Raees meets Sultan on Big Boss

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Once again, SRK is all set to be back on Bigg Boss with his friend Salman Khan. There are reports that Shahrukh will be shooting for the show on January 20 for the weekend episodes airing on January 21 and 22. And he has now shot for a special teaser to the episode along with his Salman.

In the video, Salman attempts to recite Shahrukh’s popular dialogue from Raees, “Ammi Jaan Kehti Thi” but he gets confused and later on the dialogue is completed by Shahrukh. He is also seen pulling his leg about not knowing the dialogue but Salman then gets into his Sultan mode to announce Shah Rukh’s arrival on the show.

Watch the video below.

Raees will release on 25 January 2017 along with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil.


  1. Raees Hater Reply

    Now srk needs show platform to make his film atleast a HIT.

  2. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    SRK ko bhi pura haqq hai ke wo APNI movie ki bhi promotion kare

  3. Deadly combo ! I really hope Raees will be as good as it seems to be.

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      parshya yede tu yaha kya kar rah hai….tu ja Amir ki movie cross 350cr….hahha but as you….i bet no one interested how much Amir movie earned?

      only SRK and Salman has super stardom…..

      Amir v.s Bhumi pedenekar…

      • Collection zoot nahi bolte kiska stardom bada pe voting karne ae koi bada nahi hota..

        • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

          rassi tuti par bal nahi gaya…tu sunn..i was amir admirer but not fan in 90 b4 srk debut. but amir had too much ego problem and bad behavior with director …..example yash chopra darr, his own uncle nasser hussain arguement over Josh, mahesh bhatt ghulam, he left his wife when he become overnight star with QSQT. he fight with his brother faisal..even he started calling srk with Dog these due to frustrated state of mind…. and now he is ruunning stayemav jayte he is biggest hypocrite….his loose srk gain…. so i hate best possible way.
          in 90s he himself surrender to SRK stardom…everyone knows thats the reason he boycott filmfare…..if he dont like awrdsa than why tried very hard for Lagaan why he made The Rising…to get oscar award in his deep down intention were to show the SRK and indian industry he is better than SRk..but failed miserably….

          than he start choosing role with strong script. thats it…

          this all collection goes to script…put him in Jai hu Kick or HNY dilwale type i bet he will not able to coross 75 cr..bcz there is no script only stardom game…

          finally, bollywood arena to indicine to everyone accept without script Amir is nothig nobody come to theater to watch amir khan..they come to expreince diffent kind of cinema…thats it..

          now got you answer

          • Dr janghir Khan same can be said about dalip kumar and big b bairaag and dastaan were rubbish so flopped ajooba and jaadugar were rubbish so flopped but karma mashaal were good films so hits hum and khuda gawah good films hits so with your logic salman and srk are better than amitabh and dalip kumar ? I think not.Are you a dr in bs by any chance

            • Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

              Sufi saab am not denying the fact script is not is importnat…but dilip kumar and Amitabh raise their acting bar above script some times when script is not strong point….Example Agneepath it bcme cult but box office failed…Swades its master piece but box office happens but same actor can sail movie if avg script like kal hu na hu…its called stardom…same cannot be goes with he need only strong script to make movie hit…in that point sushant also gave super hit ms dhoni….bcz script good…even ranveer gave blockbuster Baji rao…so with strong script anyobody can give hit…now let him prove this fact…Amir know his limits..without script he is disaster…The laash…the rising…kela..
              Lastly Amir cannot be super star…do whatever he want….500cr 600cr 1000cr..bcz of script

  4. haroonn1986 Reply

    God bless srk nd salman’s friendship. I will watch it definitely.

  5. Sallu aur srk ko ek dusare ki jarurat hein agar Aamir ko harana hein to..fir bhi mushkil hi nahi namumkin hein..

    • Dr.Jhangir khan Reply


      • fan,marigold paheli,ye lamhe judai ke yaad hein,maya memsab ……..stardom fusssssssssssssss
        hua tha………

        • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

          ha or jawani zinda bad, love love love, raakh, tum meri hu,,,sab yaad hai..script dhose hui thi…diasster….dhobi ghat me dhol gayi sari script ki akad…
          or kuch yad dilaw….hahaha

  6. One of the best promo this is and the dialogue delivery by Srk is also awesome….hope raees will collect heavy at the box office… of luck salman and Srk..

  7. Disaster khans Reply

    Two Disaster khans at one place at one time to make people fools all over again.

  8. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Aamir khan acha actor hai by the way mujhe SRK Salman Khan or Akshay kumar bhi pasand hai hr actor ek waqt apni peak pe ata hai so is waqt Salman Khan or Amir khan apne career ki peak pr hai Aamir Khan ne apne attitude ki waja se Darr movie reject ki thi kiun ke unka kehta tha ke mein hero bann chuka hun mein Sunny deol se maar kiun khayun

  9. Faisal that was a lie aamir Khan wanted script changes as he felt apart from srk character the rest of the characters were weak and wanted to give them more depth same happend with josh as he told mansoor max character is too strong and script is weak as there is no real story and other characters are weak as was the case with josh even though the film was successful no one wanted to work with masoor afterwards hence he retired.

