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Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

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Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection: The early trends are suggesting that Raees has a good start on Friday. The film maintained the momentum in the Mumbai while it has considerable drops in some other places. Check out Raees 3rd day collection update below.

Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

The film opened to lower occupancy today as it is a working day. The overall occupancy was around 30-35% which will be considered as okay. Raees has a very good start again in Mumbai and Gujarat. After an extraordinal first two days opening day, West Bengal has also faced drops. But it will definitely improve now in the later half of the day. But the same can’t be said about Delhi/UP and East Punjab which grew only due to the holiday and has faced considerable drops today. In Gujarat, the film has been working very well since the first day. It has a huge occupancy of more than 50% today also. The advance booking is pretty good for evening shows which will ensure that Raees collection will improve.

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Yesterday Raees collection got a huge boost due to the holiday factor. Today we can also hope that it will pick up as the weekend is there. The film has to improve today in underperforming circuits otherwise, it has to rely only on Muslim dominated circuits. Though North holds better on weekdays but Raees is not state friendly. It has a big advantage of the extended weekend as those circuits can pick up tomorrow also.

Noon Shows Report:

Raees has started to pick up after a decent start. The occupancy is in the range of 45% which is pretty good on working day. It is expected to pick up further in the evening. Once again Raees will record better numbers than the other release Kaabil.





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Raees 3rd Day Box Office Collection Early Trend:

Raees 3rd day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can take a look at it in the below link => Raees 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Raees has collected 46.72 crore in 2 days. It will be interesting to see if it can cross 100 crore in the first extended weekend. Tell us what are your views about Raees Day 3 box office collection update in the comments section.


  1. Tu pagal h kya bro..35% occupancy ko okay bol rha h abey bhul matt aaj working day h toh itna occupancy milna bhii bda baat h…aur aaj ka collection 15 cr aaram se hoga..

    • Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

      I hate farhan ritesh y dont they release this in Eid or better festiv date…it certainly crossed 300cr…like if u like my comment

      • If it has Aamir or Salman as hero, then it would have easily cross 300 crore, whenever u release it.

        With Srk it is impossible task…

          • Screen count is not the ultimate factor for 300 crore collection… It is all about star power, that is what Srk is losing nowadays.

            • Then what happens to u r star’s power during The lash release? Battery was finished that time. U need screen count good script and open weeks to get above 300cr .If SRI is loosing his star power why his movies are having earth shattering opening?

            • tu paagal h bhnchd jo tere liye screen count and festive weekend ka koi mtlb nhi..srk rules

          • Raees got very good screen around 3000

            BOI have said it’s got 3400

        • Mr. Rehab miya just understand one thing if you remove aamir in their film and take any other actor or even if I will also act has film will run. Samjhe but in SRK filmSRK is only the factor ishe stardom and actor Kate hai tum nahi samjoge rehab miya

    • it’s not the working day that matters. Do you understand the meaning of 5-Day Extended Weekend? In Bollywood industry, Weekends means great business so there’s no point of 5-Day extended weekend if film doesn’t reach that expectation. 20 cr + in all these days would’ve still been really great weekend and run. But drop mean film will fell short of reaching it.
      That’s what he’s trying to convey. No point in getting angry or anything cuz nothing is against srk!
      It is true that both films have dropped considerably today. But evening shows may prosper with good outcome.
      Hope for the best

    • Disaster khans Reply

      Kaabil ki growth dekh kar hakle budhhe fans ki phat ne lagi

        • Rais to miya callgirl bhi ban jati h kabil to bap k dahre hi banega ?

    • Disaster khans Reply

      Aaj se budhhe ka girna shuru, ab toh Raees bhikhari hona pakka

    • Disaster khans Reply

      sunday tak kitna manipulate karna hai karle uske baad kutta bhi nahi mootega Raees par

  2. Today Raees will have drops as is a working Day.
    Friday: 15.5cr
    Saturday: 18.5
    Sunday: 21cr
    1st Weekend: 102cr

  3. Dangal Raees Reply

    Minimum 14 cr.
    Maximum 16 cr.
    Wait n Watch
    Minimum 7 cr.
    Maximum 9 cr.
    Wait n Watch
    I’m talking about real fgrs
    Dangal Dangal

  4. bhai srk sirf muslim dominated circuit k liye film banata hai lol
    aaj kaabil and raees ka nearly equal hoga dono ka
    kal se kaabil lead karega

    • Sensless comment . It. Means bajrangi bhaijan was for hindus ? Pk was against all relegions ? Kuch bhi bolega ? Kya nala hai yaar .

