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Raees 3rd Wednesday (15th Day) Box Office Collection

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Raees 3rd Wednesday (15th Day) Box Office Collection

Raees continues its decent run at the box office. As per the trade estimates, Raees 15th day collection will be 1.20 crore.

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This Friday Akshay Kumar starrer Jolly LLB 2 is releasing. The pre release buzz of the film is excellent and if the film lives up to the mark then Raees will be out of most of the theaters in the third week. Thus Raees collection in its lifetime run will be close to 135 cr which is a good number.



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129.90 Cr


Tell us your views about Raees 15th day box office collection in the comments section.


  1. kitni jaldi hai bollywood arena ko raees ko out of theatres karne ki .
    raees will stay in theaters 7 more days afteer jolly llb2 .
    as it has already crossed 150 crores as all other sites will close at 165 crores { big hit }

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      vishal bhai….dil chota na karo…congrats…

      even trade figures its hit,official figures as you mentioned already cross 150cr is super hit….means all the way Raees is hit….aur kya chaye with Clash and January month…

      January highest collections SRK….KING KHAN…
      Highest Opening With Clash….SRK King KHAN….
      Highest Weekend WIth Clash ….SRK king khan…

      so despite all odds he won comprehensively….so pleas celebrate this moment and do not waste ur time on haters…..they also know this is big victory …but do not digest thats it…

      or ek chiz yaad rakhana….More Haters more the victory…

      see this comment will have dislike more by haters and like by fans….bcz truth is truth. bye take care


  3. Yes SRK delivers 135 Crore Last 4films combined beaten the collection of Dangal and Sultan. Lol ?

  4. the verdict should be above average srk time is over now. overseas in usa raees lifetime is less than $4mn while some south movies are doing $6mn what a shame for so called global king

    • He is taking care of his family very well. He does not need ur advice.Tu apna ghar sambal.

  5. Srk, ads karo… Award shows mein dance karo…
    Movies tum se na ho payega…

  6. Ranveer @ Blockbusters Reply

    Srk should retire now and let young actors to do movies

    • Aamir and salman should do it too
      Nothing new in Dangal/Sultan
      Copy of each other
      AND stop *ignoring* that Sultan and Dangal have somethings from the story of Chak de India
      SHUT UP

    • Ranveer must retire and give chance to talented actors.What a waste.And don’t forget befiker.

  7. Raees collection is less than what even die hard Srk haters expected…
    Haters expected 150 cr.

    Srk’s stardom collapses very badly…

    • Really hater. But u were among those who predicted life time collection below 100cr ,now ur talking about 150! It’s only because of his stardom this movie collected this much.But fools like u won’t understand that.SO GET LOST

  8. Jolly LLB 2 @ 200 cr Reply

    Leave Raees now, time for Jolly to rule box office and hearts

  9. 10 sal bad kiya hoga Bollywood me…..chocho guys..,…..SRK kaha rehrnge or trend maker mega star God of bollywood Aamir kaha…?

  10. SRK pehli v hit tha ab v hit or average me hi hai……blockbuster, atbb uske liye nehi hai…….king ….lol
    acha movie banao or jyada se jyada logo ko dikhao…usko king kehte hai….aukat hi nehi hai uska ….clash kar ke dusro ko bolte rahte hai….ache insan kabhi King nehi bolte.

    • From reading your name i can tell how much your comment will be stupid for me before read it…

      • Don’t worry Singh we will get our chance like befiker.Just wait patiently.

  11. srk the biggest star in the planet Reply

    lots of srk haters are here. they have nothing to do but writing nonsense comments. shame on them. go and find a job. what are you doing here? BTW raees was an awesome movie and its collection is superb for a movie with lots of controversy. thanks king khan for Raees.your performance was perfect. love u.

    • Devansh tiwari Reply

      And planet is Pluto which is not include in solar system lol…

  12. Aamir the real king of bollywood domestic 385 and ww 750 cr with china release 900cr confirm
    Other king is strugling for 150 cr ?

