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Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

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Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection: The early trends are suggesting that Raees has a good start on Friday. The film maintained the momentum in the Mumbai while it has considerable drops in some other places. Check out Raees 3rd day collection update below.

Raees Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

The film opened to lower occupancy today as it is a working day. The overall occupancy was around 30-35% which will be considered as okay. Raees has a very good start again in Mumbai and Gujarat. After an extraordinal first two days opening day, West Bengal has also faced drops. But it will definitely improve now in the later half of the day. But the same can’t be said about Delhi/UP and East Punjab which grew only due to the holiday and has faced considerable drops today. In Gujarat, the film has been working very well since the first day. It has a huge occupancy of more than 50% today also. The advance booking is pretty good for evening shows which will ensure that Raees collection will improve.

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Yesterday Raees collection got a huge boost due to the holiday factor. Today we can also hope that it will pick up as the weekend is there. The film has to improve today in underperforming circuits otherwise, it has to rely only on Muslim dominated circuits. Though North holds better on weekdays but Raees is not state friendly. It has a big advantage of the extended weekend as those circuits can pick up tomorrow also.

Noon Shows Report:

Raees has started to pick up after a decent start. The occupancy is in the range of 45% which is pretty good on working day. It is expected to pick up further in the evening. Once again Raees will record better numbers than the other release Kaabil.





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Raees 3rd Day Box Office Collection Early Trend:

Raees 3rd day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can take a look at it in the below link => Raees 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Raees has collected 46.72 crore in 2 days. It will be interesting to see if it can cross 100 crore in the first extended weekend. Tell us what are your views about Raees Day 3 box office collection update in the comments section.


  1. Tu pagal h kya bro..35% occupancy ko okay bol rha h abey bhul matt aaj working day h toh itna occupancy milna bhii bda baat h…aur aaj ka collection 15 cr aaram se hoga..

    • Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

      I hate farhan ritesh y dont they release this in Eid or better festiv date…it certainly crossed 300cr…like if u like my comment

      • If it has Aamir or Salman as hero, then it would have easily cross 300 crore, whenever u release it.

        With Srk it is impossible task…

          • Screen count is not the ultimate factor for 300 crore collection… It is all about star power, that is what Srk is losing nowadays.

            • Then what happens to u r star’s power during The lash release? Battery was finished that time. U need screen count good script and open weeks to get above 300cr .If SRI is loosing his star power why his movies are having earth shattering opening?

            • tu paagal h bhnchd jo tere liye screen count and festive weekend ka koi mtlb nhi..srk rules

          • Raees got very good screen around 3000

            BOI have said it’s got 3400

        • Mr. Rehab miya just understand one thing if you remove aamir in their film and take any other actor or even if I will also act has film will run. Samjhe but in SRK filmSRK is only the factor ishe stardom and actor Kate hai tum nahi samjoge rehab miya

    • it’s not the working day that matters. Do you understand the meaning of 5-Day Extended Weekend? In Bollywood industry, Weekends means great business so there’s no point of 5-Day extended weekend if film doesn’t reach that expectation. 20 cr + in all these days would’ve still been really great weekend and run. But drop mean film will fell short of reaching it.
      That’s what he’s trying to convey. No point in getting angry or anything cuz nothing is against srk!
      It is true that both films have dropped considerably today. But evening shows may prosper with good outcome.
      Hope for the best

    • Disaster khans Reply

      Kaabil ki growth dekh kar hakle budhhe fans ki phat ne lagi

    • Disaster khans Reply

      Aaj se budhhe ka girna shuru, ab toh Raees bhikhari hona pakka

    • Disaster khans Reply

      sunday tak kitna manipulate karna hai karle uske baad kutta bhi nahi mootega Raees par

  2. Today Raees will have drops as is a working Day.
    Friday: 15.5cr
    Saturday: 18.5
    Sunday: 21cr
    1st Weekend: 102cr

  3. Dangal Raees Reply

    Minimum 14 cr.
    Maximum 16 cr.
    Wait n Watch
    Minimum 7 cr.
    Maximum 9 cr.
    Wait n Watch
    I’m talking about real fgrs
    Dangal Dangal

  4. bhai srk sirf muslim dominated circuit k liye film banata hai lol
    aaj kaabil and raees ka nearly equal hoga dono ka
    kal se kaabil lead karega

    • Sensless comment . It. Means bajrangi bhaijan was for hindus ? Pk was against all relegions ? Kuch bhi bolega ? Kya nala hai yaar .

    • Ram AgnihotriRSS zindabad Reply

      Tum log isi mein mar jao ki kis circuit ke liye bani hai
      Muslim circuit main bhi toh negative role hai Saala yahi zindagi beet rahi tumhaari muslim aur hindu
      Chheee upar utho bhai ab keechad se upar utho

    • Such a mentally retard man you are.
      Shame on you and pity for your family

    • U said srk sirf Muslim dominated k liye film banata hai to fir in sabhi movies k naam btaaoge mujhe?

    • Kux bhi he jab tak teeno khan he inke aage koi nhi tik sakta😝😋

  5. It should be 40% for good. 35% is little bit less hope it will increase

  6. Today is Friday
    Isliye Raees ka collection Muslim centre mein 3 PM tk kum rahega bcz jumma
    Fir boost karega

  7. Hahaha
    Dangal ka record todne ja rahe the republic day release me aur wo bhi clash ke sath..
    Miya bhai ki daring..fuss ho gayi.
    Doctor to koma me chala gaya shayad
    Hahaha.. Maine kya bola tha..monday ko to washout hone ke chances he.
    Wait n watch..
    Aamir ki league alag he na sallu na srk
    Koi bhi aa-ss pass bhi nahi ayega.
    Maza agaya kal sab fudak rahe the duniya ka sabse bada star..aab bhugto