Q. Please publish an article about highest paid actors of Bollywood?

Ans. Check out here.


Q. How much HNY, PK, BB, PRDP, Dilwale, BM would have collected if they would have released on normal weekend and not festivals according to their respective WOM with low ticket prices or as the case may be?

Ans. HNY and PRDP 40 crore less, PK and BB 30 crore less, Dilwale and BM 15-20 crore less.


Q. Is it possible for the Khans and HR to release 3 big budgeted films in a year?

Ans. There are only limited holidays every year so it will not be a wise decision to release 3 films in a singe year.


Q. February 19 has 6 Bollywood releases and Feb 26 has 5 releases. How can all films get screen counts and get decent satellite rights or do producer lose money if any film becomes flop? How much Main Aur Charles collected?

Ans. Other than Neerja and Tere Bin Laden sequel, all films would be washouts. This has been the case with every Friday as we have not seen a smaller film doing since a long time. Main Aur Charles collected around 9 crore and was a flop.


Q. How much do u think Batman vs Superman, Captain America 3, Xmen apocalypse, Jungle Book, Independence day 2 will earn in India? (Bolly Arena fan)

Ans. Batman Vs Superman, Captain America should do over 100 crore if all goes well. Jungle Book can also surprise. Others will depend upon solid content and marketing.


Q. According to you @bolllyarena which award is trustworthy as i agree with u that filmfare is shame for bollywood ( except national awards)? (Arbaz)

Ans. Filmfare and IIFA Awards were the most prestigious and unbiased awards. But unfortunately now there is not a single award show which represents people’s choice.

Q. Who will be the leading lady in Namastey Englsnd (Navdeep Dhillon)

Ans. Last we heard Sonakshi Sinha was doing this film. But now can’t say anything as film has been postponed.


Q. Can a clash between Aamir’s Dangal and Hrithik’s Kaabil) possible? (SK)

Ans. Very unlikely.


Q. As you said earlier and trade also for Airlift, word of mouth is extremely positive and critics also too much praised but still collection is just 120- 125cr, because of budget movie super hit otherwise average ( Salman’s Jai ho was a failure as it collected 115 cr), so let me know word of mouth was just average or all trade overhyped this movie? (Shadab)

Ans. Word of mouth depends upon the response of those people who have actually watched the film in theatre. It is not necessary that a film having positive word of mouth will be a hit like recent release Saala Khadoos. Airlift did not have a universal appeal as it belongs to thriller genre so the collections will be affected at small centers.


Q. How much Kapoor and Sons and Rocky Handsome will earn according to you? (Amir)

Ans. Kapoor and Sons will get decent initials but will be affected by exam season. Expecting 50-60 crore.

Rocky Handsome will be completely dependent upon word of mouth as director’s Nishikant does not have bright box office record. Expecting 40-50 crore


More questions will be answered tomorrow.


  1. Please tell me when will Bajrangi Bhaijaan is going to release in China and other countries. And can it beat the PK WW collection?

  2. Will Salman Khan remember by people as one of the biggest superstar Bollywood ever had like Rajesh khanna Raj kapoor dilip Kumar

  3. Like we saw recent pictures of Salman in sultan without moustache will we see same type of performance like BB bcoz it shows intense

  4. I think festive release (eid diwali xmas) is just not giving 1 holiday advantage. That will only increase just 30%. of the day collection. But in my opinion if a movie is eid or diwali release then the advantage for d movie is 30%increse in collecton and xmas advantage is 35%.So in my formula Hny nd PRDP will be 60 cr less,, BB will be 55 cr less ( there were also massy bahubali)PK will be 120cr less, I think if Dilwale released solo in xmas it should have been collected 230cr and if solo release in normal day Dilwale will be 80 cr less that means the same original collection and BM should have been collected (if solo xmas)250cr that it would have been collected 22cr less(HNY 144 PRDP 150 DILWALE 150 BM 165 PK 220 BB 265)

  5. Why critics review for Ghayal Once Again was negative? And for the public good? I watched Ghayal the 1st 30 min was slow But than the movie was really good.@bollyarena

  6. Bollyarena : Mastizaade collected more than 30 crore but your home page is showing only 16.20 crore. You people are so shamefully biased.

  7. Your site has become very late there is no collection of ghayal’s Monday yet
    And airlift 3rd weekend is also not there
    Useually ur site is the first wats wrong
    Plz update regularly


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