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Race 3 Reviews by Critics

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Race 3 Reviews by Critics: Salman Khan’s Race 3 has received negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 1.63 which is even lower than last Eid release Tubelight.

  • Postive: 0
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 12
  • Avg Rating: 1.63/5

Taran Adarsh

Rating: 2/5

On the whole, RACE 3 is high on style and low on substance. It lacks entertainment value and is a disappointing fare due to its wafer thin plot. At the box office, the movie will take a jump start due to Salman Khan’s star power and accelerate over the weekend, post which, the business will see a sizeable drop. The film will entail losses to the distributors.


Rating: 2/5

Watch it but with no expectations! Even if you’re a Salman Khan fan, this will let you down. On the whole Race 3 is not entirely unentertaining but it is majorly disappointing. Starring an uninterested Salman Khan, the movie is for those Bhai fans who have watched Tubelight & Jai Ho in theaters.

Indian Express

Rating: 1.5/5

Race 3 is nothing but a recycled bin of too many car chases, explosions, buffed up characters strutting in slo-mo, and wilted lines. The same character who had a ‘bad feeling’, also uses the word ‘so tacky’. Well, what else would you call a film which doesn’t do justice to its finest asset, Anil Kapoor? The superbly fit Kapoor is a left-over from the previous Race flicks, and he was an absolute hoot in both.


Rating: 1.75/5

To be fair to him and to D’souza, some of the whodunnitandwhy in Race 3 is genuinely engaging, but the film needed more where that came from. Besides, the narrative style is tired and ends up adding nothing new to the Race franchise. Everyone and everything looks pretty and is dressed pretty in Race 3. The evidently expensive production design and the visuals by DoP Ayananka Bose – especially that aerial shot of vehicles in a desert looking like ants from high up above – give the film its polish.

You know what would have added depth to that polish? Saif Ali Khan and a better laid out screenplay.


Rating: 1/5

As usual, Khan plays to the gallery but doesn’t look particularly pleased about doing it, wearing a deadpan look throughout. The lesser said, the better about the predictable twists in the actioner. But I am intrigued to know what Abbas-Mustan, who helmed the previous two parts, thought of this one. Never were the men in white so sorely missed!

Hindustan Times

Rating: 1/5

Gloss and glam are expected to mask an appalling film, but it’s really difficult to sit through 160-minutes of terribly bad filmmaking. Even Tom Struthers’ (Tiger Zinda Hai, Dunkirk) action choreography is dull. As for the rest of the cast is concerned, I feel for Bobby Deol and Jacqueline Fernandez. Race 3 is a mere show-reel for Salman Khan fans. Celebrating Eid at home is likely to entertain you more.


Rating: 2/5

There is not a semblance of a script (guess the writing team got an Eidi). As for the dialogue writers, they must be awarded. Each dialogue beats the other. Sample these — The Lion doesn’t believe in making enemies; Don’t open your dil open your Dell (computer); Sad very sad, there is no cure of foolishness; If you are protected by God, then none can touch you. There is a full book of these gems but to whistle for those, you must visit a theatre near you. The film is absolute stressbuster that is meant to be seen and taken in lighter vein.


Rating: 2/5

If it counts for anything, Abbas-Mustan helmed the past two outings with such finesse that this film looks like a shabby stepchild of theirs. There is none of the fun, twists, and turns. Laced with oodles of melodrama, this is soul-less and predictable. The unintentional comedy is unforgivable because we have come to expect better from the movies, even our superstars.

Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 1/5

Race 3 begins with the most cliched introduction of seven masterminds, which is a trademark of the franchise. Speeding cars, slow motion action, an occasion to celebrate in every ten minutes, the film has everything glossy barring the story. Perhaps, it is the worst of the Race franchise too. It lacks the feel of Abbas-Mustan’s twists and turns. Race 3 is avoidable. Strictly for Salman Khan fans!


Rating: 1.5/5

Some of the Race 3 action, the credits tell us, has been choreographed by Thomas Struthers, the stunt coordinator of blockbusters like Black Panther, The Dark Knight and Dunkirk. He simply isn’t given the raw material needed to turn the film into an outing to remember. Our humble guess is that Struthers would want to forget Race 3 in a hurry. And so would we. Try telling fans of Salman Khan that this film is best avoided. An impregnable wall is what you will hit.

Vroom, vroom? No, vamoose!

Bollywood Life

Rating: 2.5/5

Race 3 is a treat for Salman fans but it ends at being just that. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy the tickets to watch Salman Khan doing what he does best. But if you go in expecting to watch the third film of the Race franchise, you might not be too pleased with the way it has been treated.

