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Raazi 1st Week Box Office Collection

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Raazi has an excellent first week of around 56.59 crores. The film has recorded the 4th highest first week of 2018 from Bollywood films.

Alia Bhatt starrer started with a very good opening day and then managed to show excellent growth over the weekend. The film remained rock solid on weekdays and has an excellent trending. It clearly shows that word of mouth was super positive.

Raazi has also grossed $2.66 million in the overseas markets in the first week. The film is a super hit and the lifetime gross is likely to go above 100 crores.

Day 17.53
Day 211.30
Day 65.90
Day 314.11
Day 46.30
Day 56.10
Day 75.35
Day 84.75
Day 97.54
Day 109.45
Day 113.70
Day 123.30
Day 133.15
Day 143.15
Day 152.25
Day 164.20
Day 174.42
Day 181.82
Day 191.80
Day 201.92
Day 211.80
Day 221.05
Day 231.70
Day 242.30
Total114.89 cr


    • Honest man 2.0 Reply

      Race 3 duniya ka 1st trailer hai jisko 1 lakh + dislikes mil gaya vo bhi abhi sirf 3 din hua hai hahahahaha
      Bhut jald 2 lakh dislikes hone vala hai ..25 % dislikes Hi hai ..even tubelight ko bhi sirf 11 % dislikes tha hahahaha

      • @onest man 2.0 IQ
        Fastest 4 lakh trailer
        salman wins the race

      • @2.0 IQ
        fastest 4 lakh likes to Race 2
        bahut jald 10 lacs hoga

      • Fastest 4 lac likes goes to mega event race
        bahut jald 10 lac hoga

  1. Excellent hold on weekdays

    alia bigger than s-haar-k and acchay she is growing

    • SRK and VD UK Fans Base Reply

      Yeah Alia is bigger than all 3 khans because none of them have given a superhit with a small movie this!

      Superstar Alia!!!!


      Even Bachchan and Risho Kapoor together are nothing but a piece of shit laying around in front of Alia!

      Alia is the greatest of all time!

      I mean 2 superstars come together for andaz apna apna and gave a flop, that shows thier stardom level!

      Anyone with stupid comment will get a a stupid reply back! Lol

      Plus i wish aamir did zero, it would cut them the cost of vfx on his height!

  2. Race hangover
    daisy shah cheats the entire family. She is a spy….

    • Let the Race end Reply

      Daisy Shah plays neice of Salman

      Daisy shah has crush on uncle Salman

      Love in family = incest 😮

    • Amir khan is in our blood. Reply

      This is called spoiker not a twist but who cares nobody is going to theater except salman fans so better luck to all salman fan for other we will be going to jurassic park and sanju.

  3. RACE 3-308

    pehle decision lo baad mein sacho…now i am getting very angry

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