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Romeo Akbar Walter Reviews by Critics

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Race 3 Reviews by Critics: John Abraham starrer Romeo Akbar Walter has received negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 2.02 with only two positive reviews so far.

  • Positive: 2
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 9
  • Avg Rating: 2.02/5

Taran Adarsh

Rating: 1.5/5

On the whole, ROMEO AKBAR WALTER fails to impress as it suffers from a flawed script as well as a weak and lengthy execution. At the box office, it will have an uphill task to register impressive numbers.



Rating: 2/5

All said and done, Romeo Akbar Walter could have been a lot better than what it is now. The paper-thin plot, pretending to be a lot intelligent than what it is backed by a very lousy narration. Don’t fall for the patriotic trap!


Indian Express

Rating: 2/5

The film suffers from its length, and the pall of dullness that hangs over the proceedings. A spy needs to be a patriot. That’s why he does what he does, knowing that he is ‘deniable’. And the film closes with a shot of the flag and a salute, perfect fit for these hyper-nationalist times.



Rating: 2.75/5

These stories deserve the spotlight more than ever before, given the tinderbox India is sitting on currently after the Pulwama attack. But RAW chooses to tell the other, more populist side of the story. Though that is completely the makers’ choice, one wishes they would have not given up on nuance while translating the popular sentiment into a half-baked spy thriller.



Rating: 1.5/5

Sikander Kher is the only one who has attempted to salvage the film. Jackie Shroff as the director of Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) sails by. Abraham’s deadpan expressions are a hindrance but he somehow manages to hold his ground. And Roy should stick to doing Naagin instead of a gratuitous role like this. As for RAW, YAW(n).


Hindustan Times

Rating: 1.5/5

In the James Bond novels, there are pages where Bond reads a dossier. These are highly detailed pages, letting us know what Bond knows — before we turn to the action and thrills. Romeo Akbar Walter is all dossier, no thrill, and it’s a dossier read aloud by Jackie Shroff. Pity, really. No point in pouring a drink so dry it forgets it wanted to be a martini.



Rating: 2.5/5

Nothing you haven’t seen before, even in duds like Agent Vinod (2012), are repeated. It’s the same set of ghisa-pita (stale) situations. The alteration of John’s character from a momma’s boy to the country’s biggest spy hero is shown merely through some hairstyles. In fact, even the ’70s is only depicted through some badly-styled wigs and bell-bottom trousers.



Rating: 2/5

The imagery of the Joker card is evident throughout the film but it looks like it is the audience who got played. Patriotism is overused to compensate for RAW and bland storytelling.

Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 2/5

A good spy thriller has to have a plot that is plausible. That is something RAW lacks. With a very old-school esque tone and lacking on some mystery, this film is quite a forgettable affair. See it if you are a John Abraham fan, but if you want to see a haunting and exciting espionage thriller, select another.



Rating: 1.5/5

John Abraham has broad shoulders all right, but this ambitious film proves to be too much of a burden for him to carry. The lead actor is clearly under instruction to project an imperturbable, inscrutable veneer and stay within a limited emotional bandwidth, which obviates the need for him to strain his facial nerves. But, on the flip side, it gives him no chance to try and rise above the uninspiring script with some muscle-flexing. But both Jackie Shroff and Sikander Kher make an impression. The film doesn’t, and it definitely isn’t their fault.


Bollywood Life

Rating: 3/5

Romeo Akbar Walter is a film made with a lot of attention to detail. It is not melodramatic nor is it remotely jingoistic. If you love the espionage genre, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect the high octane action you are accustomed to from Hollywood spy flicks. This one is more subtle and real.


Anupama Chopra

Rating: 2/5

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