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Rustom Verdict: Hit or Flop

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Rustom Verdict: Hit or Flop: Akshay Kumar’s Rustom has been performing very well at the box office. The film received mixed reviews and was also competing against Mohenjo Daro. But that could not stop it from doing huge business in the opening weekend. The hold on Monday and Tuesday indicated that it will be a clear box office success.

Rustom was made on the budget of 65 crores and has already recovered its cost. It has now started to earn profits for the distributors too. Let’s also take a look at Rustom hit or flop business economics.

Rustom Verdict: Hit or Flop Economics

Production Cost
47 Cr
P & A
15 Cr
62 Cr
Distributing Price
39 Cr
Satellite Rights
30 Cr
Music & Others
8 Cr
Distributor Share
45 Cr*
10 Cr
93 Cr

*7 Days only

Rustom Verdict: HIT

Thus, Rustom has already recovered the whole cost and also generated good profits for distributors. It is a clean hit and there is a solid chance that it will become super hit. For superhit, it should collect 115 crore. We will update the verdict when required.

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Rustom producers were already in profit thanks to the smart economics. The distribution rights were sold in 39 cr and it has recovered that amount also in just 6 days. Overall it is a big success for all. This will be Akshay Kumar’s third consecutive entry into the 100 cr club this year.

Also, tell us what are your views about Rustom verdict hit or flop in the comments section.


  1. Mohenjo Daro be like Verdict – Flop or Disaster Article hahahahaha

  2. Rustom collection noticeable drop on Wednesday……..Blockbuster difficult…Maximum hit or super hit

  3. rustom is good movie but as per my think…drushyam is better than rustom….
    it will be superhit……

  4. ςм ρùήķ "ţħέ вέşţ ίή ţħέ ώόŕĻD" Reply

    Why are not updating Rustom’s Thursday collections updates ? i am visiting ur website again n again from the morning today please update about Thursday performance of Rustom

  5. not possible to collect 115 crore i think but then also its super hit……

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