    • to all srk haters Reply

      dangal was a good movie. that’s it. not because of Aamir.the content was good. but you don’t understand it because you are just so happy that your favorite star had a good box office. only in India people care about box office and they think if someone has a good box office so he is a better actor. that’s why India never can get one oscar because the only thing that they care is box office.we laugh at your unrealistic movies. we laugh at your actors like Ajay Akshay and specially Salman.and i don’t know Aamir khan well. I’ve watched srk movies and I know he is a good actor but some of his movies are really awesome and some of his movies are crap.salman is a really bad actor i don’t know how people think about him but he can’t act.i’m not srk fan. i just love watching movies and i think actors must act and choose good scripts. and producers must care about box office. but in India everything is different. why you only care about box office? give srk a good story with content and see no one can match him.

      • The point is in India Cinema is not only art but a business as well. Every film maker, actor wants his movie to be successful. In west, a lot of manpower work is done through machines and technology but in India there are thousands of people involved in movie making and there is a lot a lot of manpower and efforts involved. If Salman and Aamir gives them successful stars and most bankable what is harm in it ? Do you know Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a worldwide acclaimed movie ?And it is the most loved movie of this decade (Among Indian movies). Aamir is a great actor, here in India people trust him blindly and irrespective of whoever fan they are they believe Aamir makes great movies. SRK was known in west not just because of his acting skills, he smartly marketed himself by continuously working in big banners like YRF and Dharma productions who made movies which relates to NRIs. His stronghold was romantic movies and now he has reached middle age he cant carry same romantic roles hence his movies are not earning as big as Salman/Aamir’s movies.

  13. abe Gochu…

    dhoom3 me konsi nice story thi…??

    fir b atbb h….

    or Dangal me….aamir ki din rat ki mehnat h…..jake sare youtube k vidio dekh…..

    bollywood me ab tak laakho ……good story vali movie aati h….To kya ve sab ki sab…ATBB …bn gyi…???

    ydi Dangal ko koi dusra acter leta….to 120crore hi kma pati……

    Dangal ko bnane me…aamir ne khun pasina lgaya h…..

    es se pahle….logo pta b nhi tha… DanGal hota kya h…???….


    …Aamir ne….dangal ko khun me…nas nas me….ootara h….oosko jiya h……..

    … jake DanGal bni h…..

    varna yh ek simpal si story hi rahti….jo Aati jati rahti h…

    (ATBB…movie ese hi nhi bn ti……oose bnana padta h….pyaar se…mehnat se…lagan se…)….

  14. “to all srk hatters”

    or gochu….

    My name is khan…. Fan….ek supereb story thi….kya hua…??

    ATBB bn gyi…??

    srk tbhi bna skta h….

    jb…koi bda producer ,directer…..amitabh jesa coStar…..super duper hit songs ….

    …vali movie bhikh me de de to….

    par oosme SRK ka credit 10% hi hoga…..

  15. to all srk haters Reply

    “Pk.ak” sorry.i don’t understand Hindi. i think you write about My name is khan and fan. i really like fan and my name is khan. when i watched fan i really surprised because it was the only Bollywood movie without song and beautiful actress and the story was almost new and interesting. and what a fascinating performance by srk. i didn’t watch Dhoom 3 i think it’s a commercial movie which it released in christmas but i’m not 100 percent sure so maybe I’m wrong. bottom line is that srk is a good actor and his box office is not important to me. i don’t know Hrithik well but i watched Gozaresh and he did a good performance .they are actors they have good movies and bad movies. their time never end. look at Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Robert De Niro.they are good actors and maybe their box office is not good like vin diesel.but no one say vin diesel is better than Al Pacino.

  16. OMG….Thugs of Hindustan , Rakesh sarma’s biopic, then Mahabharata.

    and SRK’s next one simple love story, (jo ati rehti hai) Rehnuma.

