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Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Comparison

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Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Comparison: Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil clashed at the box office on Wednesday. So far Raees has emerged a clear winner in this much-hyped clash. However, Kaabil has also gained momentum in last few days.

Raees has an edge over Kaabil in terms of screen count as it has 60% of screens. The genre was also box office friendly whereas Kaabil was a thriller and more of a content driven film. Both Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan were coming after delivering a flop so it was an important film for both actors.

Raees Vs Kaabil Box Office Collection Comparison

On the opening day, Raees outperformed Kaabil by a huge margin of 50%. It showed big growth on Thursday which was a national holiday. Kaabil also picked up on the second day but still, there was a huge gap between both films. On Friday and Saturday, Kaabil performed better than Raees in terms of occupancy. That was expected due to the excellent performance of Raees in first two days. So Kaabil was bound to pick up but less screens stopped it from going further.

Due to the clash, Kaabil got less number of screens which has severely affected the film’s collection. This decision of clash has not gone well for Kaabil makers as with a solo release, it would have done much better. As of now, there is a difference of 26 crore between both films and it is unlikely that Kaabil will take over Raees. Though Kaabil is expected to sustain on weekdays.

Update 1 Feb:

The gap between Raees and Kaabil has been shortened further on weekdays. There is a chance that Kaabil might take over Raees in the second week. Though it is impossible that Kaabil will cross Raees lifetime collection. The producer and trade figures can vary.

Update 5 Feb:

As per the trade figures, Kaabil has managed to collect in the range of Raees on the second Saturday. Though the official figures for both films are pretty much higher. To give you a more accurate idea about the actual trends, we are only updating trade figures.

Check out Kaabil vs Raees box office collection comparison. The day wise collections will be updated daily here.

Trade Figures:




Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
128.70 Cr
93.90 Cr


Also tell us what do you think about Raees vs Kaabil box office collection comparison in the comments section.


    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      thanks a lot….

      On the opening day, Raees outperformed Kaabil by a huge margin of 50%

      So far Raees has emerged a clear winner in this much-hyped clash…

      burnol burnol tu haters….gaurav …roko roko Raees ko…25cr kaha se lawoge….2nd time SRK beat to Hrithik…

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      Again again i will watch Raees…but i hate bottom of heart…Takla roshan movie….

      burnol to roshan and bhakts who was barking…Kaabil will do this do that…

      sab chakke nikle…Raess won by huge margin….

      • Gujrat k Gunde or Terrorist ko Hero bana diya….. fucking movie
        Kabil is much better With fresh story line ….

          • Both moviee are outstanding but ek bat samaj me nahi ata bc paisa woh kama rahe aap log sab q kutte k jaise apas me fight kr rahe.tumlog ko kuch milne wala nahi hai.

        • ye to fiction hai, par jab dawood p movi bani tab kaha thha tu? Dawood ko 4 bar hero bana dia. Shakeel hero ban gya tab kaha thha tu? Ab jal rhi hai bz u are srk hater else its the best.

      • vikas jaiswal Reply

        Wo sala srk kis anggel se hiro lagta he sala hakla
        Ritik roshan is completely hiro
        Ritik hi Kabil he kabil hi ritik he

        • Kohinoor Sagar Reply

          bina hero lage hi wo bollywood ka badshah ban gaya kya bhai

            • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

              kyu tu or tera khandan sab ka chosta hai…naam me smaj me aaya…

            • Bhai jitna tere khandan me aaj take paisa dekha hoga na, utne ki uski net worth. There jaise third class third hand aadmi ko vo brand new price mein naukar rakh sakta gai
              The gr8 srk

        • Hakla Ho yo bakla par BAAP hai Hrithik ka naam sohrat clash acting. All d way.

      • @Dr.jhangir Khan, what do u mean by “bhakat” . stop spreading so negativity. I don’t know what makes you to disrespect a man who has been in industry more than SRK.
        You want to see haters, than look at the mirror caz you r one of them, and pricing this fact by writing so bad abt other actors.
        I watched both of them and like SrK than HR, but would never write such shitty words.
        Grow up.
        Nd better remove Dr from ur name, that does not suit to ur name.

        • U r right bro aise log rahte hai hamare desh mei wo khud deshdrohi hai jo dusre k bare aise bolte hai

      • Yashdeep Sahu Reply

        As u said budget of raees is double in comparison of kabil .. 60 % screens used by raees still not get big lead of earning …. it shows shahrukh is Raees n hritik is kabil .. don’t judge by religious view be fare … and be sure what u saying and to whom about .. star ka tag bas khano ko milaa hai per kabil to hritik hi hai …

    • Raees trade figure hai aur kabil producer figure hai hahaha..
      Taklu ke @bollyarena ko bhi sikha diya manipulate kaise krte hai.. 😂😂😂 hope all r get well soon.. kabil already declared flop..20cr manipulate..