Rajeev Masand

Rating: 1/5

Anupama Chopra

Rating: 2/5


  1. Honest man 2.0 Reply

    Haha tubelight ko bhi average rating 2.1 tha .or race 3 ko 1.6 hahahaha
    Tubelight ko 3 4 positive reviews bhi tha or race 3 ko 1 v nahi

    But ye action masala movie hai is liye 170-180cr kama lega ..baaghi 2 v action masala tha or vo non holiday me 160cr kia below average reviews me hahaha

    • Hahaahahahaahhahhehehehheehuhuhuu
      Lagtaar do flop eid pe Dena koi Salman se seekhe sheeke isse
      Ab saare sallu fans underground hobjayenge phir TOH ke release ke time bahar jayenge
      Action masala bhi nahi baccha paayega isko
      Lifetime collection 130cr aur tubelight jitna bhi ho skta hai
      Isse accha to tiger hai 160cr on non holiday

    • SRK and VD UK Fans Base Reply

      Watched the movie today, its one of the worst movies to have been released in recent times!!

      Tubelight was much better, i mean it!!

      Salman khan needs to stop this and stick his 3-4 directors that are good!! 2nd Eid wasted, thats 2 in a row!

      Need Sanju to detoxify myself haha!

  2. Even jhms tubelight ko bhi 3-4 positibe reviews tha or race 3 ko sb negative hahaha

    Salman fans to jaenge Hi dekhne q ki in anparh gawas rickshawaalo ko sbse zyada pasand hai ki salman ek baar me 10 ko maar de or salman ko ek khoroch bhi na aae buahahaha

  3. Mera hisaab se aaj tak jitna action masala / comedy masala / normal masala movie bana hai vo sb me itna zyada kharab reviews nhi mila hoga

    Mtlb sb critic ne negative reviews dia ….average 1.6 hahaha even tubelight ka average 2.1 tha

  4. Festival barbaad krna koi salman se seekhe vo bhi apne best phase me

    Prdp Diwali me 180cr ke budget me bas 194cr kamaya
    Tubelight eid me 4700 screens me 114cr .maha flop
    Race 3 below 180cr hahahaha

  5. i think it is worst rated movie of this century!


    still race is on to beat last eid ATBB Tubelight

    This is the power of Sallu bhaijaan!

  6. Selfish Business Man Reply

    Race franchise destroyed by Salman bhai

    Ab to tabahi hai
    Haan Saman bhai terai pyar mein

  7. So now its confirm ki race 3 top 5 me v nahi rehga

    TOHA zero padmavaat sanju ye 4 to zyada kamaega Hi ..ab kahi gold bhi zyada kama le ..2.0 is saal aaya to vo bhi race me hai

    Kya pata baaghi 2 ko bhi beat na kar pae race 3 hahahahaha

  8. This is not going to effect Mr. Salman
    Ye sb bs usko niche khichne k liye ho Ra jbki HNY aur JHMS k reviews isse ache the bt kyu aur kaise ache god knows…

  9. Honest man 2.0 Reply

    Mujhe smjh nahi aa rha action masala movie kar ke collection zyada krna kon si bari baat hai ?
    Are bhai tiger ne bhi non holiday me 160cr kar lia 25 cr opening dia vo bhi 3400 screens me

    Salman ka to fake stardom hai ..aaj agar south ki blockbuster movie ka remake nahi kia hota or action masala to aaj Ghar me baitha rehta hahahaha

    2010 se salman ka career bana or 2010 se 90% action masala movie kia hai buahahaha ..India me action masala movie bhut chalti hai fir chahe movie kitna v bekaar ho

  10. can any one tell me another ATBB marigolds rating?

    i think Marigold is much much better film than Race3

    if i m wrong pls correct it


    race is on…

  11. Salu nahi challu Reply

    Bechara sallu tubelight jalake race lagake Bhi khuch nahi banewala. Ab kare to kya Karen.

  12. I told before the movie release… it will be a big flop. Only eid holidays can save salmans race 3, it would be difficult to earn 100 crores if race 3 didn’t had eid holidays. Collections will be less than 150 crores so it’s a flop movie according to audience reaction.

