsi gaali dun mujhe smajmain nahin araha hai….lagta ha amir tera bapp hai…amir ne tera ma ke chad koi Hanki-panki kiya hai kiya ?? Salman khan ke shath tera kiya provlem hai ??? Tu hamesha salman ke bare main itna bura kiyu kheta hai ? Tera fav star hain amir but tu hamesa salman khan ke insult kiyoo karta hai ? Facebook aur twitter main dekh salman khan ka stardum uske bad baat karna…. Hamara vi fav actor hai…
          1 salman khan
          2 amir khan
          3 shah ruke khan
          we always respect them…..but you @parasya always compare tham and insult salman khan…..bcoz you don’t accept the truth……they all are actor they entertent us so don’t disrespect them Hope you understand and I’m sorry for gaali…..but it’s much needed !!

        • bhaitard will be bhaitard.. HGOTY means no record but ATG means record coz ATG movie breaks all the previous record and Aaamir , SRK have 4 ATG .

    • being alok nand Reply

      jalne ka buh aarahe hai vai. koi bat nahi aisa hota hai life me. but truth is truth.

      • Ae bhia jalme ki boo nhi h.. ye uske shareer se aa rhi h… akhir naam hi kya h.. nahi nahata.. lol..

    • Abe sale agra BB kobhi free run release milti… to pk kuch bhi nhi h uske samne.. ; BB k tym bahubali 1week before release hui thi… and after some days drishyam. And both the films was loved bu public..

    • Tingutard , Big Hit Ka Matlab Bhi Pata Hai Tujhe ?? Bigger Hit – 1)Whose Verdict Is Better 2) If Verdict Is Same Then Film With Better Footfalls Is Bigger & BB Footfalls > PK ( 4 Weeks Free Run + Too Many Holidays ) . Last 8 Salman Films Have Collected More Than Tingu’s Whole Career. HAHK>RH+3Idiots MPK>>RH . HGOTY – Salman 10 Aamir-6 . Career Footfalls Salman-94cr+ Aamir-45crApprox . Blockbusters Salman-13 Tingu-5 Lol

  3. Naresh rajwani Reply

    C gread actor salman khan ka camper dip kumr and big b JESE legend se krna .just rubish b.areana. pls stop this type of artical. Shameful.

    • C grade actor h wo isly porii india usse pasand krti h hna…. Nh toh bs tu he ek smjh darr h nhntoh sb pgl h bewaquf h jo log usse pasand krte.. Tmhri soch he c grade h..

      • dadudh dadudh Reply

        I support being rebellion because hi saying true,Salmankhan’s 2010+ run golden run of Bollywood never ever seen & nobody close to them amazing biggest superstar of india
        @being Salmankhan

    • Salman Fan Reply

      @Naresh rajwani, if Salman is C grade actor than I think Srk, Aamir and others don’t even deserve any grade….Idiot like you are always jealous from other’s success….

  4. Pleasee atleastt respect Big b….big b aise hi century ke mahanayak ni kahlate…. I liked this site but to see this article i m really veryy disappointed…this type of comparison is really very cheap..

  5. PK 340 cr. Unbeatable Reply

    What the Fuck ..?? 😂😂😂😂😂
    SRK was the Superstar till 2013
    Aamir Khan is Biggest Superstar now
    Salman is at 2nd now & Aamir is at 1st ….
    Aamir Khan Rules Bollywood now 💖💖
    PK 340 cr. Unbeatable

  6. dipak virval Reply

    yes … i m not compare salman with india’s biggest actor amitabh or dilip kumar ever …. in acting skill … but now salman’s fan base and record breaking stuff craze … was suggest … he is the one of the biggest super star of bollywood ever … in fan base … !

  7. Data might be tru my friend but SRK is most sucessfull if talk abt work vs success ratio…you talked abt salman but salman has done many more movies than SRK!
    And my friend he/salman delivered disastars in his carrer…which srk does not.
    Then come to acting wise SRK and Amir is way ahead of Salman. Salman as an actor only in BB and Sultan… but srk we cant count..amir also is best as an actor.

    And finally my friend,In 90s SRK ruled not salman.. HAHK is 1 but DTPH KKHH KA DDLJ Darr Bazigar others…

    So pls correct the data and info

    @bollyarena pls publish this also.

    • dadudh dadudh Reply

      Srk disasters acc Boi
      1) oh darling yeh hai india (1995)
      2)one 2 ka 4 (2001)
      3) yeh lamhe judaai ke (2004)

      • Not disasters acc to ROI they are flops.. he is yet to deliver disasters…like mr n mrs khanna marigold etc..

  8. bollywood arena har hafte kaafi article post krta hai kisi pe itne comments nahi aate kuch article toh bina comment ke hi chale jaaate hain lekin jis article mein bhai ka naam aa jaata hai to SRgay fans, Tingu Fans aur Chhakki Fans apni aukat dikhane aa jaate hai. Even you know that Bhai is the biggest star ever but your ego for your favorite actors won’t let you accept this fact.
    jalo aur jalte raho. jab tumhari jalti hai toh bada maza aata hai. success ka maza tab tak nahi jab tak kisi ki jale na.

    • Lol apne bhai ki height map le hahahaha lol india is ruled by three tingus… tum sab c….ye ho..are bhai hve u seen them three in real i wish one day u will…i hope u better see tgem tomoro…then u will realise konse angle se ye tatu hero bne he….5.5ft hahahaha…

    • Bhai was never a biggest star… he is star only after dabangg… before his aukaat is like all other actors eg saif,anil etc…
      Superstars were srk n amir only

  9. There should be an article about why srk and aamir is way below than salman khan

  10. Sixer king Reply

    Lol a non actor can’t be a biggest star, 2010 born star fans just see this
    first solo HGoTY 1989 MPK
    Then solo HGoTY 2010 Dabangg
    btw You really think KKHH was Salman lead movie? …hahaha bhaitards will be bhaitards

  11. Well it seems true after reading this article btw haters are gonna bark forever because barking is their job.You know that you are a megastar when your movie have 7cr+ footfalls and none of their favorite Khan or Kumar