    • Pyare Jeeja Ji Reply

      Ek Truth:- 30 november 1995 ko Tingu Amir Ki Movie Akele Hum Akele Tum Aur SRK Ki Movie Ram Jaane Me Clash Hua Tha……….. Result AHAT Collection 5 crore Flop Hui Thi……… Aur Ram Jaane Collection 9.50 crore Above Average Thi………. Shuru Me Hi SRK Ne Tingu Amir Ki Maar Li Thi………. Aur Us K Baad Hi Tingu Amir Clash Se Darr Gaya Tha………….. hahahahaha fussssssssssss

  1. salmanic kunal Reply

    First tingu now hakla and apahij handicapped who has done 15 cr manipulation, have failed to beat weekend record of Sallu.
    Only Sallu rules

    • ....AaA.... Reply

      😂😂😂 Konse Record Be VirGin Ki AuLaD Sultan Toh Marte Marte 300 touch Kara Hai BC Baki #YRFReducingSultanFigures ye Konse BhonDu Trend Kar rahe The Be …😁😂😂😂😂😂😬😈😅

    • Abey kunal,15 cr ka manipulation karne wali PRDP kiski film hai,ETT 12 cr ka manipulation karne wali kiski film hai.yeh manipulation to start hi ETT se hui thi.

    • abey lallumanic marigold ka manipulation kiya hota to kam se kam lallu ki izzat to bach jati…
      lallu ke nam pe kaunsa record hein be…

  2. Arun Kudva Reply

    Occupancy has increased for evening and night shows for Raees, should collect around 8crores. Mumbai,Hyderabad,Bangalore are showing good advance booking.

  3. Having spent some important years of my life into maintaining a bollywood reviews, ratings and news portal, I can mention few things about the business.

    The main incoming revenue is from reviews and ratings which sometime involves big packets to get a better ratings. The reviewers are often enticed with monetary rewards to provide better ratings. This is a known practice, prevalent in trade circles and also in media industry (including the news papers). Sometimes, the ratings for the movies used to change at the last moment and on somedays we were asked to follow the collections provided on phone.

    I remember a good instance of this being brought to the front by BOI in May 2005 when “Bunty & Bubbly” was released by YRF. BOI alleged on their website (couple of days before the release of movie) about a conspiracy from YRF to buy the ratings and getting the movie tagged as a HIT.

    Several years since then, this practices are still being followed and specially the big stars and big houses are able to get the figures manipulated.

    BOI has been a reputed name for so many years and has build up a trust value within the circle. However, in case of Raees vs Kaabil clash something does not seem right. As per BOI update, it seems BOI are quite keen to put a flop tag to Kaabil movie. Not sure why. I have been following their update for last 5 days but somehow could not control myself and hence decided to put this post. The so called trade figures for Kaabil seems to repoted less then the actual trade figures. On the other hand the official figure seems inflated then the actual one. So the actual is higher then what BOI reported and lower then what officially released.

    The competition between Raees and Kaabil has turned out to be a decent one. However if it started on a 50-50 screen share basis then it would have been a very competitive fight then what it appears out to be.

    I am pretty sure that some of the SRK or HR fans will try to bash my post but I am only posting on what I have experienced and what I feel. If you disagree then ignore the post and move on as bashing or posting any abuses is not going to change the reality……

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      Dear Kaaali

      good post but give me one answer…Kaabil budget is 45cr and Raees 95cr……so how come they will share 50 50 screens?

      so why this roshans complaining for screens… not agaisnt kaabil. if it solo release it would have get 4000 screens….same for Raees….

      thats why SRK said very early when Sultan and Raees clash …two big films cannot be released in india at least we need 15000 screens and ask roshans to shif the date….but roshan didnt show respect for one of the biggest acotr of your industry so why not clash….whats the problem…so SRK is not wrong…

  4. comparison is incorrect due to wrong figures from kaabil… not acceptable bollyarena … how can u compare when u also knows it’s wrong..

    we were expecting detailed report on this as u had mentioned

    • there is no details because there is no manipulation . they just tried to spread negativity

  5. Disaster khans Reply

    There is very less gap in collections of 5th day/sunday of both movie. Kaabil is just 2cr behind Raees on 5th day even with less screen count, so kaabil is much better than flop raees

  6. now impossible for #kaabil to take over #raees. except with the jadu calculater. Lolll……….