  13. Race 3 vs zero
    Race 3 opening 26cr
    Lifetime 180cr
    Overseas $13M
    Workdiwde gross 350cr hahaha

    Zero ..opening 34cr
    Lifetime 325cr
    Overseas $35M
    China $50M
    Worldwide gross 1000cr

    Hahaha too much fun . bas dekhte jao

  14. Theater owners are making money on this film. They have put theater exit fee and audience is paying triple the ticket prices to leave the theater to save their lives

  15. Race 3 – which becomes Lace 3 when any of its two ladies appear on screen – is an atrociously brainless movie. Even by our appallingly low standards of popular entertainment, this one takes the beefy cake. Its existence single-handedly diminishes the intellectual capacity of humankind over 160 minutes. It is made by a choreographer who thinks he is a director, and yet boasts of perhaps the worst soundtrack of all time. It has 8 music directors and 10 lyricists, one of which is Salman Khan, who I’m sure is behind the poetic depth of “nobody knows what the future holds, let’s give it our best, I found love, love, love.”

    Its plot is the cinematic equivalent of a blood clot, and its box-office performance is expected to financially boost a film industry that has become the personal playground (and footpath) of its ageing superstar. Khan, lovingly known as ‘Bhai’ to his unfortunate fans, is so cocksure of his logic-defying fame that he has finally dropped all pretense as an actor and become a ventriloquist on screen – his lips are so paralyzed that his voice always appears to be coming from somewhere else (the dictionary definition: “typically from the dummy of the person or an animal”).

  16. Prashant . Reply

    Realistic films of Aamir – Lagaan, 3 Idiots , Dangal
    Realistic films of SRK – Swades, Chak de India, My name is khan
    Realistic films of Akshay – Airlift , Rustom, Gold and many
    Realistic films of Ajay devgan – Bhagat singh, gangaajal, Raid
    Realistic films of Salman khan –
    ” File not found “

  17. Don’t believe these negative reviews….movie is a complete entertainer…go watch and decide urself

    • @Nitin
      Sab log movie dekh ke decide karenge toh Bahubali 2 ka bhi record nahi bachega!
      Reviews bhi matter karte hai!

      • Yes, Reviews does matter a lot. Half of the people decide to watch movie after seeing reviews specially family audiance and to cross 200 or 300 cr these audiance helps a lot.

  18. Race 3 is better than hits like varun’s judwa,golmaal again,hny,dhoom3 etc

  19. Khichdi pakhi nahin bikhari log mangna suru kardiya, jitna log hahahaha karaha hai na sab salman ka stardom se jalte hai ya pagal hai. Phele dekhlo movie phir comment karna achcha ya bura.

  20. I wonder whether it is time for bhai to quit doing movies. or else he should do only 1 movie per year or every 2 years. and that too with very good scripts. also his fitness is bad. the best physique he had recently was in kick. rest r vfx help. it hurts to see him doing movies without a good story.

  21. dean Ambrose Reply

    Aur ha mujhe bobby sidhu ka prediction kal wala abhi yaad h… critics bhi bikke huye aur chutia hote h,,,in logo ne kick,,dhoom3,,, bodyguard,,, dabangg,,,HNY,,CE,,KO bhi gande reviews diye the phir bhi ye filme hit and blockbuster Hui hh,…..indian critics my foot

  22. Critics are fools with large egos…Just ignore them and go and see an excellent film.

  23. S K _ AAMIRian Reply

    Right form the trailer, everything looked out of place and it has just been proved.. Hardly it can be seen each & every critics giving negative review of a film and that shows how POOR this film is… Feeling sad for Sallu.. With such an immense fan following, he shouldn’t be used just as cash-cow of some absolutely horrible films like Race 3 or Dabbang 3 (Dabbang 2 itself was a torture) …

  24. 🍦cheers🍦 Reply

    Anil kapoor and Bobby deol are real villains of the film. 👊👊👊👊😂😂😂😂😂

  25. 300 corore life time dont be panic guys theater jaye movie dkhe critics ne to sholay ko bi 1 star diya ta nd i am now sure movie bht achi hain thts why critics ko ni smjh aayi

  26. I have watch the movie yesterday.I was very excited for the movie & I love watching salman movies since wanted.After reading so many reviews my expectations were low before going to theatre.But the movie was one of the major disappointment for me.I don’t want to rate it but I could compare it with some movies which I hated like anything (Happy new year, tashan, Chandni Chowk, tees mar khan, Mohan jodaro,jab Harry meet Sejal, to name a few).
    Above r the movies which I was excited to watch in theatre after seeing the trailer but were huge let down.I consider race 3 among that race of movies.
    For me now business of movie doesn’t matter as it is salman movie it could still do 175+ crore of lifetime.

  27. bhai ye race 3 ko excellent btane wale ko koi hospital me admit karao….khi bechara tehel na le….😂😂😂

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