  17. to all srk hatters…

    you r only fan of ….king of nonsence…over acting…srk…

    fan is a crape movie….nothing new…like south indian movie…

    and….if u dont know hindi…then how u understand movie…??

    in bollywood so many good film release evry friday…..but u see only…Haklu movie….

    and watch…youtube…how aamir work for Dangal…

    there is so many good story movie release every friday…..but…why they will not become….ATBB…like dangal…???

    why dangal is become…highest domestic business in india…??…

    why any comercial…or…good story…big starcast movie……..not earn like Dangal…??

    Bcoz…..only aamir can this megic….

    (sorry , i dont know proper english )

    • to all srk haters Reply

      you said fan is a crap movie but it’s your opinion i respect that. you said i’m a fan of srk. i’m not anyone’s fan maybe Johnny Depp. i know bollywood and india only because of srk and after that i’ve watched many bollywood movies with translate.

      you said aamir worked for dangal.ok u r right but Christian bale lost lots of weight for one of his movies. they are actors they must put on weight and lose weight for their movies.

      from your(indian) movies, i thought you (Indian) have a country full of love but when i start to read Indian comments, to be honest with you, they are full of hatred.

      I don’t know why when someone is not their favorite actor, they start to say bad words to him like you are not a good actor nd only salman or srk or aamir can do this or that.

      they are just actors if you don’t like someone why you comment for his movies. I don’t like salman as an actor but I never hate him or be happy to see his failure. I respect Aamir and srk.
      ok Aamir can magic or he is the best. so what? this page is about raees’s box office.why Aamir fans are here and offense another indian actor?( it’s a real question. if someone knows please tell me because i’ve never seen something like this in Hollywood or any other film industries. I want to learn more about Indian culture and I think Bollywood is really important to them)
      kind regards to “Pk.ak”

  18. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Kaabil movie ke itne weak points hai un weak points pr Kisi site ne Article nahi likha bus Raees ka against negativity phelayi hai Raees ne bohat se record banaye hai janaury ke month mein sb se zaida business krne wali movie or bhi record hai Dangal bhi achi movie thi magr relity yeh hai Dangal 5 states mein tax free thi 3 open weeks thy so all time blockbuster tou honi thi Jb SRK christmas pr ata hai tou dusre actors clash kr lete hai jis waja se SrK Record nhi torr pata

  19. don 2 k time konsa clash hua tha…?? xmas pr release hui thi…

    or Raees ko logo ne monday se hi dekhna kyo band kr diya…??

    keval Aamir ki movie hi kyo x-mas pr record todti h…??

    aamir se phle b to xmas pr release hoti thi…,kya hua…??

    faisal saheb…excuse dena band kro….

    Fan b…to solo release biggest summer holyday…par release hui thi ….kya hua…??

    etne promotiom or buzz k baad bhi Raees ko koi monday se nhi dekh rha….

    Or aamir ki movie k sath 2-3 week tk clash krne ka dam kisi me nhi h…..ok janu…xxx…ne bhi clash kiya….4th week me…

    …par dangal k 4th week se bhi km collection kiya…

    wajah tum ho ….ne bhi clash kiya….sirf 8 crore hi kma payi…..

    or….dangal abhi bhi chal rhi h…

    or srk ki 80% hits…india k biggest festival DIWALI pr hoti h…..fir koi ATBB kyo nhi bn payi…??

  20. SRK agar solo ate toh unka aukat samne ayega…so solo ane se darte hai.
    is bar maja ayega quki Secret superstar will clash in second week with Rehnuma.

    secret superstar 200+ (Aamir cameo hai)
    Rehnuma 150 (SRK ka dream project)

  21. to all srk hatters…

    your name show…you r fan of SRK….

    watch every movie of…Aamir khan…like Tare zameen Par….then speek about aamir…..

    srk media made…or money made star……he always cheating….

    SrK…started all this nonsense…he made bollywood prostitute…

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