    • Ram AgnihotriRSS zindabad Reply

      Tum log isi mein mar jao ki kis circuit ke liye bani hai
      Muslim circuit main bhi toh negative role hai Saala yahi zindagi beet rahi tumhaari muslim aur hindu
      Chheee upar utho bhai ab keechad se upar utho

    • Such a mentally retard man you are.
      Shame on you and pity for your family

    • U said srk sirf Muslim dominated k liye film banata hai to fir in sabhi movies k naam btaaoge mujhe?

    • Kux bhi he jab tak teeno khan he inke aage koi nhi tik sakta😝😋

  5. It should be 40% for good. 35% is little bit less hope it will increase

  6. Today is Friday
    Isliye Raees ka collection Muslim centre mein 3 PM tk kum rahega bcz jumma
    Fir boost karega

  7. Hahaha
    Dangal ka record todne ja rahe the republic day release me aur wo bhi clash ke sath..
    Miya bhai ki daring..fuss ho gayi.
    Doctor to koma me chala gaya shayad
    Hahaha.. Maine kya bola tha..monday ko to washout hone ke chances he.
    Wait n watch..
    Aamir ki league alag he na sallu na srk
    Koi bhi aa-ss pass bhi nahi ayega.
    Maza agaya kal sab fudak rahe the duniya ka sabse bada star..aab bhugto

    • Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

      Aby yede sakshi tanwar or fatima ki movie nahi hai ye..with clash 100cr= fungal 1000cr..stardom not script dependable retaketionist movie..

      • Stardom kya chaatna hai, if SRK is not able give good movies. Aur abhi to stardom bhi nahi use pass. Jab tak hai jaan (112 cr), chennai express (227), happy new year (204), dilwale (148), fan(80), dear zindagi (67). Compared to movies of Aamir or Salman these collection are poor

    • Are pagal aadmi clash ke saath aur sirf 2700 screen aur non holiday release hone ke bawajud bhi ye collection h it is a joke yehi dekhata h king ka stardom agar amir aur salman me dum h to aisa challenge le ke dikhaye. …amir ke jitne bhi film release huye h uska record nikal ke dekh sab solo release, holiday without clash number of screens.

      • Abey solo movies maloom hai aamir ki kyun hoti kyunki kisiki himmAt nahi aamir se takraye,chakke jaise chote mote star se to log sochte bidh sakte hai aur bidh jaate hai.Solo-clash bhi asli stardom ki nishani hai.samjha.kyun nahi bidh jaate log aamir se christmas mein.phat kar haath mein aa jaati hai aamir ka naam sunkar.

      • hakla vs takla Reply

        Abe jab kal k aye hue chokre bhi tumhre sath film lgane se nai darte to iska mtlb game over for hakla. Aamir salman ko kyu open weeks milte hai ???? Kyu unke sath koi film lgane ki sochta bhi nai. Tumhre hakle ki raees 6 mahine se tyar thi . Pehle eid pe release krne ka btya per salman ki film dekh kr fat gai or new year pe aamir se fat gai. To bache se ladne chla gya. Ab Bache se bhi pitega. Open weeks or jyda screens aise nai milte, agar competitors ki ftegi or market ko lgega ki ye film chlegi to sab band krke wo he lgaenge . But hakle ka media management ab khatam ho Chuka nhi. Ab social media pe sab Ita chal hatta hai ki hakle ne fir se hakla diya haii


    • Its true that srk is the biggest star of India & his name included in top 10 world actors is baat KO tum jhuthhla nhi skte movie collection ka kya hai salman & amir ki bhi films flop huyi hai tab to kisi ne apna muh nhi khola tha

  8. Raees is primarily a single screen film………drops on weekdays are normal as it recorded very high occupancy levels, as long as there are no alarming drops……anything less that 14-15 cr today could be alarming……..

    on the other hand Kaabil is more a film for metros and city audience and thus is likely to see more growth compared to Raees over the weekend!