  10. Love Bollywood Reply

    Just like having Priyanka / Deepika in Hollywood in a small role is targeted at Indian market (even though it means only as much as their role’s length), bakri aka srk targeted pakistan market by having this ugly looking actress (sorry for calling a human being ugly but that is true) bcoz he knows he can’t earn from India anymore…

  11. Dr Jahangir, Tell us one thing, if you got to a doctor when u need medication, do u chck whether he is divorcee or how is his relation with his brother or other personal angles. Or u see how good he is as a doctor or the quality of advice and medication he gives. Coming Back to Aamir when all successful star were dancing in the marriages he was grilling himself in Lagan, Wen Shahrukh was busy buying IPL teams He was giving all time classics Rang de Basanti. When Shahrukh was busy dancing on Farah Tunes he was doing Tare Zameen Par connecting to each and every child. Who was Raju Hirani before 3 idiots and PK. If just good script are required then Anurag Kashap or Phantom Films might have given Huge Blockbusters. Then probably Pink and Neerja should have been Blockbuster. SRK has himself to Blame Does Rohit Shetty have guts to Sign Aamir. Look at the subjects where aamir gave blockbusters Lagan Tare Zameeen par Dangal Rang de Basanti 3 idiots. Aamir is a rare Package We should feel good that tomorrow we can also tell our child atleast something about Cinema, Thanks Amir. I have no fan ship but a real taste for Cinema.

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      or kuch fekne layaq hai aap ke pas…2 minute silince to this moron he say before 3idiot and PK raju Hirani nothing!!!!! aye la……who made MUnna bhai cult classic Amir ka baap…hahaha

      i said script is important….in in case of Amir …script should be strong he cannot pull avg script to make hit where your stardom required…Kick PRDP HNY DIlwale….or BB CE has avg script…put in this movies Amir all will be disasters…

      if script is strong result is MS dhoni big hit….Ranveer sing Baji rao… means with strong script like PK and Dangal or TZP sushant singh also give hit…

      finally, do whatever amir he is always 3seera khan…even if his dangal make 500cr…it will be one day wonder….but CE lowest grosser in front of all but still talk of the town…even Krissh 3 corses or kick still made comparison with CE..or Dhoom 3 also comapred with CE????why…they way CE achive 150 or 200 nobody have think at that time…this is called stardom..

  12. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Sufisaab Darr movie Aamir Khan ne reject kiun thi ap wikipedia pe jaa ke parh lo Darr movie se pehle Aamir Khan yash chopra ke sath parampra movie kr chuke thy uske director yash chopra thy WO movie flop hui Darr ka tou content solid tha Aamir Khan ne half shooting bhi kr li thi phir jb sunny deol ne jin scenes mein Aamir Khan ko maar parni thi waha masla
    kharab hua Aamir Khan ne kaha mein star hun mein Sunny deol se maar kiun khayun pehle search kr lo

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      your are correct……Darr he left due to ego problem…thats the reason yash ji never direct him entire in his life and actually promised himself he will never step him in his door….and he stand on it…
      actually parampara is the fisrt daag flop in yash chopra feather….hahaha..Amir is daag…

      he is biggest hypocire and jealous of SRk and SALLU….he surrender himself in 1995 in filmfare….tab hi usko samajh me aaya….ab tak sallu se compete karta tha ab or ek aaya….ab kuch hone wala nahi…chala murari hero banne iski life me release hu chuki thi…jo ab tak super hit hai…ab tak script ki talaash me pk ghomta hai.
      in 2000 der aaye durrust aaye..heroism movies chod ke….script dhondna shoru kiya..good decission by Amir…warna stardom ke chakkar me…dukan band hoti thi 2000 me hi…

  13. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    jaha tak Mansoor Khan ki baat hai usne Jo jeeta WO sikander movie ke baad Akele hum akele tum movie direct ki thi wo movie flop hui uska clash Ram jaane movie ke sath hua tha Ram jaane ka content weak tha Akele hum akele tum ka content strong tha phir wo kiun flop hui Mansoor Khan ne Josh direct krne ke baad khud he break le Liya tha

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      actually aisa bolo….Mansoor khan ne Amir ko aukat dekhane ke liye last Josh direct ki…or result is everyone knows…or ha mansoor khan ko ghar bithane ka kam Amir ne hi kiya Ram jaane ke sath clash kar ke…

      badi mehnat se amir ne Akele hum akele tum ko le ke duba….

  14. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Aamir khan ne jb BAAZI or MELA movie MEIN kAAm kia wo dono flop hui tb Aamir ne jaa kr strong content wali movies krna sHURU Ki Aamir khan khud ko acha actor samjhta hai is waja se usne awards ka beycott kia DILIP KUMAR ne tou kbhi nahi kaha tha ke award mujhe nahi mila so beycott karo even RAJ KAPOOR OR DEV ANAND SAHEB NE BHI aWARD KA BEYCOTT NAHI KIA

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      if filmfare kya akele Amir ki jagir hai… boycott kare…

      abey Dilip ji se le ke Raj kapoor tak…sab fake hai….zara amir ko pocho….yeda hai Amir..

      jab DDLJ ka sadma bardasht nahi hua tu Lagaan jaisi movie karne laga….dil Chahta hai me yede me kana raja role accept kiya..hahaha ..kyuki wo janta tha…wo saif or akshay khanna se jada space milegi..

      he even defeated with our very own Karisma kapoor in Rani Hindustani….Raja hinustani became Rani hindustani i know very well….no cares about Amir he over shadow by stunning performance by karisma kapoor….sallu or SRK door ki bat hai…

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