Salman Khan confirms a biopic on Somen Banerjee

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Salman Khan is known for taking his shirt off in several of his films. The actor’s shirtless scenes in the films have earned applauds and whistles. Now the actor has confirmed that he will make a biopic on Somen Banerjee, a Bengali immigrant who founded Chippendales; a touring dance troupe better known for its male striptease erotic dance performances.

Salman Khan

While talking to Bombay Times, Salman Khan confirmed that he’ll be producing the film. He said, “A Bengali man, who moved from India to America in the late 60s, struggled and created one of America’s most iconic brands. We are going to tell the story of Somen Banerjee, a man driven by fierce ambition, on celluloid.”

The biopic will track Somen’s journey from Kolkata to Los Angeles and Europe, where he was known as Steve Banerjee. Somen juggled between two lives; one for his ambition and the other for his family. His story will be produced as a feature film and also as a mini-series. The makers are currently working on the film’s script.


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    Bollyarena Team, does he act in this film or he is just producing it….Please Clear..

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