  9. Arun Kudva Reply

    How is the advance booking for saturday and sunday for Raees?

  10. hahaha….aamir ki dangal k 4500 screens me bhi…21 din baad bhi 30% occupancy thi…

    but 2800-3000 screens me bhi….raees 3 day sirf 30% occupancy…

    raees keval bachcho k liye h…mind less logo k liye……jo crape chor police ki movie dekhte h…

    kabil much better then Bhikhari Raees ….

    • Tu Jakey Dhoom 3 daik jisme chor police zyada hai . Crap to woh thi 😂

      • Lekin usne history banayi thi crap hone par bhi..sab eecord tode the
        ATHG/ATBB bani thi..
        Hai Dum sallu aur srk me crap film ko ATHG bana de?

        • Abey naley usme Dhoom franchise ka brand tha . Aur wo Christmas pe ayi thi without clash chal bhag yaha se . Hawa ande

          • HNY N KICK ne D3 ka record kyun nahi toda?wo bhi crap filme thi.
            Par sach ye he Sallu aur srk ki bass ki bat nahi Aamir ko harana.

            • Karan Arjun Reply

              Bcz Aamir Khan ki movie without any clash and ek month TK koi film nhi Hoti isiliye nhi to #Talash yaad kar

          • Dangal mein bhi brand dood lo saalo,commercial element doond lo,papa doond lo.bewkoof hi rahoge crapstars ke fan.Dabang2 to brand tha na,christmas par release hui thi na kya ukhad liya tha usne.same goes for Don2 for SRK.hai koi jawaab kisi ke pass.10 saal mein ek talaash mili hui hai usi ko rona rehte ho,woh bhi semihit film koi flop nahi thi.

            • Dangal bhul jayege next sab..amir character but raees 25 jan declare ho gya hai..25jan RAEES DAY .. life time yaad rahega..DDLJ Yaad hai na..

        • Amir ki talaash bhi to solo release huyi thi to fir wo kaise flop ho gyi?

    • rokon uz zaman Reply

      salamn amir ke pass hai dum super star ke shat clash karne.clash hoke bi 300 cro business karega srk is best

  11. Raees is rocking. It will do huge business on Saturday and Sunday due to positive WOM.

    • After watching Raees…..I suggest my colleagues to watch the outstanding movie Raees….
      Faaaruuu acting hai bhai….Amitabh Bachchan ki yaad agai…

  12. minimum 150 crore lifetime business hona chahiye
    200 crs will be a blockbuster with a clash

    • 200 cr par movies ab kaha blockbuster hoti hai.195 cr par 2015 mein PRDP sirf hit thi.verdict doesn’t depend on clash/solo release it depends on total collns that’s it.

      • bhai clash ke sath koi bhi actor 300 crs nahi collect kar payega be it aamir or salman

        • Preeti,talaash was a semihit not a u even know something abt BO or just write whatever u like.

  13. aamir ko content depended actor bolte hai
    bhai log srk ko kisne roka hai acha film banane ko
    10 me ek film darshako ko pasand aaya thoda sa raees
    aamir salman k sabhi film sabhi varg k audience ko pasand aata hai
    aamir salman >>>>>>>>>>>>>srk

    • Saale Kabhi Salman ki acting dekhe hai !!!! Romantic scene KRTA hai to hasee aajati hai😂

  14. Jack Shukla Reply

    Lo bhai gayi bhes pani Mai . Content strong nahi tha warna cities mai chalti aur ye 100 cr bhi na kar paygi . Socha tha content strong rahega magar average tha . Khan sab yaha se achi script lena shuru kardo jaise chak de india aur mnik type . Be wise now

    • It is bcoz of clash with other movie otherwise raees KO 85% ki opening mili thi aise mei agar wo solo release hoti to aaram se 30cr kar leti

  15. Saala SRK k bekaar fan groups poora theater book karke aur baar baar movie dekhe first day ko high kar dete hai ….Fir jaise hi normal day aata hai …Phusss….

    First day 20 Cr
    First Monday 2 CR (double of Dangals 31st day collection)


  16. Chalo ye film bhi 100 cr nahi karpaygi . After Dilwale , Fan ab Raees . 3 Underperformers , Content yaar content jo strong hona chahyie . Ye SRK chak de india aur swades jaise kiya hsi phir kyu nahi karta ? . Mr Khan yaha se achi script lena shuru kardo aur sudar jao warna flops ki badi list baneygi .

    • Kane usne ye kiya lekin uske fans ne har baar reject kardia aisi filmo ko siway chak de india mera srk to us din mar Gaya jis din usne dil to pagal hai sign ki he was better than that film when he signed kuch kuch hota hai I stopped watching Hindi films for a year and then ghulam was on b4u and I was blown away by aamir’s performance and I started watching films again ab mein films jehl sakta hoon just because I know aamir Khan film is around the corner kuch naya dekhne ko milega. By the way DTPH and KKHH are not bad films but on the back of DDLJ they made an awesome actor a chocolate hero that’s why koyla flopped. Koyla is a decent movie better than yess boss but flopped because of heroes lover boy image.

  17. we want srk vs salman
    or srk vs aamir
    1 baar mein kissa khatam
    hritik aur ranvir ke dum be baukne walon ki band baja dega srk

    • There was an opportunity to clash with Salman in Eid 2016… But Srk dar gaya….

      Acha hua, Hrithik or Ranveer ke sath clash karke ye haal hai to Salman se clash karne ke bad kya hota…

      • rocky handsome Reply

        woo to aanewala time hi kahega….but in my view raees is all time superhit

      • Sahi bol raha hai rehan sallu ya Aamir kisi se bhi bhid gaya srk to SRk khatam ho jaayega.billion fans sab doob marenge.100 cr bhi nahi pahunchogi uski woh film.

      • Brooo, tere salman ne hi confirm kiya thaa ke raees ki shooting delay kar di gayi hai, knee injury ki wajah se.

        Jab kuch pata naa ho toh bhoka mat kar

  18. content to Fan ka b very good tha….fir b flop

    srk bina clash k 100 crore b paar nhi kr skta ….

    omo or savariya ka b clash karwaya tha …or fir bazirav se…or ab Kabil se…

    bina clash k…fan ki tarah flop ho jata…

    dekho…abhi kapil k show me…bhikh maang rha h….

    • Aur tu yaha hutiya dhik raha he naley . Bhag yaha se aur kahi achi se jaga dek ke marja .

    • One Indian person won unesco award his name – shahrukh khan .. Ab bol

  19. aamir sirf logo k har type k logo k mno-ranjan k liye movie bnata h…

    kya kbhi koi dusra hero…3idiots jesi ATBB movie dene k baad …Dhobi -ghat…jesi movie de skta h…???

  20. srk ne maya mem sab me nude sin diye…

    or ooske bete ne real me…blue film bnayi…

  21. SRK is the best actor in the world.
    Watch this Movie and evaluate the acting of SRK.
    Raees has broken Dangal record in 1st day collection of oversease.

    first day: 20 crore
    second day: 25.42 crore
    Third day: 18 crore
    fourth day: 28 crore
    fifth day: 34 crore

    Total: 125 crore

    Agar Kabil nahi hota competion mei to 5 days mei 200 crore hoti….

  22. In shaa allah raees will break all records in life time collection….reason is positive reviews

  23. Hafseey Kareey Reply

    I think Raees is still doing well. Because when there are big clashes films don’t do well. Goodluck to Srk n Raees team. I pray that it cross 200 Cr InshaAllah

  24. After a long time a good movie by srk, Raees is better than Kabil

  25. Kaabil tho andho ki movie hai
    Rape ka revenage hai
    Police aur system ko gandu dekhagaya that is totally wrong
    Aur ek baat corporater is very small politician mimimmun mla ko tho villen banachiya tha
    System ek corporater dard aur uska saat deta nonsense

  26. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Raees movie Republic day pr sb se zaida business krne wali movie ban gayi hai

  27. arjun chowdhury Reply

    Raees 170cr+ pakka……happy to c srk back with a bang……always a srkian…….bhagwan kare unki ane wale film v superhit ho…..

    • 170 cr matlab dangal ka 44%.congratulation SRK is now 44% a star as compared to megastar aamir.

  28. shahrukh's fan Reply

    aare clash nahi hota to ye dangal ke 2 guna kamata its a
    king khan shahrukh khan

  29. Tanmoy Roy Reply

    kabill super flop of the 2017…
    ****SRK*** ……. KING OF BOLLYWOOD

  30. Hemal Ahmad Reply

    Good comment to all,,,
    I wish raees ki collection 300+ par hojay,,,,,,,

  31. lokendra singh shekhawat Reply

    I think this film archive a big collection in his first week

  32. Good yaar 1 rapiest or gunde ko indians kitna pasand karte hai. Pahle pata hota to delhi rape case ke repist free ko aajaz kara dete. Koi sharukh ko bolo un per bhi film bana kar unhe hero bana de.sharam aana chahiye hume jo gunddo ko apna hero man rahe hai

  33. Comment:Srk the besttttttt true but baat tabhi sach hoga jab 200cr plus hoga

  34. raees or kabil dono mil k b dangal ka record nhi to skte…

    bina clash k ab srk…100 crore b par nhi kr skta…

    Fan ko hi dekh lo…

  35. ye srk k andhe bhakt
    tum log jaise murk aur kahin nhi hai
    bina matlab k khayali pulav banate rahte hai
    raees 200 cr beta pahle 100 toh pahuchne do

    • rocky handsome Reply

      agar tu srk ko pasnd nahi karta to matkar par bura to mat bollllll….

  36. Reply

    this movie can earn 220cr, bcoz srk n nawaj outstanding actor in bollywood

  37. Everytime peaple compares..

    It clearly states that there r 2 types of people exists.
    Srk lovers and srk haters (Who call themselves Amir/Salman etc etc fans) :-)

  38. This is sharuk best performance till date after bazigar .srk u rocks after a log time

  39. SRK u are a actor..baaki sab to acchi kahani milti h to film banate hai aur aap apne dum par film hit karate hai..thank u for film.
    he is very good SHARUKH KHAN…

  40. Raees is really good movie.So pls don’t argument with SRK haters.this is fully waste of Time, I think this film archive a big collection aroun 300 crore …

  41. watt lag gayi.12 cr hahahahaha.occupancy ko dekho adhi ho gayi.can’t control my laughter.yeh hai chakke ki stardom.Dangal ki 7 din tak 20+cr colln rahi thi aur yeh dekho teesre din hi fuss ho gayi.parshya was saying monday,par yeh to friday ko hi fuss ho pakadh kar hass raha hu.phir bhi yeh besharam srk fans apne muh dikhane aa ja rahe bhi ho 1 week to sallu ki crap movies bhi tiki rehti hai yeh to teesre din hi dabba gol.

  42. One of the best performance of SRK. Wonderful movie. Truth is, SRK can compete with Hritik & Ranbirs. When Salman and Aamir are chasing 400 crore then SRK is strugling to get 150 crore. The idiots only call hih king khan. Actually he is the shame of khans.

  43. @bollyarena fan Reply

    Movie m srk n ye sikhaya hai ki dhnada suru kiya to dharm dekh kr nhi.. koe Hindu Muslim bhuka nhi rahega..

    aur apne article m likha hai Muslim surcit.. Don’t used this type of sentences.. used state name aur area name.. raees m Muslim kr Liya nhi hai.. Indian logo ke Liye hai.. if u read article when clash with kabil.. people thinking devided…. If I m right

  44. Dont u dare say that.He is a number a star.U believe or not if aamir n salmaan are king then srk is god daangaal sultan without clash ke 4500 screens mein release hoke 300 crore kiya tha aur srk 2600 screens mein hi itna aacha kaama raha hai .Maths toh aata hai hoga idiots.Per screen earning calculate karo aur 4500 se multiply karo aur dekho sultan daangaal ka collectuon sab par kr diya raees ne aur agar kaabil nahi hota toh tufaan hi aa jata.

  45. Kaabil beat raees in night show at SURAT.Kaabil have 95% occupancy and raees have 80% occupancy. So Sunday Kaabil will definitely beat raees on box office.

  46. Why u guys are comparing a 100 CRORE start with Aamir.Growup SRK can never catch Aamir

  47. 12 cr raees 2700 screen leke
    raees to gyo
    one more flop by so called media mde kingu

  48. hahaha…kal hakla khan…or kharida hua taran aadarsh…es km occupancy me bhi…

    20 crore income bta denge…dekhna..

    yhi hoga….

  49. Saalon jisko srk ka chehera pasand nahi dekho hi mat na yeh movie…bakchodi ke alawa aur bhi bahat kaam hai….

  50. Salman a perfect entertainer…aamir mr perfectionist…but SRK is god of acting…

  51. haroonn1986 Reply

    Its normal as its working day. I m expecting 13 to 15 crore today which will be good enough. Raees will definitely improve big tomorrow.

  52. Roni heero Reply

    Jitne bhi ulata seeda bolne wale hain… wo log bhi pelaisa kharch kar k dekh chuke hain.. agar shahrukh pasand nhi tha to q time kharab kia kabil hi dekh lete na… main to abhi tak kabil nhi dekhi

  53. Name:rashid khan Reply

    there is no comparison of srk superb movie.everyone shud watch this movie.

  54. Bhai log chahe screen 2700 ho ya 5000 jisko movie dekhni he wo to dekhte he. sirf 3 din ka collection compare mat karo, karna hai to 30 din tak ka karo aur dekho kitne dino tak log movie dekhne jate liya ki screen jab bahot kam he like haramkhor screen count phir bhi jinko theater me jake dekhna he unhone theater me ja ke dekhi.aur jab movie acchi hogi to log 40 din tak jayenge like baahubali but raees sirf 7,8 din tak hi chalegi till srk fans finishes there theater appearence


    hey guyz ya sub kuch working day ke wajha sa ha jin logon na aj nahi dekhi wo kal dekhan ga mutlab kal double buisness raees will become super hit agar kabil release na hote to shyad pk ka record bhi tor sakte the

  56. hahaha…srk k 3rd day ki occupancy kitni kam h…fir screens badhane ka kya matlab h….raees or kabil mil kr b …dangal ka record nhi tod skte…

    or Aamir ko km award esliye mile h….kyoki vh leta hi nhi h…na hi award function me nach kr TRP bdhata h…

    jo 3 dangal ka 1…award mila h……….vo b oonko jak maar k dena pda h…

    kyoki….success Aamir k piche bhagti h….aamir success k piche nhi…

    3idiot jesi movie dene k baad….dhobi ghat jesi art movie select ki…

    kya kisi or acter me etna guts h…??

  57. Sallu, Aamir ka baap SRK Reply

    Sab sirf kam screens ki baat kar rahe hain but yeh v bhul rahe hain k jab 2 big movies release hoti hain to audiences k pas 2 options hoti hain. And Raees is earning more than Dangal in overseas with much lesser screens. Raees ko agar single release milta to mota bharwa Khan aur dedh futia chhachhundar Khan records ki maa bahen ho jati. Dono hi kutte sukar mana raha hain kyun k Raees ko single release nahi mila.

  58. sirf 2700 screen clash with kaabil non holiday me ye dhamaka kya h raees ne to screen Milne aur festival me hone se to all time blockbuster ho jaata kaabil waalo thnxxx boldo raess k screen ko Jo kl ticket na Milne PR kaabil ka income badh gya hahahaha

  59. rokon uz zaman Reply

    clash nahi hoti tu broken all record but i hope 300 cror cross karega amir or salman ko invited hai rithik jaysa star ke shat clash karne dum hai???? 5000 scren me dangol 2600 scren raees scren kam or clash hoke be 2 din me 47 cro wow srk best

  60. Clear i am a comman man ..who watched movies and entertain but my fav is srk …iska matlab ye nhi ki wo hamesha hit ho…but aaj hai…log ye na bhule ki kabhi srk ne kitno ko pani pilaya hai….or kitno ne to backup karwaliya

  61. guys plzz yeh hindu aur yeh musalman
    per koi bhi galat baat mat karo
    miljhul karrahon yaaro kyunki yeh desh apna hai or hum is desh ko kabhi nahi jhukne denge jai hind

  62. Srk Abba hai tum loog ka uska naam Amitabh ji aur dilip ji ke sath liya jana hai is movie ek dialogue hai ( din aur raat nahi sheroon ka zamana hota hai)

  63. Sallu, Aamir ka baap SRK

    pagal h kya…??..

    aamir k fan 1 bar movie dekhte h…to bhi 383 crore bn jate h…

    or yha kabil or raees mil kr…(2800 2400=5200) screens…hone pr bhi Dangal k 3 din k 106 crore ka record nhi tod payi..

    raees 3 day…20 26 16=61

    kabil 3 day …10 16 12=38
    raees kabil =99 crore…

    hahaha…ritik or srk…dono k fan mil kr b dangal ka record nhi tod paye…vo b pura jor lga kr…

    srk 3000 screen me b sirf…50% log hi gye h….to fir…4500 screens leke kya ookhad leta

    or Fan ne summer vacation me kya ookhad liya…

  64. or ha…srk …king of over acting h…jb dekho tb hath fela k khada ho jata h…

    din rat tv show me khud ki tarife krwata h…promotion krwata..

    or tumhara king….logo ki shadiyo me nachta h…

    hahaha…kya esa hota h king…??

    jiski last super hit crape mind less movie Chennai express ho….?..vo b sirf 233 crore kma payi ho…??

  65. bina clash…kajol..amitabh…yash raaj…karan johar…

    k srk….ek chusa hua Aam h

  66. raees…..what aaa movie. it was… amazing..supereb…..what aa acting……supereb…..srk love you….blockbuster……in west bengal we clebrate srk festival……east and west srk is best…..

  67. Raees aur Kabil ki clash nhi hoti tho Raees 1st Day 50 crore sure hoti…dosto main kise v actor ka fan nhi ho main bus achi movie ka fan ho cahai koi v actor ho, main dono movie dekha Raees is far better than Kabil,sultan& Dangal

  68. Acha film ko leave Karo usme Das bahane h chutti vacation less screen clash wagaira wagaira, so wot about trailer clash usme hi dekhlo dangal trailer ka views raaes trailer se zyada h baat khatam Aamir is real king of bollywood

  69. sunil ahlawat Reply

    RAEES is awesome mve…. Must watch … After a long tym srk act is superb nawazuddin acting is also fantastic … I will go again full paisa wasool

  70. Pk.ak.lagta hai srk ke saath bahut purana dushmani hai…lage raho…pata nahi kahin kissi din srk ke samne khade hone ke kaabil ho jao!!!!!

  71. Pk.ak lagta hai bahut purana dushmani hai srk ke saath…lage raho…kahin sayad kissi din unke samne jaane ke kaabil ban sako!!!

  72. Baap k dum pr Kaabil to koi bhi ban sakta hai, Maza to khud k dum pr Raees banne me hai….go for Raees …..

  73. Vicky patel Reply

    Bhai logo ese bhs krne se kya mtlm sb apna kam shi se kr rhe h jo bhi hoga unke liye shi fokat m kahe ld rhe ho bhai

  74. Nilesh Jadhav Reply

    #Raees= outstanding acting by srk+ Clapworthy dialogues+ superb music must watch it cuz srk ki baat hi kuch Alag hain. Amir ko story chahiye Sallu ko action but apne srk ko Willan ka roll bhi design do not year he is perfect use log pasand karenge.

  75. Gurdeep Kumar Fotra hindustani Reply

    Shah rukh khan is an Indian man .he is our brother and we should proud on him.may be some of his comments we don’t,like,but still we must give him respect because so many time he feel proud us also for making Indian culture world wide.kabbil is the best picture no doubt,but raess is also good not bad.jai hind.

  76. hamari adalat Reply

    KABIL dhoom ki ek katpootli Hai to RAEES apne dam ki chipkli hai dono to apne kartab dhikano do
    appas mein kyon jhagad rahey hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ITS PROVED NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. yrr bahas bhi us chiz ki kro Jo samjh aye aj tak salamn amir ki jitni bhi movie ayi wo akele agi aur akele ki race 4500 screen lekar to koi jeet skta

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